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“Ex-Gay” Group PFOX Demands Pepsi Stop Funding Gays Because “They’re Mean”

“Ex-Gays” do not exist! Every accredited psychological and medical organization in America agrees that sexual orientation is fixed at birth and cannot be changed. Attempting to change a persons sexual orientation can cause severe psychological damage and even death.

Parents and Friends of “Ex-Gays” (PFOX) is simply a cover organization for the dangerous and discredited “conversion therapy” ministries who have made billions of dollars selling their “pray the gay away” snake oil to christian parents of Gays and Lesbians. These christian parents have been told by their ministers that their Gay and Lesbian children can be fixed. The average “conversion therapy” cost $22,000 dollars and has never succeeded. When the “conversion therapy” fails, as it always does, the child is often kicked out of the house, many commit suicide.

“Conversion therapy” ministries such as PFOX and Exodus International are directly responsible for the “kill the Gays bill” currently being debated in Uganda as well as the deaths to thousands of Gay and Lesbian youth. PFOX was founded by the registered hate group Family Research Council.

Continuing its insane strategy of harassing corporations, the hate group Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) is urging PepsiCo shareholders to vote in favor of Shareholder Proposal No. 4 – the Charitable Contributions Report. While PFOX claims to represent ex-gays, they have virtually none in the organization, strongly suggesting they are a political and legal front group.

The nutty PFOX resolution demands that PepsiCo to explain its standards for donations. PFOX is upset because it claims PepsiCo is contributing to Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). This is a group that helps families accept loved ones who happen to be gay.

“Why does PepsiCo fund organizations like PFLAG which issue religious publications urging readers to undermine other religions with which PFLAG disagrees?” asked Regina Griggs, executive director of PFOX. “Is this the best use of PepsiCo funding?”

“In response to a similar proposal last year, PepsiCo claimed that it is ‘committed to diversity and inclusion without imposition of personal judgment.’ So why does PepsiCo continue to fund organizations which hate the ex-gay community?”

“The PepsiCo Shareholder Proposal No. 4 asks PepsiCo to divulge its standards for funding and account for how the Company’s charitable contributions are actually used, a reasonable request,” said Griggs. “PepsiCo’s actions adversely affect its public image, goodwill, and stock value.”

PFOX is once again playing victim and angry (aren’t they always?) that PFLAG refers to so-called “ex-gay” conferences as “anti-gay”. Well, maybe because they portray gay relationships as sinful, counterfeit and as sexual brokenness. Any reasonable person would conclude that such depictions of an entire group of people are, indeed, anti-gay.

Once again, PFOX is coming across as unglued and divorced from reality by pursuing a bizarre strategy of portraying so-called “ex-gays” as hapless victims. In reality, PFOX is an aggressively dishonest organization that singles out LGBT people for ridicule and persecution.

PFOX was founded in the late 1990’s by Anthony Falzarano, with political and financial backing from the Family Research Council. He was replaced by Richard Cohen (pictured with tennis racket), the discredited therapist who was expelled for life from the American Counseling Association. The group also has close ties to Arthur Abba Goldberg – the founder of JONAH and a former Wall Street con artist who served hard time for bilking investors.

via Truth Wins Out – The Insanity of PFOX Continues With Bizarre Attack On Pepsi.

Email the PepsiCo Board of Directors or call them at 866-626-0633. Let them know that PFOX was founded by a registered hate group and is directly responsible for thousands of dead Gay and Lesbian youth.

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One Response

  1. JakeH says:

    If they were “ex-gay,” then would not they be straight?

    And are they, by their own logic, being mean to the ex-ex-gays??

    This whole PFOX thing is fundamentally agressive at its core. No wonder their orgonizations has little to no contact or involvement with so called “ex-gays” … and not just because they are banned from attending meetings.

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