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“Ex-Gay” Lies Killing Gays and Lesbians

“Ex-Gays” do not exist! By spreading the lie that you can change a persons sexual orientation christian organization such as Focus on the Family and Exodus International place Gays and Lesbians in mortal danger where they face corrective rapes and death if they cannot be “cured”. The “ex-gay” movement is a construct of christian bigotry. Christian ministers use “ex-gays” to justify discrimination and violence against our community. Christians claim that it is fine to discriminate against Gays and Lesbians because it forces them to change their immoral lifestyle.

Every accredited psychological and medical organization in America says that sexual orientation is fixed and cannot be changed. Only christian hate groups pushing an agenda of violence against Gays and Lesbians still claim that homosexuality is an immoral lifestyle that can be changed through prayer and counseling.

Gay Zimbabweans face widespread harassment and some have even been raped by those intending to convert their sexuality, the U.S. State Department said in a discussion of its annual human rights report in Zimbabwe.

Gay men were forced into heterosexual acts and lesbian women were raped, sometimes by male relatives, to teach them to change their ways, said Amanda Porter, political officer at the U.S. Embassy in Harare and compiler of the report.

“Some families reportedly subjected men and women to corrective rape and forced marriages to encourage heterosexual conduct,” she said Tuesday.

Homosexuals reported widespread discrimination in 2009, the year under review. But the report notes that the conservative southern African country has long frowned on homosexuality.

Hate speech by politicians against the nation’s small gay community fueled social pressures on families, Porter said. And crimes against human rights and sexual abuse against gays were rarely reported to police.

“Victims are afraid to speak out,” she said.

Same-sex acts are illegal in Zimbabwe and while there have been no reported prosecutions related to consensual homosexuality in recent years, the offense carries a penalty of up to a year in jail or a fine of up to $5,000.

President Robert Mugabe last month vowed gay rights would not be protected in a new constitution being drawn up under a power sharing deal ahead of new elections, possibly next year. Mugabe once described homosexuals as “lower than pigs and dogs.”

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said he personally shared an abhorrence of homosexuality, but called for tolerance toward all minority groups.

Condemnation of gays is common in Africa. In Africa, only South Africa has legalized same-sex marriage, and even so the gap between the liberal constitution and societal attitudes can be wide.

Ugandan lawmakers have proposed imposing the death penalty on some gays. A gay couple is on trial in Malawi, charged with unnatural acts and gross indecency and face up to 14 years in jail.

Ugandan clerics have accused President Barack Obama of “exporting” homosexuality to Africa under the guise of human rights.

Porter said the annual U.S. rights review presented to a discussion group in Harare late Tuesday gave greater emphasis to gay rights than in previous years, reflecting concerns in Obama’s administration about homophobia.

She said attitudes and laws in Zimbabwe made gays feel unsafe. Many did not seek medical care, for fear of being shunned by health providers and others who were stigmatized, reported abandoning their education early and suffering higher rates of unemployment and homelessness than other groups.

via The Associated Press: US reports harassment and rape of gays in Zimbabwe.

No Gay or Lesbian has ever been turned straight! If you know of any christian ministers promoting “ex-gays” vocally protest in front of that church. Let the christians know they are killing innocent people by pushing the “ex-gay” lies.

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