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Republican Party Agrees Sexual Orientation Cannot Be Changed – Rebukes “Ex-Gay” Group PFOX As A Fraud

The Republican Party agreed with every accredited psychological and medical organization in America when they rebuked the fraudulent “ex-gay” movement stating that “ex-gays” do not exist and sexual orientation cannot be changed.

Parents and Friends of “Ex-Gays” (PFOX), a money laundering front for the registered hate group Traditional Values Coalition, was denied a meeting with the Republican Party leadership.  RNC Chairman Michael Steele apparently did not want to associate the party name with registered hate groups such as the Traditional Values Coalition and the KKK that claim Gays and Lesbians are an “abomination before god” and should be put to death as the christian bible demands.

An organization that reaches out to those wanting to leave the homosexual lifestyle is outraged at the Republican National Committee (RNC) for refusing a face-to-face meeting.

During an interview with Gentleman’s Quarterly magazine last year, RNC chairman Michael Steele voiced his doubt that ex-”gays” exist. Not long after the article was published, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX) (links to registered hate groups removed) asked the chairman for a meeting — an invitation that was declined.

PFOX board member Christopher Doyle notes that Steele’s refusal to meet with the group makes no sense. “This to me just sends a message that he’s not interested in this part of the conservative movement,” Doyle remarks.

He says incidents like this leave him unsurprised that many are leaving the GOP. “It really just goes to show you that the Republican Party is leaving a lot of people behind,” the PFOX board member comments. “And so we are just outraged over the fact that Chairman Steele…is not willing to educate himself and the RNC about this issue.”

Doyle points out that Steele has met with the Log Cabin Republicans, a national grassroots organization that supports homosexuals.

via PFOX: GOP leaving lots of folks behind (

Congratulations to the Republican Party for rejecting the lies being pushed by registered hate groups such as the Traditional Values Coalition, PFOX and the christian klan.

PFOX promotes violence and discrimination against the Gay and Lesbian community and is responsible for thousands of Gay and Lesbian deaths. Any group claiming to “cure” gays is a fraud. Every accredited psychological and medical organization in America agrees that sexual orientation is fixed and cannot be changed.

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