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NBC Station Says: Gays Destroying America AND Recruiting Children

Anti-Gay Rhetoric Increasing - Every Gay Needs A Gun

The mainstream media has now joined the effort to blame Gay and Lesbian Americans for the financial collapse in the United States. The ruling elite typically utilize “scapegoating” as an effective means of deflecting attention away from their responsibility in an economic catastrophe.

Nazi Germany claimed the immoral Jews and Gays were to blame for the economic depression leading up to World War II. As long as the peoples attention is focused on the targeted minorities they will ignore the crimes of the governing elite that actually caused the crisis instead venting their anger through lynch-mob justice.

Apparently the ruling class, who greatly profited from the economic chaos, have decided to direct the public anger towards the muslims community and Gay Americans.

It starts with the churches building the argument that rampant immorality forced god to abandon the country with ministers delivering carefully crafted sermons devoted to stoking the fires of hate against specific minority groups. This is followed by the corporate media mainstreaming the message further inciting the public against the immoral troublemakers. Violence and destruction of property increase as morally pure local youth attack the minority trying to drive the sin from their city and restore gods grace. Usually at this point the ruling elite step in with a “solution” to restore the moral fabric by removing the scapegoated minority.

Currently the mainstream media is promoting the idea that the immoral Gay community is causing the United States to crumble. Additionally several conservative candidates have openly promoted the idea of criminalizing homosexuality and their disgust with the “immoral homosexual lifestyle”. This anti-Gay rhetoric is effectively insulating the ruling elite as attention is directed away from corporate fraud and onto moral issues.

An east Texas NBC affiliate devoted a segment on its morning show Wednesday to ask viewers and listeners if acceptance of gays will bring the downfall of the country.

“The acceptance of homosexuality, pushed hard by the gay rights activists, will it be the fall of this country?” asked Garth Maier, host of KETK’s morning radio program. The segment was broadcast on KETK’s TV channel as well.

The channel’s TV hosts introduced the segment with a reference to an Associated Press report Tuesday that President Obama has appointed a record number of openly gay individuals to posts in the administration — more than 150 so far.

“And he’s only been in office for two years,” one of the morning hosts said, adding that the news has “not really gotten any coverage … but that’s what we’re talking about.”

via NBC station: Will acceptance of gays bring downfall of America? | Raw Story.

It is safer to join the chorus condemning Gays for bringing gods wrath down on the United States than accept responsibility for the greed and corruption that destroyed the American economy. This is why the Democratic Party refuses to pass any pro-equality legislation and why President Obama is blocking equality won through the courts. As the United States continues its death spiral the Democratic Party does not want to be associated with the immoral groups blamed for the crisis.

The segment is a classic piece of propaganda allowing christians to rail against the “dirty homos” and even claims the Gay and Lesbian equality movement has increased the number of Gay and Lesbian teens from 5% in 2002 to 10% in 2010. This really fires up the hate as christian ministers can use the classic lie of Gays recruiting children to direct violence from the pulpit.

Scapegoating never ends well for the targeted minorities. Violence against Gays and Lesbians will continue to increase in frequency and severity as will incidents of arson and vandalism. In states without Gay and Lesbian inclusive employment protections companies will target Gay employees for termination purging the “immoral homosexual” from their workplace.

You need to be able to secure your home and prepare for an extended period of unemployment. Make sure you have at least a three month supply of food and a reliable water source. Fire extinguishers and surveillance systems are a must. Plan an escape route out of the city to a safe location be sure you have enough gas to get you there.

Arm yourself and understand your legal rights surround self defense. Every Gay and Lesbian American should own a shotgun and small caliber handgun. The shotgun for home defense the handgun for personal safety. Remember those seeking to exterminate Gays and Lesbians are already heavily armed and prepared to use their weapons to purge the “abomination of homosexuality” and restore gods grace to this country.

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