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ATLAH World Ministries Encourages Christians To Call Gay Teens Faggots

Protect Yourself Against Christian Violence

Pastor David Manning and his ATLAH World Ministries is a christian organization recently investigated by the Department of Homeland Security for possible terrorist activities and for threatening the life of President Barack Obama. This christian church and its minister are extremely dangerous and prone to violence. Do not attempt outreach to this christian terrorist group.

ATLAH World Ministries latest video encourages christians to call Gay and Lesbian teens faggot to remind them of their sinful homosexual lifestyle. Christian churches like ATLAH World Ministries are directly responsible for creating the violence and hate filled environments that drive Gay and Lesbian teens to kill themselves. Those teens targeted by these christian bullies see suicide as their only to escape.

Gay and Lesbian teens are not the only targets of these young christian terrorists. Straight teens who appear different or possibly effeminate are also driven to suicide by christian bullies who have labeled them as Gay.

Great example christian love and acceptance.

The ATLAH World Ministries video also reveals these following “truths” about homosexuality.

- Acceptance of Lesbianism will force your granddaughter to have sex with dogs.

- AIDS was created in a Gay man’s anus then spread to the animal population through beastiality.

- Gay men routinely have sex with sheep, goats and donkeys.

- Mixing donkey semen and a Gay man’s semen in a Gay man’s anus creates an AIDS like disease.

Pastor David Manning is using the exact same hate rhetoric used by christian ministries in Uganda to pass legislation that mandates the death penalty for their Gay and Lesbian citizens. Genocide against Gays and Lesbians is the goal of christianity as they seek the ultimate solution to sin.

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5 Responses

  1. jecolon says:

    To be honest with this article. You are the ones that are disgusting and demonic. Rev Manning just called the spade what it is. Period! Sodomy is demonic and unclean. Period! Otherwise you are calling our Creator a liar when he create both male and female to procreate

  2. admin says:

    Every accredited medical, psychological and scientific institution in the United States agrees that homosexuality and heterosexuality are both normal, natural and unchangeable sexual orientations.

    God is a myth that has no relevance in the natural evolution of humans or any other species.

  3. admin says:

    Reverend Manning is a terrorist promoting violence against American children and should be in prison.

  4. Um, jecolon…I don’t know how you’ve been doing your sodomy, but if a demon manifested afterwards, you’re doing it wrong.

    All joking aside, why don’t you go meet a few gay people? Be around them, and see that they’re not that different from you…or not at all different, even. There’s nothing disgusting about loving someone, caring about them, wanting to be happy with them. What’s disgusting is a person who uses the same Bible that says to love your neighbor as yourself and not to judge others and hides behind it to perpetuate their own ignorance and homophobia.

  5. donkey says:

    Stop insulting me u irrational faggot pastor go get raped by your god.

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