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Homosexuality In Monkeys Serves Vital Purpose

Homosexuality Is Vital For Species Survival

Researchers in Shennongjia, China have observed ritual homosexual behavior in the Golden Monkey population. Study of this close human relative may lead to a better understanding of why homosexuality and heterosexuality are both necessary for a species to survive and flourish in nature.

The society of golden monkeys has two kinds of units. One is the family unit. An adult male monkey is in charge of the family and also has many wives and children. The other one is an all-male unit. This kind of unit is composed of male monkeys and the members have complex identities and various backgrounds, including male leaders who have been abdicated, sub-adult males who have not become leaders and young male monkeys who were sent away from their families.

Male monkeys belonging to the all-male unit basically have no right to have sex with females unless they become a leader of a family. Therefore, the homosexual acts between the male monkeys can ease their physical and psychological pressure and maintain a harmonious community life.

Researchers said that although the homosexual phenomenon is not surprising in the animal world, because the golden monkey shares a common ancestor with human beings, their homosexual phenomenon is more worthy of further study and discussion. The research on the homosexual phenomenon of golden monkeys can also help us understand the origin of human homosexuality.

via Homosexual golden monkeys discovered in Shennongjia – People’s Daily Online.

Homosexuality is seen is virtually every animal species on the planet including humans. Evolution created unique and critical roles for homosexuality in the animal kingdom.  Removing homosexuality from a species damages that species chances for survival.

For instance nature sees an inherent benefit to having an intelligent survival oriented group of humans unburdened by children lead society and drive the innovations needed for humanity to thrive in a hostile world. Evolution created Gays and Lesbians to fill this critical role.

Targeting Gays and Lesbians for extermination in the human population reduces our species ability to fully thrive in nature and endangers our survival.

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3 Responses

  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mikel and LGBT Update, TGM. TGM said: Post: Homosexuality In Monkeys Serves Vital Purpose [...]

  2. Jacob Woods says:

    So the study suggests we are total social outcasts. jk jk but we do write good books and movie scripts. Gays are geniuses. Face it. (= Interesting psychological find. But humans aren’t related to monkeys. . . Crazy religious right wing and there non monkey anti-non conforming-ness.

  3. Charles Barker says:

    This is interesting, but I’m a realist. I like data. Saying that gays and lesbians are the main driving force of cultural innovation is a massive leap of faith and wasn’t a very scientific derivative of the research subject matter.

    I’ll be honest, it would feel nice to all give ourselves a pat on the back for causing the scientific revolution, but until data allows us to do that let’s keep a level head.

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