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Scientists Discover Gene Responsible For Risk-Taking Behavior In Gays & Lesbians

Gay and Lesbian Adventurers Still Exploring

Scientists announced the discovery of the gene responsible for risky behavior. The discovery could help explain why natural born Gays and Lesbians excel in discovery and leadership while also seeking self destructive behaviors.

In what is being called a first of its kind study, researchers at Binghamton University, State University of New York (SUNY) have discovered that about half of all people have a gene that makes them more vulnerable to promiscuity and cheating.

Those with a certain variant of the dopamine receptor D4 polymorphism — or DRD4 gene — “were more likely to have a history of uncommitted sex, including one-night stands and acts of infidelity,” according to lead investigator Justin Garcia.

via Scientists Discover Gene Responsible for Cheating and Promiscuous Sex Habits – ABC News.

Risk-taking behavior is critical to the advancement of our species. Without the risk-taking behavior of Gays, Lewis and Clark would have never explored western America. Without the risk-taking behavior of Gays, Abraham Lincoln would have never fought to free the slaves and preserve America. Without the risk-taking behavior of Gays, Nikola Tesla would have never developed alternating current electricity which powers every city in America and around the world.

Gays and Lesbians are historically the great explorers, inventors and revolutionaries responsible for driving society forward.

But Garcia said the gene for risk also might have an evolutionary advantage, beyond producing more children.

The gene evolved about 30,000 to 50,000 years ago when humans were moving out of Africa.

“Having some individuals who have wanderlust and want to see what’s on the other side mountain. It’s important for new places to live. But it’s also risk-taking. Sometimes, going to the other side of the mountain means that something eats you. There is a cost and a benefit.”

Unfortunately when this genetic need for conquest and discovery is not fulfilled many in the Gay and Lesbian community turn towards unhealthy social behavior to fill the void.

For the most part religion is responsible for these unhealthy activities. Religious persecution of Gays and Lesbians stifles the advanced abilities homosexuals are born with. If Gays and Lesbians were encouraged to pursue their ambitions in an open and accepting environment, addictive behaviors in our population would disappear and society in general benefits greatly.

Gays and Lesbians must be allowed to flourish in their natural roles as the alpha members of society if our species is to survive the challenges facing our planet.

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