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Christian Group Urges Soldiers To Obey God’s Law Before Man’s Law

Happy SoldierThe time has come for christians to stop projecting their bigotry and homophobia onto the honorable men and women serving in the United States military. The American armed forces are not the militant wing of the church and our soldiers have flatly reject the institutionalized hatred pushed by christian leadership.

A recent study conducted by congress determine that not only were American service members accepting of the Gay and Lesbian soldiers serving with them but the vast majority saw no threat in allowing those soldiers to serve openly. Obviously the United States military is not the bed of intolerance and hate christian organization portray it as.

In the wake of Saturday’s Senate vote to repeal the military’s ban against open homosexual expression in the military, a conservative legal group is warning that the religious liberty of Christian chaplains and Service members may be in jeopardy.

…The [christian] legal group, Alliance Defense Fund, issued a statement after the vote saying “The Senate’s cave-in to pressure from activists to impose homosexual behavior on our military will place our troops religious liberties in unprecedented jeopardy. Indeed, the first official casualty of this hurried vote may well be the religious freedom of chaplains and Service members.” ADF Litigation Counsel, Daniel Blomberg, went on to say ” no Americans, and especially not our troops, should be forced to abandon their religious beliefs.”

The ADF says it stands ready to defend Service members if they are ever unconstitutionally required to choose between “serving their country or obeying their God as a result of this damaging policy decision.”

via An end to religious liberty in U.S. military? ( WARNING – LINK ASSOCIATED WITH REGISTERED HATE GROUP

If your religious beliefs are in conflict with your duty to protect and defend all the citizens of the United States you should not be a soldier.  As a chaplain you are a soldier first. If you choose to place “gods law” above the Constitutional Laws of the United States and harm Gay and Lesbian soldiers or American citizens you will be imprisoned for a very long time.

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2 Responses

  1. Robert P says:

    What they call liberty is actually the power to coerce and pressure others to convert to their whack beliefs.
    The militant talibaptists are every bit as much terrorists as hard line ‘islamists’. Note I do not include people of faith that actually try to live as their religions try to teach as peace and love for others, &tc.
    I haven’t a thing against religion, just don’t try to force it on me.
    It bugs the hell out of me to be equated with pedophiles, &tc.

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