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What Is A Non-Practicing Homosexual?

What exactly is a non-practicing homosexual. I have seen this term used more and more often by religious leaders in the past few months. If the christian church is going to use this nebulous term to further discriminate against Gay and Lesbian Americans I would appreciate a quick definition.

If I don’t get any for a couple of months does that make me a non-practicing homosexual?  If a straight man doesn’t get any for a couple of months does that make him a non-practicing heterosexual? Does the christian church recognize a moral difference between the two…and if they do why?

Apparently with the “ex-Gay” movement completely exposed as a fraud and the reparative therapy cash cow dead in the field,  the christian leadership needed a new phrase to advocate violence and discrimination against Gays and Lesbians while acknowledging the inherent nature of sexual orientation.  Promoting hate against the evil homosexual agenda is a huge fund raising hook for the christian church…one they will not easily give up.  A new lexicon was necessary.

The phrase “non-practicing homosexual” allows ministers to acknowledge the fact that sexual orientation is normal, natural and unchangeable while maintaining a method to discriminate against Gays and Lesbians people.

It goes something like this: God made homosexuals but demands they abstain from the homosexual lifestyle. Please help us minister to the wretched Gays and Lesbians whom god has afflicted with homosexuality by generously offering a tax deductible love gift at our Sunday service. Your charitable offerings will allow our generals in faith to combat the wicked sin of homosexuality by commanding Gays and Lesbians to abstain from the immoral homosexual lifestyle which of course leads to nothing but depression and death.

God forbid the christians let something like science cut into their profit margin.

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2 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Well, practice makes perfect, and I strive to be the most perfect gay man I can be!

    P.S. Great site! It’s so refreshing to see a site that empowers gay and lesbian Americans in the most meaningful ways. Please keep up the good work–to be informed is to be prepared!

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