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Tax Payer Supported Christian Shelter Denies Entry To Gays & Lesbians

Emergency response plans in communities around the country often call on christian organizations to help distribute food and provide shelter in times of crisis. Sadly these christian relief groups more often than not refuse to serve the Gay and Lesbian community.

The majority of these faith based services receive tax dollars to help offset the cost of providing care. Without federal guidelines protecting Gay and Lesbian minorities the leaders of these christain based “charities” can take federal money and refuse to serve members of our community on moral grounds.

A recent example of this was seen in Georgia where the christian based House of Mercy kicked two battered and abused women, along with their children, out of the shelter because the christian leadership thought they were Lesbians.

[Two women] say they were put out in the cold, along with their children, after a disagreement with a staff member.

Elder Bobby Harris, director of the House of Mercy, says most people have an agenda when they come in and ask for help. He runs a tight ship. House rules include no secular music, no hats indoors and no sexual activity of any kind. Regular church service is required.

Harris says the shelter would welcome non-practicing gay people, but even if the residents engage in sexual activity off the premises during their free time, he discharges them.

via House of Mercy: No Practicing Gays Allowed | WRBL.

Elder Bobby Harris, director of the House of Mercy, went on to give this reason for denying care to Gay and Lesbian Americans.

Our goal is to aids mankind, mens, womens and childrens. We do not tolerate that act [homosexuality] here at all. Let me tell you one reason why, the bible of course and then we have little children…

Apparently Elder Harris is referring to the discredited lies created by registered christian hate groups that Gays and Lesbians molest and recruit children. This piece of christian propaganda is often cited by church leaders when justifying discrimination and violence against the Gay and Lesbian community.

As America’s social safety net is sacrificed to the gods of privatization, more and more “compassionate christian care centers” will get rich off Gay and Lesbian tax dollars while denying Gays and Lesbians care.

Imagine for a moment that your family is driven from home by rising flood water…remember Katina. You and your partner carry your two adopted children through waist deep water for an hour to reach the designated shelter.  You climb the stair, finally out of the water, only to be denied entry by the christian minister running the shelter.

The minister claims that your “homosexual lifestyle” has brought gods wrath down upon the city. He turns you away quoting scripture as the congregants back him blocking your entrance.

As a Gay or Lesbian American do you really want to be at the “mercy” of these compassionate christians when you are in need? What is your backup plan when the “Faith Based Shelter” turns your family away for having two mommies or two daddies?

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  1. [...] A recent example of this was seen in Georgia where the christian based House of Mercy kicked two battered and abused women, along with their children, out of the shelter because the christian leadership thought they were Lesbians. More… [...]

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