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Christians Attempt To Burn Georgia Man Alive For Being Gay

Christians Firebomb A Gay Man's House

A christian group tried to execute a rural Georgia man by burning him alive in his home over the weekend. A rock was thrown through Chris Staples windows with a note attached threatening to kill him for being Gay. Hours later Staples’ home was engulfed in flames, he barely escaped with his life.

Chris Staples, a citizen of Carroll County GA, woke up with his home set a blaze after receiving a threatening anti-gay note. Staples gives the account of a rock with the threatening note being thrown through his window as he was watching t.v. and finishing a cigarette. He said the note read “We know you’re gay. And God hates gays. You won’t be raping anybody in the county and God’s going to make sure that you burn in hell.’ And something about my daddy… my daddy will make sure you burn in hell.” Several [hours] later Staples woke up with his house burning to the ground, and was luck to barely escape.

via GA Man Attacked For Being Gay « Entertainment News | Celebrity Gossip | Technology News | Welcome to

Note the reference to raping. Registered christian hate groups use the discredited lie that Gay men rape children to incite violence against our community. These same hate groups claimed that black men were raping white women to stir violence against the African American community half a century ago.

The Carrol County Georgia Sheriff’s Office is investigating the attempted murder and arson as a possible hate crime.

“This is the first time I’ve dealt with anything of this nature in 16 years,” said Capt. Shane Taylor of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.

“I can’t believe anyone would have such hatred in their heart as to do somebody like that, especially when they don’t even know him. They don’t know him,”…

via Gay Man’s Bedroom Set On Fire – News Story – WSB Atlanta.

Georgia has a long history of “lynching” those seen as undesirable in the eyes of christianity. The Klan and other christian hate groups have used lies, intimidation and violence in an attempt to drive the “immoral” from their lands. Cross burning, hangings and arson were utilized to terrorize the black and Gay populations in the America’s south.

The recent victories in establishing equality for Gay and Lesbian Americans have caused a resurgence in violence from these hate groups.  Nearly 14 hate crimes are committed every day against the Gay and Lesbian community, and that number is growing.  The majority of victims are attacked in their homes.

If you are a Gay or Lesbian American living in a rural area take some basic precautions around your home. Inexpensive motion detector lighting attached to an alarm is a very effective deterrent. Plus it will wake you up to defend against these christian cowards attacking in the middle of the night. A good shotgun is also handy.

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48 Responses

  1. What in the HELL, America? Really? Agh! I thought we were over this, but apparently not… >_<

  2. The Big Blue Frog says:

    It kind of bugs me that you don’t capitalize “Christian” in your post. I don’t know if this is supposed to be a slight or not, but it comes across as either petty or just uneducated.

    Is there anything else to specifically link this with any particular Christian organization, or is this just a random group of Christians? The headline makes it seem like it’s an established group.

    I support your cause, but hyperbole serves no purpose other than to give your opponents ammunition against you.


  3. admin says:

    We don’t capitalize “christian” because being a christian is a choice. Frankly an organization that targets minority groups for violence and persecution does not deserve any respect.

    The christian church has been killing Gays and Lesbians for 2000 years by burning, hanging or when merciful stoning. The islamic religion is just as violent but have a shorter history.

  4. James says:

    The South, embarrassing the USA for over 200 years.

  5. Robert P says:


    They don’t need a reason or incitement.
    I had a similar attempt when I lived in Al. What they did not realize is that the months of harassment did frighten me enough that I got my hands on a pump 12 g and had a friend load some with rock salt and bacon rind.
    Its a long story and almost a year of trying to terrorize us.
    It ended when they tried to burn the house ….and I shot them in the asses as they ran away.
    They claimed they were christian, more like kkkrestian using biblical quotes to justify their actions.

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  7. E F says:

    The NORTH Judging the South incorrectly and blaming the South for anything they find to be unacceptable. Revisionist history comes from people like ya’ll.

  8. admin says:

    Oh E.F. I am not blaming the South for the current violence against Gays and Lesbians. I am blaming the Christians.

  9. DNA says:

    What do they say about the weather in Georgia… “It’s not the hate, it’s the stupidity…” something like that

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  11. Jacob Woods says:

    Really? Wow! This is so aggravating. Why do people have to be so ridiculously insane?

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  14. MacDaddy says:

    The Big Blue Frog: Seriously, you felt compelled to comment because a word was not capitalized, not because of a horrific act of violence and hatred???


  15. Jim says:

    Horrible people doing horrible things in the name of God? I’m shocked.

  16. Beer_Is_So_Awesome says:

    I take exception to the label “hate crime”. Why would the deranged bigots who committed this horrible act be treated differently than anyone else so lacking in morality to set someone’s house on fire? Thank you but “arson”, “attempted homicide” and “terroristic threats” should be enough to hold these thugs responsible for the appalling crime they’ve perpetrated against another human.

    I think it’s clear that wrapping a death threat around a rock and hurling it through anybody’s window before burning their house to the ground with them inside is a most hateful act, and that it should make no difference whether the victim is part of a “protected” group or not.

  17. So I was on a grammar Nazi kick yesterday. Sue me.

    Robert: It was not my intention to imply that not capitalizing a word is justification for acts of violence. Please read my comment again. It was the hyperbole (labeling this mob a “christian group”) not the capitalization error, which I believe does more harm than good. In responsible journalism, you don’t call it a duck just because it has webbed feet and quacks. It may very well be a duck, but it’s reckless to suggest so without proof.

    Admin: I understand why you don’t capitalize the word. It’s the same reason why many of my fellow atheists don’t capitalize God when speaking specifically of the Christian god.

    MacDaddy: WWJD? If you believe Paul, Jesus would kill every gay and lesbian he could get his hands on. Romans 1:26-32. If any Christian says that the whole Christian scripture is all about love and peace, ask them why Paul says being gay or lesbian is worthy of death.

    Beer is SO Awesome: Hate crimes laws protect groups, because when a person commits a hate crime, they victimize an entire class of people, not just the immediate victim. Hate crimes differ from ordinary crimes in that they are meant to instill terror that goes far beyond the initial victim.

    If a Christian tells you that hate crimes are “thought crimes” and shouldn’t be treated differently than any other crime, remind them that Jesus advocated punishment of thought crimes. Matthew 5:28: If you look at a woman with lust in your heart, you’ve already committed adultery. That’s a thought crime.

  18. By the way, I’m adding you to my blogroll, capitalization errors notwithstanding.


  19. Vickie says:

    The headline of this article is irresponsible, and just as inflammatory as any anti-gay rhetoric out there. There is no evidence linking this horrendous crime to known members of any religious group, nor with the approval of any leadership of any group.

    And I am shocked that the admin of this site or the author of this article would lump all Christians together when they likely know very well that not all Christians are anti-gay. In addition to GLBT Christians(like myself) there are straight Christians who believe that God loves us just as we are; that He blesses same-sex relationships; and that the Scriptures used against us have been misinterpreted. There are plenty of straight Christians who are fighting for acceptance and equality.

    Also, capitalizing Christian is different from capitalizing God. People may not believe there is a God, but I don’t know anyone who would argue that Christ did not exist. Whether one believes he is/was God or not, he was a real person, and there are people who follow him. It should be capitalized for the same reason that Buddhist or Buddhism is capitalized.

  20. LambertsLabelle says:

    no words!!!!There are so many really ill people in this world!!
    God doesn t hate! And less gay-people!He made them on his sacred sunday!!!!

  21. admin says:


    All the violence and persecution experienced by Gay and Lesbian Americans is rooted in christianity. When christians stop brutalizing Gays and Lesbians I will stop lumping them all together.

    The christian church needs to own up to the damage done in their name and start policing their own.

    Why is it that we never see a “rational” christian countering the homophobic lies spewed by christian hate groups? Silence is consent!

  22. [...] Staples of Carroll County, Ga was recently threatened via a letter from an apparent Christian hate group. The letter had these kind words for Staples: We [...]

  23. matt says:

    Although I don’t agree with the lengths to which you generalize all Christians… I don’t blame you there are many Christians giving us a bad name for such a generalization to be deserved, I for one as a Catholic support Gay marriage and that Gays should have the opportunity to adopt children…
    I am sorry for the hardships placed on you by those who do so in the name of my faith and wish you all the best in your struggle for equality

    no matter what others may say God is on your side

  24. Fett says:

    This is nothing short of terrorism. If these people are caught they should be prosecuted to the fullest extant of the law.

  25. Andrew says:


    “We don’t capitalize “christian” because being a christian is a choice.”

    They you should not capitalize Gay/Lesbian, or for that matter, American. You can be all of those by choice.

  26. Rev. M. Vernon says:

    Vickie: I would argue that “Christ” did not exist.

    Andrew: Obviously you can choose to be an idiot as well.

  27. Reed B says:

    Going purely by the note: “we” is collective, yes, but the reference to “God” doesn’t make this automatically “christian.”
    Oddly, none of the hate groups listed/linked in this article are located in Georgia. I suspect that we’re dealing with general anti-gay hate and a small gang of 2-6, rather than a larger organization – and that the note is designed to suggest a larger group (rambling, disjointed references to “my daddy” suggesting complete dissociative religiou ideation).

  28. Phil L says:

    @ Andrew

    I don’t recall ever being presented with a choice regarding who I am attracted to. I have never been aroused by the opposite sex.

    The burden of proof is on the accuser, not the accused. If you wish to claim that we can choose our attractions, then you need to prove it.

  29. Heather says:

    @Andrew, You aren’t Gay/Lesbian by choice. Yes, american is a choice if you choose (if you have the money of course, if not, then that is not a choice). Unless you are claiming homosexuals choose to be Gay/Lesbian.

  30. Steve Lafreniere says:

    What Christian “group” are you speaking of here? You only report a rock through a window with references to God on the note attached.

    This kind of sloppy reporting works against us, not for us.

  31. admin says:

    Oh course it’s a christian group. Atheists don’t quote from the bible…christians do.

    Christians need to take responsibility for the violence and bigotry being done in their name.

    Christianity and it’s teachings are responsible for all the persecution of Gays and Lesbians in America. Much like islam is responsible for the persecution of Gays and Lesbians in Iran.

  32. [...] A homeless shelter in Georgia, ironically named the House of Mercy, won’t offer refuge to homosexual, bisexual, and transgender people. This despite the fact that 20-40% of the homeless youth population is LGBT. Also in Georgia, a Christian group attempts to burn a man alive for being gay. [...]

  33. Cynthia Dunn says:

    WOW! American churches condone murder overseas? Its amazing isn’t it. I think it is high time that churches start paying taxes and that any church which condones murder of any kind lose its tax exempt status immediately. Furthermore, anyone who participates in calling for murder should be CHARGED accordingly. I’m sick of religious freaks. I’m not gay btw, but I pay money every month to the cause and will fight for EQUALITY FOR ALL! And I have had enough – REALLY. That was the most vile thing I have ever read. EVER. HANG TOUGH YOU GUYS/GALS – its the sickness in SOCIETY that attacks the gay community.

  34. Final note: Being Christian is only sort of a choice. We don’t choose God He chooses us. We only have the choice whether or not to accept Him.

    When we do He fills our lives with peace, and love, He guides us, and nurtures us, teaches us, and corrects us. But when we don’t accept Him, He put’s stumbling blocks in our way and leaves us to fend for ourselves, and all the while we are oppressed with a God-shaped hole in our hearts.
    I have lived both ways and I am so glad that Jesus made a change in me He can do it for all of you.

    “Do unto other’s as you would have done to you.”
    “God so loved the(whole) world, that He gave His only Son. That whosoever believes on Him will have eternal life, through Christ Jesus our Lord”

  35. admin says:

    James being a christian is a choice as is following the biblical edict to kill Gays.

    Please remember that god is a myth created to control a superstitious people and explain certain natural phenomenon experienced in the world.

  36. Please tell me what Scripture commands Christians kill gay’s

  37. I noticed you only printed one of my posts, selective debate?

  38. admin says:

    Leviticus 20:13

    Not selective you were just droning on.

  39. Satan9 says:

    May all of you christian freaks incur the true wrath of the devil for this.

  40. [...] church and its push to maintain legal discrimination against Gays and Lesbians is the sole cause of violence against our community in the United States. Studies have also linked the homophobic teachings of the christian church to [...]

  41. [...] leading to arrests and convictions in the Staples case from the Georgia Arson Control Program. Initially, a Christian hate group was reported to have carried out the hit on the Carrollton native, but as the investigation [...]

  42. Light says:

    Admin you and your unholy kin are going to burn in the deepest parts of hell for going against God. As far as this so called group i see no evidence of any group. What is the groups at is name? And has it been investigated. For all we know it could be gays doing this to frame Christians and True Christians do not want to burn gays that’s God’s job when you all go to hell.

  43. [...] about. Mother kills son to send him to Heaven 70 year-old stoned to death for being homosexual Christians Attempt to Burn Gay Man Alive Woman thought God told her to kill sons Westboro Baptist Church protests Matthew Shepard's funeral [...]

  44. [...] anything at all in your post. Shepard's case is linked to religion. But sure. From January… Christians Attempt To Burn Georgia Man Alive For Being Gay – The Gay Manifesto I also think it's intentionally avoidant to try to pretend it has nothing to do with religion – [...]

  45. Christopher Lance says:

    The christian church has a 2000 year history of burning Gays and Lesbians to death.

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