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Minister Demands Christians Be Given Minority Class Status To Protect Against The Violent Homosexual

Christians Expressing Traditional Family Values

Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr., Founder and President of STAND - Staying True to America’s National Destiny claims that homosexuals are attacking the church and that christians need to be made a protected minority class to save it from the violence perpetrated by Gays and Lesbians.

The Bishop further claims that support for the traditional family is not an attack on homosexuality. “When we do programs to support the family, we are not thinking about homosexuality, but for homosexuals, any endorsement of the family as God ordained it is an attack on them. It demonstrates their paranoid obsession with getting the society to endorse their lifestyle and silencing those who won’t.”

Bishop Jackson is calling on Christians and fair minded Americans to “Buycott Chik-Fil-A.” “Go out of your way to patronize this fine business. They have a right to support whomever they wish without being persecuted for their Christian faith and values.” Jackson suggests, “The bigotry is so virulent that it may be time to make Christians a protected class. Right now “Christo-phobia” and “Biblo-phobia” are at such a fever pitch among leftists and homosexual activists, and they need to be stopped before they get carried away in their zeal and do bodily harm to someone. Once again we must remind them our Constitution says, “freedom of religion” and not “freedom from religion.”

via Prominent Black Minister Accuses Homosexual Activists of Anti-Christian Bigotry and Hatred Says Chik-Fil-A Attack is Tip of the Iceberg – Christian Newswire.

Christians were made a protected minority class with “special rights and privileges” by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Really, the good Bishop should have know this.

There are nearly 14 hate crimes committed against Gays and Lesbians each day in America because of the teaching of the christian church. There are absolutely no hate crimes committed against christian because of Gays and Lesbians.

The simple fact is that the christian church and its push to maintain legal discrimination against Gays and Lesbians is the sole cause of violence against our community in the United States. Studies have also linked the homophobic teachings of the christian church to increased health problems and slightly shorter life span in Gay and Lesbian Americans.

Not only that, American ministers are lobbying governments around the globe and in the United States to allow christians to execute Gays and Lesbians in accordance with biblical law. Many of these christian leaders are today having a prayer breakfast with President Obama.

Uganda is on the verge of passing legislation crafted by ministries based in the United States that not only condemns Gays and Lesbians to death but jails any person not reporting homosexuals to the authorities.

Parents will be legally forced to turn their Gay or Lesbian child over to the government for execution or face jail time. How’s that for traditional values!

Remember the very same bible that was used to justify the ban on interracial marriage and discrimination against African Americans is used today to justify the ban on same-sex marriage and discrimination against Gay and Lesbian Americans. It was bigotry and hate then and it is bigotry and hate now.

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7 Responses

  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Dennis Veite, TGM. TGM said: Minister Demands Christians Be Given Minority Class Status To Protect Against The Violent Homosexual – [...]

  2. C P says:

    So by not willingly accepting the role of second-class citizens, and by protesting against their hateful attacks on us, they feel justified in claiming we are attacking them? Ha, what a laugh! I don’t see how they think making religion a ‘minority status’ is going to help them make federally-sanctioned discrimination against homosexuality popular again. It’s not their religious beliefs that are being threatened by new legislation, just their ability discriminate against people based on those religious beliefs, and even then, only in matters concerning licensed businesses serving the public.

    Even if that ‘minority status’ was deserved and people believed that practicing Christianity was just as immoral and wrong, that doesn’t and shouldn’t give anyone the right to fire an employee of a company or deny someone medical treatment merely for being Christian. So why should religious people have the right to fire me or deny me medical treatment merely for being homosexual or transsexual?

  3. Jesus Is Lord says:

    Homosexuals are fighting agianst the true word of GOD. Homosexuals are an abomination before our LORD and must be put to death. This is GODS will.

  4. TomofOregon says:

    reply to ‘Jesus Is Lord’: That is a death threat from a paranoid sociopath, not “GODS will” – there is something wrong with you.

    You illustrate perfectly the mental illness and violent tendencies inherent in religious extremism. You should get help before you feel the need to take your death threat and physically harm someone in the name of your god.

  5. Light says:

    In the Past Homosexuals perhaps were supposed to be put to death but according to the new testament it is up to God to judge them. Still it doesn’t mean its right and it is an abomination and its demonic and homosexuals will burn in hell. And no one is suppose to execute homosexuals but i completely agree that children must be kept away from homosexuals.

  6. Christopher Lance says:

    Please remember that the vast majority of pedophiles are heterosexual. Does that mean heterosexuals shouldn’t be allowed around children.

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