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Prostate Offers Proof That Homosexuality Is Natural

The Prostate Is Designed For Gay Love

If homosexuality is not natural then why did nature create pleasure spots only enjoyable during Gay sex?

Take the straightest man in America and massage his prostate. His penis becomes erect, his body experiences pleasure and he eventually ejaculates. Why would nature create a spot inside the male anal cavity that when stimulated by rubbing a penis over it causes intense pleasure for both sexual partners if it didn’t intend Gay men to use it?

Prostate: A gland in men about the size of a walnut. It lies underneath the bladder and against the rectal wall. It provides most of the ejaculatory fluid in semen. Stimulation during anal sex results in sexual pleasure.

via Sexual and Reproductive Health Glossary P-Q-R | Sexual Health Centre Lunenburg County.

Here is a common argument you often see made against marriage equality. Nature created a man and a woman with specific parts that fit together. The parts on two men do not fit together. Then they usually demonstrate by bumping the ends of their index fingers together and muttering something about Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

Those same groups would argue that nature made heterosexual sex pleasurable for both parties to encourage reproduction. The purpose of sex is reproduction and pleasure is the reward for the procreative act. Though, sex purely for the sake of pleasure should be vehemently discouraged.

But if reproduction is the only reason to have sex why create a male pleasure spot inside the anus that can only be stimulated by the insertion of a penis. Obviously nature wants all of her creations to experience sexual pleasure even when reproduction is not the prime purpose.

For those who would argue that the anus is a filthy and unclean orifice let me remind you that the mouth is one of the most bacteria ridden placed on the body and kissing is a natural greeting in most parts of the world.  Plus the filthy mouth is commonly utilized in oral sex. The vagina bleeds once a month and is a breeding ground for infections, yet it is considered the natural place for the penis. The anus is just one of three dirty holes nature created for sex, no more an evil demon than the other two.

So again, if anal sex between Gay men is unnatural then why would nature go to all the trouble of creating a perfectly placed prostate gland that delivers pleasure to the man on the receiving end anal sex. Wouldn’t it make more sense for nature, evolution or a vengeful god for that matter, to create a prostate that cannot be stimulated or better yet one that causes pain, when probed by a penis, if it didn’t want Gay men enjoying anal sex.

The sexual pleasure experienced when massaging the prostate is a specific evolutionary construct designed to make anal sex enjoyable for both homosexual partners, it serves no other purpose. Nature created homosexuals and the specific body parts necessary for them to enjoy sex.

If you don’t believe me try it yourself. Tonight, after the wife falls asleep, sneak off to the bathroom and manually massage your prostate gland. It cannot make you Gay if you are worried about that kinda thing, but it will give you proof that nature loves homosexuals just as much as heterosexuals.

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