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Christian Minister Wants Taxpayers To Fund Extermination Of Gay & Lesbian Americans

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Christian sermons promoting the biblical principal that “Gays and Lesbians should be put to death” are quite common in Kansas. After all Topeka is home to the Westboro Baptist Mega-Chruch which claims a 40,000 plus congregation. It’s head pastor, Fred Phelps, coined the phrases “God Hates Fags” and “Fags Must Die”.

Now it appears there is a new christian minister making a play for “biggest bigot in Kansas” title. On Sunday Pastor Curtis Knapp,of the New Hope Baptist Church in Seneca Kansas,told his christian congregation that it is the governments job to kill Gay and Lesbian Americans because “God commands it”.

“They should be put to death…It tends to limit conversions. It tends to limit people coming out of the closet. ‘Oh, so you’re saying we should go out and start killing them, no?’ I’m saying the government should…it’s GODS word, GOD commanded it. It’s GODS idea, not mine. And I’m not ashamed of it.”

Reliable estimates put the tax dollars collected from Gay and Lesbian American at nearly 20% of the total taxes collected in the United States. Gays and Lesbians do not receive any of the special benefits or tax breaks given the christian church or traditionally married couples.

Gay and Lesbian tax dollars are not going to be used to execute Gay and Lesbian Americans.

Any christian church promoting genocide against American taxpayers shouldn’t be allowed to live off the welfare of those American taxpayers. Christian churches in the United States have been given special rights and privileges not available to the common tax paying citizen. Christian churches use these special rights and privileges to spread their bible based hate and influence election in this country while not contributing one penny to her protection!

As of today the United States of America is not a theocracy but if these christian entitlement queens get their way biblical law will be mandated above constitutional law in this great nation.

If this trend of christian promoted terror continues Gay and Lesbian Americans should stop paying taxes and instead invest that money into guns and ammunition. Our tax dollars are not going to support christian institutions that promote killing us!  Currently Gays and Lesbians paying for the roads, buildings, food, mansions, private airports, internet access, broadcast stations, sacramental wines and fire/police protection for these christian institutions of hate.

If christians want to continue spouting their hated filled ideology then they need to start paying their fair share and stop sucking the tit dry. Some estimates have put the business of christianity in the United States at nearly $1,000,000,000,000 or ONE TRILLIONS DOLLARS annually in tax free revenue.

If christian churches want American tax dollars to start funding the execution of Gay and Lesbian Americans maybe christian churches should start paying into the system! Let’s be honest here. Without Gay and Lesbian tax dollars the United States government and the christian church both would have already failed.

This is the second christian leader in as many weeks to call on the government to round up and execute Gay and Lesbian.

Gay and Lesbian Americans are by and large a peace loving people who tend to shy away from conflict. We need to remember that our brothers in Nazi Germany were also a peace loving people until they were rounded up, imprisoned and left to die in the concentration camps.  The Nazi Party used the same “christian morality” arguments we are hearing today from christian leadership to justify the state sponsored genocide against Gays in the 1930′s.

If the christian church continues this hate rhetoric and threats of genocide against Gay and Lesbian Americans seriously consider withholding your taxes and investing that money in weapons and ammunition. When they come for you and your family don’t go peacefully!

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