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Christian Hate Groups Terrified Over Chick-Fil-A’s Outing As A Bigoted Company

Stay At Home And Cook Your Own Chicken

If your company supports registered hate groups such as the Klu Klux Klan or the American Family Association and actively works to strip Americans of their civil rights then your company will face civil actions.

Chick-Fil-A is promoting violence and persecution of Gay and Lesbian American by supporting discriminatory marriage groups like the National Organization for Marriage (REGISTERED HATE GROUP).  Chick-Fil-A and their Winshape Foundation support, through corporate donations, registered hate groups that seek the constitutional discrimination of Gay and Lesbian Americans and even call for their imprisonment and execution.

Christian hate groups fear the exposure of their corporate sugar daddies. Over the past decade public donations to these christian hate groups has declined dramatically to the point where they could not exist without the cash flowing from their bigoted corporate sponsors. I don’t care how good your chicken sandwiches are the public will not support a bigoted company. If the company does not make money it will cut it’s ties to the christian hate groups.

Obviously the christian hate groups are desperate to diffuse the situation and protect their corporate cash cow. Here is an example:

Homosexual activists have ginned up a fake controversy targeting Chick-Fil-A just because one of the chicken outlets was kind enough to donate sandwiches and brownies to a “marriage seminar” run by a group that happens to oppose same-sex marriage. How utterly pathetic of the activists. How utterly pointless. How utterly unhinged. The homosexual groups tactics are Leninist. Dangerous too. Or, at least would be if they weren’t so pathetic. One could almost remark that if they really are so offended by the donation of brownies, their own showy hypersensitivity plays right into the stereotypes they condemn as being unfair. Well, if they don’t want the stereotypes, don’t take actions that fit the stereotypes. They come off as whiny babies.

As far as I’m concerned, a private life is a private life as long as it doesn’t harmfully coerce somebody else. A friend who “comes out” is still a friend. The friend will answer to his own conscience and to God. So too will a problem drinker. So too will a serial liar.

via The American Spectator : AmSpecBlog : These Homosexuals Are Chickenxxxx.

The American Family Association is currently pushing a full boycott against Home Depot for supporting the equality of Gay and Lesbian Americans. Why are the christian talking heads not calling the American Family Association “dangerous Leninists” for destroying Home Depot.  Well, to be honest, the American Family Association boycotts actually have little impact on the targeted businesses and in many cases actually increase sales.

Apparently it’s OK with christians for Chick-Fil-A to promote hate and bigotry in the name of jesus but the Home Depot cannot support a struggling minority group working to achieve equality.

We are not saying Chick-Fil-A is killing black babies and wants Jewish Americans rounded up for the ovens. Chick-Fil-A already lost those battles. All we are saying is that Chick-Fil-A does donate to the christian hate groups working to take civil liberties and constitutional protections away from Gay and Lesbian Americans.

What scares the christian hate groups more than anything else is how effective the Gay and Lesbian community is at demonizing the corporate sponsors funding their discrimination by simply telling the truth. Apparently we are doing something right.

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New Republican Leaders Pledged Allegiance To Registered Christian Hate Groups

Christian Hate Groups Lobbying To Kill Gays

Key leaders in the Republican party recently pledged their allegiance and support to several christian hate groups listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for spreading lies and promoting violence against Gay and Lesbian Americans.

A number of high-profile Republicans have signed an online petition denouncing the Southern Poverty Law Center for designating several anti-gay religious organizations as hate groups.

SPLC recently added the Family Research Council, the American Family Association and the National Organization for Marriage to the same list of hate groups as the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Nations. SPLC said the Christian groups were added because they spread malicious lies about gay people that provoke hatred and violence toward them.

Among those lies are the claims that gays are more likely to sexually abuse children and to die young due to their unhealthy lifestyle. Some of the anti-gay claims made by the designated groups mirror myths that Nazis spread about Jews to incite violence against them.

Majority Leader-elect Eric Cantor, House Speaker-elect John Boehner, presidential hopefuls Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, U.S. Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Louie Gohmert of Texas, and South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint have all signed the petition defending the designated hate groups.

“We, the undersigned, stand in solidarity with Family Research Council, American Family Association, Concerned Women of America, National Organization for Marriage, Liberty Counsel and other pro-family organizations that are working to protect and promote natural marriage and family,” the open letter, sponsored by the FRC, reads. “We support the vigorous but responsible exercise of the First Amendment rights of free speech and religious liberty that are the birthright of all Americans.”

The letter claims that SPLC “targeted FRC and other organizations that uphold Judeo-Christian moral views, including marriage as the union of a man a woman.”

via Republican leaders defend ‘hate’ groups | Breaking News | Wisconsin Gazette – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) News.

Many of the christian organizations listed by the SPLC are actively working with governments around the world, including the United States, to criminalize homosexuality and put Gays and Lesbians to death. To promote their agenda of hate these christian ministries push the discredited lies that homosexuals are pedophiles and that Nazi leadership was dominated by Gay Germans.

Tying the Gay and Lesbian equality movement to hated child molesters and Nazi movement is an effective means of generating violence against homosexuals not only in America but around the world. This tactic is very effective especially in developing countries such as Kenya and Uganda. Both countries, at the urging of christian ministries in the United States, are working on legislation that imprisons people hiding homosexuals and executes Gays and Lesbians for crimes against god and nature.

The fear is not that these Republican’s will pass discriminatory legislation against Gays and Lesbians, it won’t happen on the federal level. The concern is that these key legislators give a voice to the christian hate groups and legitimize their lies.

Make no mistake, the lies being pushed by these christian hate groups are crafted to maximize violence against the Gay and Lesbian community.  The Nazi’s used this same tactic against Jewish citizens and Gays in the 1930′ to great effectiveness. The Klan used it to stir anger against Blacks in America’s south. The result being many dark skinned Americans hanging from the end of a noose.

By the way the SPLC was instrumental in neutering both the Klan and the neo-Nazi movement in the United States.

Every time Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (registered hate group) goes on CNN spreading the lie that Gays are molesting and recruiting children the potential for violence against our community increases dramatically. If these registered hate groups use their champions in the Republican hierarchy to help spread their hate filled lies we are looking at dark and violent times ahead.

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Christian Network TBN Sued For Sexually Harassing Gay Employee

I love Jan Crouch, she is the first lady of televangelism.  Jan was using that whole running mascara thing when Tammy Faye was still cleaning toilets at the Stuckey’s.

A gay former engineer at the Christian broadcast giant Trinity Broadcasting Network has settled a civil lawsuit that alleged his employer harassed him for his sexual orientation.

Court papers filed in federal court in Orange County show Brian Dugger settled out of court last month with TBN for an undisclosed amount.

The lawsuit alleged that Paul Crouch Jr., the son of founders Jan and Paul Crouch, told Dugger to stop being “gay,” teased Dugger in front of others and told him to take more interest in women.

Dugger had asked for more than $2 million in damages.

Calls to his attorney and TBN were not immediately returned.

TBN broadcasts 24-hours worldwide and describes itself as the world’s largest religious network.

via Christian network TBN settles harassment lawsuit –

In California even the mighty Trinity Broadcasting Network cannot discriminate against Gays and Lesbians. By the way this is not the first time the Crouch family has had to settle sexual harassment suits with Gay employees.

In September 2004 the Los Angeles Times reported that Paul Crouch in 1998 paid Enoch Lonnie Ford, a former employee, a $425,000 formal settlement to end a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Ford alleged that he was forced to have a homosexual encounter with Crouch under threats of job termination at a network-owned cabin at Lake Arrowhead in 1996. TBN officials acknowledge the settlement but characterize the accuser as a liar and an extortionist, and stated that the settlement was made in order to avoid a lengthy and expensive lawsuit which could have deteriorated into “mud-slinging”.

Seems to run in the family. You stay strong Jan.

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Proposed COBRA Bill Extends Health Coverage To Same-Sex Couples

Legally married Gay and Lesbian Americans are being denied federally guaranteed health coverage currently given to married straight couples.  When a Gay or Lesbian is laid off they cannot protect their family with COBRA health coverage. COBRA provides government subsidized health insurance for up to 36 months while you are unemployed.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) yesterday introduced the Equal Access to COBRA Act, which would allow many domestic partners the same access married spouses currently have to COBRA health coverage if their partner loses a job.

The law would apply to companies that already offer health coverage to domestic partners and their children. Currently, more than half of Fortune 500 companies cover domestic partners under their health plans.

Boxer said, “This is a question of fairness: Every family deserves access to health insurance, especially in this tough economy. This bill ensures that domestic partners and their families will have equal access to health coverage after a job loss.”

Under federal law, employers must offer continuing health care coverage to departing employees and their beneficiaries for up to 36 months. Current federal laws related to COBRA coverage do not apply to domestic partners or same-sex spouses — even at companies that offer health coverage to domestic partners of employees.

This legislation would change federal law to allow equal access to COBRA coverage for all individuals who are covered by an employer’s health plan. It would apply to domestic partners as they are defined by an employer’s health insurance plan.

via Instant Tea » Blog Archive » Boxer introduces COBRA benefits bill for domestic partners.

Contact your members of Congress and demand they support the Equal Access to COBRA Act.

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Gays & Lesbians Should Take Lessons From Tea Baggers

Bless our good brothers and sisters from GetEqual who staged the sit-in at Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office on Thursday I greatly admire their dedication and willingness to face incarceration for our cause.

But Damn! Those teabaggers know how to protest. Mind you I do not appreciate their blatant racisim and homophobia but they get results. The capital building was locked down! Think about the impact of 10,000 irate Gays and Lesbians swarming the capital building and directly confronting our representatives while draping the capital in pride flags.

Things are getting pretty heated in the Capitol with crowds of anti-Reform/Tea Party activists going through the halls shouting slogans and epithets at Democratic members of Congress.

As our Brian Beutler reports, a few moments ago in the Longworth office building, a group swarmed a very calm looking Henry Waxman, as he got on the elevator, with shouts of “Kill the bill!” “You liar! You crook!”

Not long before, Rep. Barney Frank got an uglier version of the treatment. Just after Frank rounded a corner to leave the building, an older protestor yelled “Barney, you faggot.” The surrounding crowd of protestors then erupted in laughter.

At one point, Capitol police officer threatened to throw a group of protestors out of the building but that only seemed to inflame them more; and apparently none were ejected.

Note that this was in the Longworth building, not the Capitol building proper. But I’m a bit surprised that this is being allowed to occur anywhere in the Capitol complex. From Brian’s description it sounds like menacing.

via Menacing | Talking Points Memo.

We may not like their message but the Tea Party protesters gets results. Our elected representatives fear them and bend to their will. The Gay and Lesbian equality movement needs to take a page from the Tea Party playbook and make our elected officials fear us.

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Disney Rebukes Fraudulent “Ex-Gay” Movement

Congratulations to the Walt Disney Company for recognizing christian deceit and soundly denying the fraudulent “ex-gay” movement protections meant to legitimize a lie.

The Walt Disney Company did it’s research and is in agreement with all accredited psychological and medical institutions in America that sexual orientation is fixed at birth and is unchangeable. The christian concocted lie of “ex-gay” is simply a way to justify biblical discrimination and violence against what they say is an “immoral lifestyle”and an “abomination before god” that should be purged from society.

Unfortunately for the bigoted christains you cannot justify discrimination and violence against a fixed trait that cannot be changed.

The Walt Disney Company has declined a motion to add former homosexuals to its sexual orientation and non-discrimination policy and diversity training, a measure that would have meant protections for those who have left that lifestyle.

Greg Quinlan, director of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX), presented the resolution at the recent annual shareholders meeting in San Antonio. But he explains that Disney board chairman John E. Pepper “responded in saying that the current policies were very inclusive and were very broad and that they could not lift every possible nuance to come.”

But, since the days of Michael Eisner as CEO, several so-called “nuances” have been added “where they included transsexuals, transvestites, as well as gay, lesbian and bisexual,” Quinlan adds. “Transexual, transvestite is…still considered a mental health disorder,” he notes.

That is also in accordance with the diagnostic manual used by most mental health professionals. But those who have left the homosexual lifestyle are, in effect, placed in a closet, says Quinlan. “Well, they don’t want to recognize anyone’s right of self-determination — and that was the point,” the PFOX director notes.

The resolution did not carry the required three-percent vote to be considered again next year, but PFOX does not plan to give up the fight. Quinlan stresses that years ago, many Christians sold their Disney stock out of objection to pro-homosexual policies, and he believes that Christians ought to retain ownership so they can exercise a more powerful voice in corporate affairs.

via Disney disregards ex-homosexuals (

No person has ever changed their sexual orientation. According to all accredited psychological and medical institution in America sexual orientation is fixed at birth and is unchangeable.

Thank you Walt Disney Company for standing up for truth against christian tyranny.

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Traditional Values Coalition Again Using Children To Push Agenda Of Hate Against Gays & Lesbians

The Traditional Values Coalition is a christian hate group that advocates christian parents teach their children it’s alright to kill and discriminate against those born differently. They also believe christian employers should be allowed to discriminate against those they consider morally inferior to the white christian race.

ENDA would guarantee that christian employers, who believe that it is acceptable to discriminate against Gays and Lesbians because the christian bible says they should be put to death, would not be able to act on their hate filled belief system.  In America it is not acceptable to discriminate, fire or kill an employee because the christian bible mandates it.

This is just another example of christian hate groups using children to push their agenda of discrimination and death against non-believers!

Traditional Values Coalition announced the launch of the campaign. The so-called Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) will force every public school in America to hire transgendered teachers and forbid their re-assignment out of the classroom.

The campaign includes an online petition to Congress opposing ENDA.

TVC has launched the campaign, to warn parents about the chaos ENDA will bring into our children’s classroom.

Under ENDA, every state, local government and business with 15 or more employees will be forced to employ and affirm she-males – including school teachers.

“The bottom line about life under ENDA is this – somewhere in America a school child who admired his teacher, Miss Pamela, is going to arrive in class one day to find that Miss Pamela is now dressed as a man and referred to as Mr. Eric – can there be any doubt about why this child would be confused and conflicted?” said TVC Executive Director Andrea Lafferty.

“Children need a stable and secure environment in which to learn. ENDA threatens that,” said Lafferty.

ENDA will have a direct impact on the right of Christian employers in hiring practices. If ENDA passes, Christian camps, Christian counselors, Christian child care, Christian bookstores, TV and radio stations would be forced by ENDA to violate their religious beliefs by hiring individuals whose behavior is in violation of their religious tenets.

ENDA pits constitutional rights of religious freedom and free speech against individuals who cross-dress or engage in dangerous sexual activities.

via TVC Launches Campaign.

True Americans should contact their members of Congress and demand the passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act this year.

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Uganda Investigated For Killing Gays And Crimes Against Humanity

The U.S. Department of State has launched an investigation into Uganda’s genocide against Gay and Lesbian people and crimes against humanity. The Ugandan governments targeted policy of killing Gays and Lesbians is being pushed by local christian death ministers but  originated in the powerful christian ministries and lobby groups based in the United States.

Since the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the discriminatory laws that targeted American Gays and Lesbians in 2003 powerful christian hate groups have worked to reintroduce the death penalty for Gays and Lesbians in America and around the globe. These christian hate groups are gaining a foot hold in the superstitious christian countries of Africa.

Not only are Gays and Lesbians being targeted for death but young children are being killed in the name of christ during exorcisms where holes are drilled into their young skulls and filed with acid. The “demonically possessed” children usually die during the christian ritual. Those surviving the christian exorcism suffer sever brain damage.

Responding to a January 12th letter from Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), the State Department said that the “Anti-homosexuality Bill, 2009” pending in the Ugandan Parliament is “a serious affront to internationally accepted human rights standards.” Senator Wyden’s letter called for a review of Uganda’s preferred trade status under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), which authorizes duty-free importation of certain goods from preferred status countries. As a condition of receiving preferred status under AGOA, a country must not be engaged in “gross violations of internationally recognized human rights.” In its letter, the State Department said that it will work closely with Congress and other stakeholders during its yearly review of AGOA eligibility.

The letter also stated that the State Department has asked all of its embassies in Africa to report on host country laws and pending legislation that criminalizes homosexuality. Moreover, it stated that the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor has established a task force on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues to strategize a U.S. response to LBGT issues worldwide. We applaud these unprecedented actions by the State Department to address international LGBT human rights violations, particularly the recent activity around criminalization of homosexuality in African nations.

via Uganda Preferred Trade Status to be Reviewed; State Department Seeks Report on Criminalization of Homosexuality in Africa « HRC Back Story.

Contact the U.S. Department of State and members of Congress to demand that “Crimes Against Humanity” charges be brought against these barbaric government officials and their christian backers. The killing of Gays, Lesbians and children by theses christian death ministers and their puppet governments must end!

Wal-Mart is a major importer of Ugandan coffee grown the blood soaked fields where Gays and Lesbians are currently being killed. Email Wal-Mart or call their media department at 1-800-331-0085 and demand that they stop selling Ugandan coffee soaked in Gay and Lesbian blood!

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Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club Selling Ugandan Coffee Grown On The Blood Of Executed Gays & Lesbians

In 2010 after several false starts, a group of pioneers labouring in different corners of Uganda’s vast farm sector achieved a major milestone placing Ugandan coffee in one of the largest storefronts in the United States…Sam’s Club

The Sam’s Club Stores are the upscale shopping front for the Wal Mart Stores- the world’s biggest retailers. These clubs are thousands of square feet of shopping real estate, 600 in total littered all over the country. Wal Mart, the parent, runs another 4,800 shopping centres. The Wal Mart “effect” on the US economy is a multiplier far beyond its $180 billion in annual sales.

For all the years of neglect and under-investment, coffee remains Uganda’s most important export. A robust coffee recovery to its 1970 levels can turn around. It is one product where Uganda enjoys a comparative advantage. It does not carry the adverse environment impacts now being felt after a short time in new economy ventures like fishing (now linked to over-fishing on Lake Victoria), flower growing whose flow of chemicals have turned parts of Lake Victoria into a cesspool, or cotton whose lint which requires a lot of chemicals to maintain quality and protection from tropical pests.

Coffee has some democratic elements to it. More than 500,000 households grow coffee. Coffee is grown at the last count in more than two thirds of Uganda’s districts. At the last count, new coffee is blooming in areas traditionally zoned for cotton like the sub regions of Acholi and Lango that, with irrigation, could turn into major coffee producers.

Uganda’s coffee does not enjoy brand visibility. Smaller coffee producers like Rwanda (about $50 million and producing one sixth of Uganda’s output) have yielded better returns in programming quality, and spending wisely on promotion in the American market. It would seem that a strategy that avoids or harms the American opportunity would be foolhardy. The American coffee market is a marketing dream. The American consumes about 1.66 coffee cups per capita.

In 2003, this proposition translated into about $6.8 billion at the sales registers. Convincing skeptical American business people that Uganda is ready for anything is a tough sell. Uganda coffee, up to this point, still shows up at the bottom of the heap in the lower grades. Savvy producers dump their worst coffee and market it as Ugandan blacks highlighting the caffeine content and low prices in ways that other coffee producers like Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya and Ethiopia would never countenance.

So as the Kill the Gays Bill publicity starts to fade– in Uganda many big things have a short shelf life– the American press continues to highlight the Kill the Gays Bill as detailed last week. It comes at a time when Sam’s Club is carrying a major first for Uganda; Uganda Mountain Coffee- a blend of three of Uganda’s best coffee(s): Bugisu AA, Okoros, and Drugars grown by farmers in Mbale, Nebbi and Kasese.

In America, we have two forms of governance: The common public sector dominated by government and elected officials and the private sector dominated by markets, private enterprise and social groups. The latter rules for the most part.

The American public first receptive to the experiment-the coffee is carried in 75 stores in more than 20 states- starts to point out that the coffee is from Uganda where the government promise execution or life in prison for private sexual conduct.

American retailers have a host of legal exposure they contend with everyday for business decisions they make. One of the rules of thumb is to drop merchandise that riles consumers and increases its exposure.

via Daily Monitor: Truth Everyday; Uganda News, Business, Travel, Sports, Elections  - Bahati Bill hurts Ugandan farmers in the US market.

Gay and Lesbian American consumers who spend billions at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club every year will not tolerate Wal-Mart’s support for the Ugandan Gay and Lesbian Death Camps.

Email Wal-Mart or call their Media Relations at 1-800-331-0085 and tell their executives you will boycott their products and protest in front of their stores carrying signs saying “Wal-Mart supports genocide against Gay and Lesbian Americans”.

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Catholic Charities Terminates Employee Benefits Rather Than Cover Gay and Lesbian Americans

Employees at Catholic Charities were told Monday that the social services organization is changing its health coverage to avoid offering benefits to same-sex partners of its workers — the latest fallout from a bitter debate between District officials trying to legalize same-sex marriage and the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington.

Starting Tuesday, Catholic Charities will not offer benefits to spouses of new employees or to spouses of current employees who are not already enrolled in the plan. A letter describing the change in health benefits was e-mailed to employees Monday, two days before same-sex marriage will become legal in the District.

“We looked at all the options and implications,” said the charity’s president, Edward J. Orzechowski. “This allows us to continue providing services, comply with the city’s new requirements and remain faithful to the church’s teaching.”

Catholic Charities, which receives $22 million from the city for social service programs, protested in the run-up to the council’s December vote to allow same-sex marriage, saying that it might not be able to continue its contracts with the city, including operating homeless shelters and facilitating city-sponsored adoptions. Being forced to recognize same-sex marriage, church officials said, could make it impossible for the church to be a city contractor because Catholic teaching opposes such unions.

After the council voted to legalize gay marriage, Catholic Charities last month transferred its foster-care program — 43 children, 35 families and seven staff members — to another provider, the National Center for Children and Families.

Orzechowski said Monday that the change in health benefits will be the last move necessary in response to the legislation.

“We do not anticipate any further changes whatsoever,” he said. “Taking the action we have on foster care and spousal we feel has addressed everything the new law requires of us.”

D.C. Council member Tommy Wells D-Ward 6, who voted to legalize same-sex marriage, said the charity had the right to change its health insurance plan.

“Catholic Charities is a private, nonprofit corporation. They can choose to provide benefits to families and spouses or not,” he said. “I hope that it’s not just a runaround to keep from doing things they should do, but it’s within their purview to decide what to offer their employees.

“The church faced two options with the approval of the new law, said Robert Tuttle, a George Washington University professor who studies the relationship between church and state. One choice was to expand the definition of domestic partner, as the Archdiocese in San Francisco did years ago, to include a parent, sibling or someone else in the household.

The second choice was to do what the Washington Archdiocese has done: eliminate benefits for all spouses.

via Same-sex marriage leads Catholic Charities to adjust benefits –

Catholic Charities has decided it is better to hurt it’s own employees rather than stop 2000 years worth of discrimination and hate by providing equal access to employee benefits for all employees…including Gays and Lesbians.

If you are a Gay or Lesbian donating money to this bigoted organization stop. Catholic Charities wants the Gay and Lesbian community eliminated. If you live in a city that donates money to Catholic Charities call your representative and demand that your tax dollars stop funding a group that seeks genocide against Gay and Lesbian Americans!

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About 5% of youths are gay. If the 30% figure is accurate then their suicide rate is up to six times greater than the general youth population. Using this data, it appears that homophobia, largely maintained by conservative and mainline Christian churches, is responsible for deaths of young gays and lesbians in the United States at a rate greater than the church exterminated "witches" during the late Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Christian Hate Groups

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