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Teenage Gang Attempts To Burn Gay Man In Duluth, Minnesota

Christian Teens Burn Gay Man

Max Pelofske, 21, of Duluth was attacked and nearly burned to death by a group of Minnesota teens Saturday night. After confirming that the victim was Gay the gang beat Pelofske then attempted to kill him by throwing his body onto a roaring fire.

“He told me to look him in the eyes, and I was really confused because I’d never seen the guy before,” Pelofske told the News Tribune. “He asked me: ‘Are you gay?’ And I said, ‘Yes. Is that OK?’ ”

After that, Pelofske said he was struck in the head by a flying beer can, and a crowd of boys surrounded him, threw him to the ground and began punching and kicking him.

“I tried to get up, but I kept getting knocked back down,” said Pelofske, who described his alleged assailants as “all laughing and smiling.”

“They were trying to throw me into the fire,” he said.

Johnson said at least nine boys were involved in the attack.

via Two arrested after alleged beating of gay man | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota.

Two of the teenage boys have been taken into custody pending charges. The other seven are still free to terrorize Gays and Lesbians in Duluth.

Obviously these teens were following the teaching of the christian bible which demands Gays to be put to death. Recently several prominent church leaders have called on their christian congregations to beat Gays and Lesbians some ministers even lobbying congress for the detainment of Gay and Lesbian Americans in Nazi style concentration camps.

The past several years has seen a rash of arson attacks and increased violence against Gays and Lesbians in America as christian churches ramp up the anti-Gay hate rhetoric.  Some christian ministers have gone so far as to call for a civil war to keep the “dirty homo” in his place.

All violence and discrimination against Gays and Lesbians in the United States is rooted in the teaching of the christian church. No other institution in this country, outside of islam, calls for the execution and imprisonment of homosexuals. Between 70 and 80 percent of people in this country have chosen the christian religion.  Although a few sects within the christian church tepidly support Gay and Lesbian Americans they refuse to challenge the wildly popular hate teaching pushed by mainstream christian leadership.

Those who choose to follow the christian faith need to remember that every accredited medical, psychological and scientific organization in the United States agrees that homosexuality and heterosexuality are both normal, natural and unchangeable sexual orientations. Approximately 10% of the human population is born homosexual, this percentage has remained unchanged throughout our history. Homosexuality is a necessary variable in the evolution of the human species and advancement of society.

As Gay and Lesbian Americans continue the advances in securing equality across this country, our community should expect more attacks from followers of the christian faith. Christianity has a 2000 year history of directed violence and discrimination against Gays and Lesbians, these acts of hatred often included burning homosexuals.

We cannot expect this animosity to disappear anytime soon, especially with christian leaders calling for more attacks. We can however protect ourselves and our families from the brutality.

Every Gay and Lesbian American has the same 2nd Amendment right to own a gun and defend their family that christians so often tout. Buy a gun, carry the weapon and understand the laws around the use of lethal force in your state. If Max Pelofske had been carrying a small easily concealed .22 pistol in pocket of his A&F cargo shorts he would not have been a victim.

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Lesbian Couple Refused Insurance After Home Destroyed By Arson

Lesbian couple stand in the ruins of their home after arson attack, the word "Queers" spray painted on the garage in the background. Insurance company refuses to pay on hate crime against homosexuals.

On the night of September 4th 2010 a homophobic christian neighbor burned Carol Ann and Laura Stutte’s dream home to the ground. After five months the Tennessee officials investigating the arson have yet to charge anyone and the American National Property and Casualty Insurance company is refusing to pay on the couples claim until the investigation is complete.

Returning from Nashville where Carol Ann and Laura celebrated their anniversary they found a pile of rubble where their dream home once stood.

Despite numerous police reports documenting a neighbor that had threatened to burn down their home and who repeatedly told them the “…only thing better than one dead queer was two dead queers…” no arrests have been made.

The Stutte home had no gas service and was all electric. Even with witness reports of two explosions and a fireball that could be seen above the treeline, that all waterhoses on the property had been cut and that “QUEER” had been painted on their garage the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, Tennessee Bureau of

Investigation and FBI have yet to rule the fire as an arson.

What is even more disturbing is that the Stutte’s insurance company, American National Property and Casualty has yet to pay a dime to the Stutte family even though they had purchased coverage to provide them habitation and living expenses in the case of such a loss.

via Their American Dream.

It is not surprising that the Tennessee officials are dragging their feet on the investigation. Tennessee does not include Gays and Lesbians in their states hate crimes statutes and has recently introduced legislation that would imprison teachers for discussing homosexuality in schools.

Even more disturbing is the institutionalized homophobia of the insurance industry. Like many homeowners, the Stutte’s had opted for additional coverage in case of total loss.  This additional coverage would provide for housing as well as living expenses until the claim was settled. Five months later American National Property and Causality has not paid a single penny on the claim.

If a straight African American couple had their home burned by the christian klan an insurance agent would be at the door with a check the next day. If a straight Jewish couple were burned out by a local group of Neo-Nazi’s they would have already rebuilt.

The hate filled attitude of “we don’t want no faggots in our neighborhood” is spreading as our community scores civil rights victories. Recently there has been a rash of arson attacks and increased violence against Gays and Lesbians in America as christian churches ramp up the anti-Gay hate rhetoric.  Some christian ministers have gone so far as to call for a civil war to keep the “dirty homo” in his place.

Gays and Lesbians have the same right to the American Dream as anyone else.  Watch the video and tell me what you would do if this were your home.

When they come to burn your family out of the neighborhood will you be ready? Nothing stops a crazed christian arsonist faster than a bullet to the head. Arm yourself and protect your family.

Sign the petition and stand up against the institutionalized bigotry against Gays and Lesbians in the insurance industry.

Petitions by|Start a Petition »

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Hawaii’s Governor Signs Civil Unions Bill For Gays and Lesbians

Civil Unions Pass In Hawaii

In 1998 Hawaii adopted the nations first discriminatory marriage amendment stating that marriage can only be recognized between one man and one woman. Hawaii’s amendment launched christian conservatives in states around the country into an orgy of self indulgent bigotry where “traditional marriage” had to be protected from the evil homosexual.

Today Hawaii helped erase some of that hate and bigotry by enacting civil unions for Gays and Lesbians in the state. The passage of this legislation grants same-sex couples the same rights and responsibilities as “traditionally married” couples.

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie has signed same-sex civil unions into law, granting gay and lesbian couples the same state rights as married partners.

Civil unions in the Rainbow State would start Jan. 1, 2012, making Hawaii the seventh state to permit civil unions or similar legal recognitions for gay couples. Five other states and the District of Columbia allow same-sex marriage.

The new law comes after 20 years of court fights, protest rallies and passionate public debate in a state that has long been a gay rights battleground.

via Hawaii’s governor signs civil unions into law | Top AP Stories | – Houston Chronicle.

The passage of the civil unions bill does not remove the discriminatory 1998 marriage amendment but does go a long way to helping Gay and Lesbian families realize the protections that “traditionally married” couples take for granted.

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Gay Man Defending Himself From Attack Outside DC Gay Bar Charged With Hate Crime

Don't Call A Gay Man A "Faggot", He Will Put You Down

Kevin “Jaden” Perry, a Washington D.C. resident and member of the Radical Faeries, was called a “faggot” and violently threatened after leaving JR’s Bar on Sunday night. Rather than ignore the slur and move on, Perry defended himself and confronted the bigot.

Apparently in our nations capitol “faggots” are not allowed to defend themselves as Perry was arrested and charged with a hate crime!

Perry and two friends who were with him dispute the allegations, saying the panhandler started the incident by calling Perry a faggot and raising his fists near Perry’s face when Perry refused the man’s request for money.

“I called him out for calling me a faggot,” he said. “I was on 17th Street on a gay street and I just wasn’t going to take that.”

A police reported filed in court, based on accounts by the panhandler and an unidentified witness, quotes Perry as calling the panhandler a “faggot” at the time Perry allegedly assaulted him.

“I will kill you. You’re a faggot,” the report quotes Perry as saying. “I’m a real faggot, bitch. You don’t want to fuck with a real faggot, bitch. I will fucking kill you.”

“There’s been a lot of gay bashings in this city, and we seem to get attacked because we come across as weak. And now when someone stands up for himself he gets accused of a crime. This is just insane.”

via Gay man charged with ‘hate crime’ outside JR.’s : Washington Blade – Gay News.

Kevin “Jaden” Perry is my new hero.

If you were to walk up to a group of black men leaving a club and call them “niggers” you would rightfully get beaten into the ground. The term “faggot” like the term “nigger” is an unacceptable slur against a minority group and it’s usage should be aggressively discouraged.

It is not acceptable to call a Gay man a “faggot”.  As more Gay Americans start reacting like Jaden Perry did to the unacceptable homophobic slurs and violence directed at our community the number of hate incidents will start to decline.

Bullies and homophobes do not react to reason or candlelight vigils for peace. If someone calls you a “faggot” you put them on the ground. By the way, the chain Perry used to beat the homophobe with was part of his “leather drag”, clever and effective.

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Florida Governor Issues Executive Order Excluding Gays & Lesbians From Discrimination Protections

Florida Governor Refuses To Protect Gay Citizens

With the blood barely dry under the four Gay Florida residents executed in December, the newly sworn Governor, Rick Scott, sent a clear message to our community by excluding sexual orientation from states discrimination policies in one of his first Executive Orders.

Rick Scott has been sworn in as Florida’s 45th Governor following a prayer breakfast on the 4th day of the new year. He also swore in his new Lt. Governor, Carroll, who happens to be the first African American Lt. Governor our state has ever seen. But then he issued a handful of Executive Orders which immediately set the tone for his new career.

EO 11-04, addresses non-discrimination policies to the extent of only race, gender, creed, color and national origin.

“Governor Scott did not even include all of the classifications listed in the Florida Civil Rights Act — let alone sexual orientation and gender identity,” said Rand Hoch. As President and founder of the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council, Hoch has become a familiar voice on behalf of equality issues in South Florida. He called Scott’s view of diversity “limited and very discouraging” according to an article by Steve Rothaus with the Miami Herald.

By ignoring the categories of “handicap” or “marital status” in his new non-discrimination policy, Scott has actually managed to add discrimination to the Florida Government policies which was not previously there. Those two categories are protected by Florida Law under our Civil Rights Act and many advocacy groups have been working tirelessly to add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the language as well.

via New Governor Already Discriminating Against LGBTs and Other Groups |

Florida has nearly 2 million tax paying Gay and Lesbian residents. Their lives are now in jeopardy because the new Governor made it clear that the state does not value them as people and won’t protect them against persecution and violence.

If you are a Gay or Lesbian American choosing to stay in Florida I would recommend tighter home security and a gun. The State of Florida may not protect you but a Glock 9mm will. Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law allows citizens to use deadly force in their home or public place to defend themselves if they believe they are in danger of death or great bodily harm.

Gays and Lesbians planning a trip to Florida may want to reconsider. Our community should not be supporting a state that encourages it’s residents and police force to violently abuse Gay and Lesbian Americans. In Florida that Pride sticker on the back of your Prius could get you executed.

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New Study Shows Homosexual/Heterosexual Love Identical In Brain

Gays, Lesbians, Straights All Love The Same

A recently release study of brain patterns related to love shows that homosexual and heterosexual couples react identically to photos of their desired partner. More proof that sexual orientation is ingrained at birth.

Romantic love lights up the same brain regions of lovers, whether they’re heterosexual or homosexual or male or female, a new study indicates.

Pictures from functional magnetic resonance imaging scans (fMRIs) show similar activity in cortical and sub-cortical brain regions when lovers, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, see images of their romantic partners, according to researchers at University College London.

These regions are known to be rich in dopaminergic activity. And dopamine, the scientists point out, is the so-called “feel good” neurotransmitter.

Serotonin is thought to be important in regulating emotional relationships as well as in bonding between individuals.

Semir Zeki, a professor in the University College London’s Wellcome Trust Center for Neuroimaging, and John Romaya, a senior programmer, scanned the brains of 24 volunteers as they viewed pictures of their romantic partners.

The participants also looked at pictures of friends of the same sex as their lovers, but to whom they were not attracted.

While some brain regions showed increased activity when lovers viewed images of romantic partners, others shut down, such as parts of the temporal, parietal, and frontal cortex, which are thought to be important in judgment.

That finding lends credence to the adage that “love is blind,” says Zeki.

Half of the volunteers were males, half females, and six of each sex were homosexual and the other six heterosexual. And all told the researchers they were passionately in love with their partners.

The participants ranged in age from 19 to 47, and relationship lengths ranged from four months to 23 years.

All were asked to rate their feelings toward their romantic partners before and again after scanning, and to declare their sexual orientation in groups ranging from exclusively heterosexual to exclusively homosexual.

Visual Impact

“Passionate romantic love is commonly triggered by a visual input and is an all-consuming and disorienting state,” Zeki says in a news release. “Previous studies have demonstrated that despite the complexity of this emotion, the brain patterns triggered when viewing the face of someone you’re in love with are limited to only a few, though richly-connected brain regions.”

Zeki says the study was influenced by a reading of world literature about love, including works by Shakespeare, Plato, and Dante. Their writings describe similar sentiments whether in the context of opposite sex or same sex relationships.

All volunteers provided six to eight picture portraits of their lovers and also portraits of other friends of the same sex about two weeks prior to undergoing their fMRI scans.

via How to Know You’re in Love? Brain Scans Tell All.

Gay men naturally fall in love with other Gay men. Lesbians naturally fall in love with other Lesbians. Heterosexuals naturally fall in love with other heterosexuals. This is the way nature intended our species to interact.

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America’s Founding Fathers Only Wanted Straight White Males In Military

General Washington Only Wanted Straight White Males

One of my favorite arguments against the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is that the founding fathers of the United States were against Gays and Lesbians serving in the military.

To the case that Barack Obama makes for radically altering the standard of operations for military service, the President stands in complete opposition to the belief system of the founding fathers and the traditional standards of this country. How far is the gap between the value system that guides the current President on the issue of homosexuality in the military than that of the founding fathers?

So while the Continental army was in the fight of its life and the projection of victory was unsure at best, George Washington found it of utmost importance to place high value on personal conduct within the military ranks. To maintain the dignity and the cohesion of the fighting force, Washington went beyond forbidding homosexuality within the ranks; he aggressively punished it. The reasoning behind Washington’s strong opposition to sodomy and other homosexual acts in the military was based in part to biblical values that repetitiously and without the slightest bit of ambiguity state that homosexuality is a sin and an abomination to God. Additionally, Washington, as well as other military leaders, understood the disruptive and demoralizing effects of promoting the homosexual lifestyle within the close confines of military duty. In other words, Washington had a very different vision from Obama’s on the ideals that the military fight to defend.

via » Ibbetson: The Repeal of DADT – To March or to Sashay into the Future? Commentary.

They fail to mention that our founding fathers were also against women and blacks serving in the military. You see, the founding fathers of the United States viewed women and blacks as property. They were somewhat of a sexist and bigoted group.

Black males were given the right to vote by the 14th Amendment in 1868  but were not allowed to serve “openly” in the military until full integration in 1948.

Women were given the right to vote by the 19th Amendment in 1920 but are still fighting for full integration into the military.

Interesting side note:

Following the ratification of the Constitution, only white male adult property owners were allowed to vote. This accounted for only about 16 percent of the population of the United States. In addition, until 1810, there were numerous religious prerequisites for voting. Depending on the community, certain religious factions could not participate in elections.

via Voting Rights |

Many of our founding fathers subscribed to the same religious bigotry that has terrorized minorities throughout human history. Fortunately for the minority groups in the United States we are slowing conquering those prejudices.

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Obama Signs Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal

Marines Celebrate Repeal Of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Today marks a great milestone in the struggle for Gay and Lesbian equality in the United States. President Obama signed the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal legislation this morning in front of a cheering crowd of American soldiers and equality advocates.

Declaring that members of the military will no longer be asked to lie, President Barack Obama fulfilled a campaign promise Wednesday and signed a landmark law repealing the ban on gay men and women serving openly in the armed services.

“This is a good day,” a beaming Obama said. “This is a very good day.”

“As one Special Operations warfighter said during the Pentagon review [...] ‘We have a gay guy in the unit. He’s big, he’s mean, he kills lots of bad guys. No one cared that he was gay.’ And I think that sums up perfectly the situation,” Obama said in remarks preceding the signing.

via Obama signs repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ – Politics – White House –

Gay and Lesbian Americans demand the same rights and respect as every other person in the United States. Bigotry and homophobia are a cancer destroying America’s greatness.  The days of unjust discrimination against someone for being born differently are coming to an end in this country.

The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell not only strengthens America’s military might, it upholds our greatest American value…freedom from oppression.

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Christian Group Urges Soldiers To Obey God’s Law Before Man’s Law

Happy SoldierThe time has come for christians to stop projecting their bigotry and homophobia onto the honorable men and women serving in the United States military. The American armed forces are not the militant wing of the church and our soldiers have flatly reject the institutionalized hatred pushed by christian leadership.

A recent study conducted by congress determine that not only were American service members accepting of the Gay and Lesbian soldiers serving with them but the vast majority saw no threat in allowing those soldiers to serve openly. Obviously the United States military is not the bed of intolerance and hate christian organization portray it as.

In the wake of Saturday’s Senate vote to repeal the military’s ban against open homosexual expression in the military, a conservative legal group is warning that the religious liberty of Christian chaplains and Service members may be in jeopardy.

…The [christian] legal group, Alliance Defense Fund, issued a statement after the vote saying “The Senate’s cave-in to pressure from activists to impose homosexual behavior on our military will place our troops religious liberties in unprecedented jeopardy. Indeed, the first official casualty of this hurried vote may well be the religious freedom of chaplains and Service members.” ADF Litigation Counsel, Daniel Blomberg, went on to say ” no Americans, and especially not our troops, should be forced to abandon their religious beliefs.”

The ADF says it stands ready to defend Service members if they are ever unconstitutionally required to choose between “serving their country or obeying their God as a result of this damaging policy decision.”

via An end to religious liberty in U.S. military? ( WARNING – LINK ASSOCIATED WITH REGISTERED HATE GROUP

If your religious beliefs are in conflict with your duty to protect and defend all the citizens of the United States you should not be a soldier.  As a chaplain you are a soldier first. If you choose to place “gods law” above the Constitutional Laws of the United States and harm Gay and Lesbian soldiers or American citizens you will be imprisoned for a very long time.

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Pink Pistols – Protect Yourself

Equality By The Numbers

Currently 18 states protect Gays and Lesbians in housing and public accommodations.

Currently 20 states protect Gays and Lesbians against employment discrimination.

Currently 12 states protect Gay and Lesbian youth from bullying in school

Currently 12 states grant equality for same sex couples in adoption

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Christian Hate Kills

According to a US Health and Human Services report:

"gay adolescents were two to three times more likely than peers to attempt suicide, accounting for as many as 30% of completed youth suicides each year....26% percent of gay youth are forced to leave home because of conflicts with their families over their sexual identities. Up to half engage in prostitution to support themselves, greatly increasing their risk for HIV infection."

About 5% of youths are gay. If the 30% figure is accurate then their suicide rate is up to six times greater than the general youth population. Using this data, it appears that homophobia, largely maintained by conservative and mainline Christian churches, is responsible for deaths of young gays and lesbians in the United States at a rate greater than the church exterminated "witches" during the late Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Christian Hate Groups

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Report christian terror activity in your area directly to the FBI Terrorism Tips Line or call the FBI at 1-800-225-5324.

Do not contact your local law enforcement agencies. As was demonstrated with the christian klan many times local law enforcement officers are members of the terror group.

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