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Christian Minister Demands Congress Build Concentration Camps, Calls for Genocide Against Gay & Lesbian Americans

Pastor Worley's "pukin sick" at the thought of men kissing

Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, North Carolina  is demanding that Congress build concentration camps to hold Gays and Lesbians until they die. Speaking on Marriage Equality and the right of Gay and Lesbian Americans to exist in the United States the pastor told the baptist congregation of his final solution to the homosexual problem in this country.

The bible’s aginit, god’s aginit, I’m aginit and if you gots any sense you’re aginit! I figured a way out to get rid of all of them, the lesbians and queers, but I couldn’t get it passed the congress. Build a great big large fence 150 to a 100 miles long and put all the lesbians in there…do the same thing with the queers and the homosexuals. Have that fence electrified so they can’t get out. And you know what, in a few years they’ll die off cause they can’t reproduce!

According to most christians one of the central tenets of their faith is that Gays and Lesbians should be put to death for loving someone of the same gender. Christian leadership claims that being Gay or Lesbian is a sinful and unnatural lifestyle choice that should be punished with forfeiture of life. Of course if it was that simple the christian church would have eliminated all Gays and Lesbians centuries ago.

This central concept of the christian faith stands in direct opposition to the overwhelming modern scientific evidence which clearly shows both homosexuality and heterosexuality as normal, natural and unchangeable sexual orientations.  Both are necessary elements critical to human evolution.

The same United States Constitution that allows Pastor Worley of the Providence Road Baptist Church to call for genocide against Gay and Lesbian Americans gives Gay and Lesbian Americans the right to own a gun and protect their family.  Do not go quietly to the Compassionate Christian Concentration Camps.

WARNING: The following video, produced by the Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, North Carolina, calls for violence against Gay and Lesbian Americans and should not be viewed by children.

Do not approach any member of the Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, North Carolina. They should be considered a dangerous christian terror group. This christian church has been reported to the to the FBI Terrorism Tips Line.

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North Carolina Pastor Sean Harris Directs Christian Congregation To Beat Gay & Lesbian Children – Local School Threatened

The christian church has upped the ante in its war to exterminate Gay and Lesbian Americans.

Senior pastor Sean Harris of the Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina has urged his christian congregation to violently beat any children they perceive as Gay or Lesbian. Pastor Harris even went so far as granting a special dispensation to his christian membership if they beat a Gay or Lesbian child.

Dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp wrist, you walk over there and crack that wrist. Man up. Give him a good punch. Ok? You are not going to act like that. You were made by God to be a male and you are going to be a male. And when your daughter starts acting too butch, you reign [sic] her in. And you say, ‘Oh, no, sweetheart. You can play sports. Play them to the glory of God. But sometimes you are going to act like a girl and walk like a girl and talk like a girl and smell like a girl and that means you are going to be beautiful. You are going to be attractive. You are going to dress yourself up.’”

via North Carolina Pastor Sean Harris: Parents Should ‘Punch’ Their Gay-Acting Children AUDIO.

Even more terrifying is that the Berean Baptist Church sits next to the Montclair Elementary School. Seeing that pastor Sean Harris directly threatened school age children with violence and encouraged his congregation to physically abuse young Gays and Lesbians special precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of the students.

1. The court must issue a restraining order forbidding pastor Sean Harris or any member of the Berean Baptist Church from entering the school grounds or approaching the children.

2. Montclair Elementary School must add extra security to protect the children from pastor Sean Harris or any member of the Berean Baptist Church.

3. Teachers and administrators at the Montclair Elementary School should be advised to closely monitor any children whose parents attend the Berean Baptist Church for signs of physical abuse.

4. Background checks must be executed on the teachers and administrators at Montclair Elementary School to remove any member of the Berean Baptist Church from positions which interact with children.

5. A notice must be sent to the parents of all students attending Montclair Elementary School urging caution when picking up or dropping off their children.

I would recommend not approaching the Berean Baptist Church. This christian pastor and his congregation clearly are targeting Gay and Lesbian Americans with violence and even death. Sad that christianity is now using violence against children as a valid tactic in their holy war against the Gay and Lesbian community.  Christians need to understand that beating Gay and Lesbian children will not make them straight.

Every accredited medical, psychological and scientific institution in the United States agrees that homosexuality and heterosexuality are both normal, natural and unchangeable sexual orientations.  The christian church’s targeting of Gay and Lesbian youth with violence for being born differently is vile and unAmerican!

Report christian terror activity in your area directly to the FBI Terrorism Tips Line or call the FBI at 1-800-225-5324.

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Ex-Gay Ministry Destroys More Lives – Reparative Therapy Pastor Rapes 8 Young Men

Ex-Gay Minister Molests Boys

Youth pastor, Brent Girouex, of the Victory Fellowship Church in Council Bluffs Iowa has been arrested for molesting at least 8 men aged 14 to 23 while trying to cure them of their same sex sexual attractions.

A former youth pastor arrested in Iowa on 60 counts of suspicion of sexual exploitation allegedly told teenage boys he was trying to help them gain “sexual purity in the eyes of God.”

Thirty-one-year-old Brent Girouex, a former youth pastor at Victory Fellowship Church in Council Bluffs, turned himself in to the police in February after four young men came forward with allegations against him, The Daily Nonpareil reported.

Girouex has been released on a $30,000 bond and is due back in court on April 21. If found guilty, he faces up to five years on each charge.

Court documents show Girouex told investigators he had sexual contact with a teenage boy 25 to 50 times over a four-year period, starting when the boy was 14-years-old. He allegedly told investigators that it was his duty as a youth pastor “to help [the teen] with homosexual urges by praying while he had sexual contact with him.”

via Youth pastor sexually exploited teens to ‘help them gain purity’ | The Raw Story.

The ex-Gay movement has destroyed the lives of these young men. If their pastor would have told them the truth, that sexual orientation can not be changed, they would have lived happy productive lives. Now they are forever sexually scarred by an ex-Gay christian ministry and the pastor who could not himself change his sexual orientation.

How many children have been raped by these Exodus International inspired christian pastors. You cannot pray the Gay away.

Every accredited medical, psychological and scientific institution in the United States agrees that homosexuality and heterosexuality are both normal, natural and unchangeable sexual orientations.

Forcing children into the dangerous world of the ex-Gay reparative therapy ministry can result in your child being raped.

There has been one unbiased, scientific peer reviewed study on the success rate of reparative therapy.

Ariel Shidlo and Michael Schroeder found in “Changing Sexual Orientation: A Consumer’s Report”, a peer-reviewed study published in 2002, that 88% of participants failed to achieve a sustained change in their sexual behavior and 3% reported changing their orientation to heterosexual.

The remainder reported either losing all sexual drive or attempting to remain celibate, with no change in attraction. Some of the participants who failed felt a sense of shame and had gone through conversion therapy programs for many years. Others who failed believed that therapy was worthwhile and valuable.

Shidlo and Schroeder also reported that many respondents were harmed by the attempt to change. Of the 8 respondents (out of a sample of 202) who reported a change in sexual orientation, 7 worked as ex-gay counselors or group leaders.

In other words the only people claiming that reparative therapy works are the people making money off the ex-Gay movement. Do not trust your children to these men of religion claiming to cure the homosexual. More often than not they are simply using their position to molest the children brought to them for help.


The Home Survivalist’s Handbook offers practical survival advice without the preachy end of world fear mongering.   The Home Survivalist’s Handbook is an informative guide for Gays and Lesbians who love city living but want to be prepared for anything nature or man throws their way!  Written by a Gay man, The Home Survivalist’s Handbook is a must have survival guide for Gays and Lesbians.

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Bieber Bigot: The Hate Filled Tool Of Christianity

Justin Bieber Preaches His Intolerance And Hate To Influential Youth

Fundamentalist christians are using 16 year old Justin Bieber to spread their hate filled message and recruit young teenage girls. Bieber and his christian handlers are using his pulpit of popularity to advance an agenda that dismantles womens rights and denies Gays and Lesbians equality.

Bieber, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, claimed that women were raped for a reason and that homosexuality was a choice.  (Note that this is NOT the Rolling Stone tabloid which published pictures of prominent Ugandan Gay and Lesbian citizens and called for their execution, but rather the U.S. based music magazine. Although it appears that Bieber would be comfortable in either venue from his comments.)

Fresh from winning a Brit award, teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber has suggested that homosexuality is a choice and that abortion is wrong even when pregnancy is caused by rape.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, he appeared to label homosexuality as a choice rather than something that is uncontrollable.

He also spoke out against abortion even when pregnancy is caused by rape, saying “everything happens for a reason.”

via Justin Bieber: being gay is a decision and abortion is wrong – Pink News.

Bieber needs to remember that in the United States woman have the right to drive, vote and plan their family as they see fit. The right of women to terminate unwanted pregnancies is the cornerstone of reproductive rights and gives women complete control over their bodies.

Additionally, people do not choose their sexual orientation. Every accredited medical, psychological and scientific institution in the United States agrees that homosexuality and heterosexuality are both normal, natural and unchangeable sexual orientations.

Parents need to remember that hate messaging wrapped in an adorable package is still hate messaging…

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Prostate Offers Proof That Homosexuality Is Natural

The Prostate Is Designed For Gay Love

If homosexuality is not natural then why did nature create pleasure spots only enjoyable during Gay sex?

Take the straightest man in America and massage his prostate. His penis becomes erect, his body experiences pleasure and he eventually ejaculates. Why would nature create a spot inside the male anal cavity that when stimulated by rubbing a penis over it causes intense pleasure for both sexual partners if it didn’t intend Gay men to use it?

Prostate: A gland in men about the size of a walnut. It lies underneath the bladder and against the rectal wall. It provides most of the ejaculatory fluid in semen. Stimulation during anal sex results in sexual pleasure.

via Sexual and Reproductive Health Glossary P-Q-R | Sexual Health Centre Lunenburg County.

Here is a common argument you often see made against marriage equality. Nature created a man and a woman with specific parts that fit together. The parts on two men do not fit together. Then they usually demonstrate by bumping the ends of their index fingers together and muttering something about Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

Those same groups would argue that nature made heterosexual sex pleasurable for both parties to encourage reproduction. The purpose of sex is reproduction and pleasure is the reward for the procreative act. Though, sex purely for the sake of pleasure should be vehemently discouraged.

But if reproduction is the only reason to have sex why create a male pleasure spot inside the anus that can only be stimulated by the insertion of a penis. Obviously nature wants all of her creations to experience sexual pleasure even when reproduction is not the prime purpose.

For those who would argue that the anus is a filthy and unclean orifice let me remind you that the mouth is one of the most bacteria ridden placed on the body and kissing is a natural greeting in most parts of the world.  Plus the filthy mouth is commonly utilized in oral sex. The vagina bleeds once a month and is a breeding ground for infections, yet it is considered the natural place for the penis. The anus is just one of three dirty holes nature created for sex, no more an evil demon than the other two.

So again, if anal sex between Gay men is unnatural then why would nature go to all the trouble of creating a perfectly placed prostate gland that delivers pleasure to the man on the receiving end anal sex. Wouldn’t it make more sense for nature, evolution or a vengeful god for that matter, to create a prostate that cannot be stimulated or better yet one that causes pain, when probed by a penis, if it didn’t want Gay men enjoying anal sex.

The sexual pleasure experienced when massaging the prostate is a specific evolutionary construct designed to make anal sex enjoyable for both homosexual partners, it serves no other purpose. Nature created homosexuals and the specific body parts necessary for them to enjoy sex.

If you don’t believe me try it yourself. Tonight, after the wife falls asleep, sneak off to the bathroom and manually massage your prostate gland. It cannot make you Gay if you are worried about that kinda thing, but it will give you proof that nature loves homosexuals just as much as heterosexuals.

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Minister Demands Christians Be Given Minority Class Status To Protect Against The Violent Homosexual

Christians Expressing Traditional Family Values

Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr., Founder and President of STAND - Staying True to America’s National Destiny claims that homosexuals are attacking the church and that christians need to be made a protected minority class to save it from the violence perpetrated by Gays and Lesbians.

The Bishop further claims that support for the traditional family is not an attack on homosexuality. “When we do programs to support the family, we are not thinking about homosexuality, but for homosexuals, any endorsement of the family as God ordained it is an attack on them. It demonstrates their paranoid obsession with getting the society to endorse their lifestyle and silencing those who won’t.”

Bishop Jackson is calling on Christians and fair minded Americans to “Buycott Chik-Fil-A.” “Go out of your way to patronize this fine business. They have a right to support whomever they wish without being persecuted for their Christian faith and values.” Jackson suggests, “The bigotry is so virulent that it may be time to make Christians a protected class. Right now “Christo-phobia” and “Biblo-phobia” are at such a fever pitch among leftists and homosexual activists, and they need to be stopped before they get carried away in their zeal and do bodily harm to someone. Once again we must remind them our Constitution says, “freedom of religion” and not “freedom from religion.”

via Prominent Black Minister Accuses Homosexual Activists of Anti-Christian Bigotry and Hatred Says Chik-Fil-A Attack is Tip of the Iceberg – Christian Newswire.

Christians were made a protected minority class with “special rights and privileges” by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Really, the good Bishop should have know this.

There are nearly 14 hate crimes committed against Gays and Lesbians each day in America because of the teaching of the christian church. There are absolutely no hate crimes committed against christian because of Gays and Lesbians.

The simple fact is that the christian church and its push to maintain legal discrimination against Gays and Lesbians is the sole cause of violence against our community in the United States. Studies have also linked the homophobic teachings of the christian church to increased health problems and slightly shorter life span in Gay and Lesbian Americans.

Not only that, American ministers are lobbying governments around the globe and in the United States to allow christians to execute Gays and Lesbians in accordance with biblical law. Many of these christian leaders are today having a prayer breakfast with President Obama.

Uganda is on the verge of passing legislation crafted by ministries based in the United States that not only condemns Gays and Lesbians to death but jails any person not reporting homosexuals to the authorities.

Parents will be legally forced to turn their Gay or Lesbian child over to the government for execution or face jail time. How’s that for traditional values!

Remember the very same bible that was used to justify the ban on interracial marriage and discrimination against African Americans is used today to justify the ban on same-sex marriage and discrimination against Gay and Lesbian Americans. It was bigotry and hate then and it is bigotry and hate now.

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Study Links Homophobia and Bullying To Gay and Lesbian Health Problems

Gay and Lesbian Health Problems Caused By Homophobia Not Love

A first of it’s kind study conducted at Montreal’s Concordia University shows a direct link between homophobia/bullying and the higher rate of health problems experienced in the Gay and Lesbian community. The study conducted by Michael Benibgui explains why homosexuals tend to have more health problems and a slightly shorter life expectancy.

Being bullied for being gay or lesbian can cause a hormonal disruption that is known to increase suicide rates, memory loss, cardiovascular problems and bone-density depletion, a study from Montreal’s Concordia University shows.

“This shows that homophobia is bad for your health,” said the study’s author, graduate student Michael Benibgui.

The newly released study is the first to show a biological link between homophobic bullying and long-lasting physical and psychological conditions, he said.

The results showed that victims of homophobia had disruptions in their output of cortisol, a hormone released in the brain as a response to stress. Normally, cortisol levels are highest in the morning and lowest in the evening, but those facing homophobic bullying consistently produced higher levels throughout the day, Benibgui said.

via ‘Homophobia is bad for your health’: Study.

Organizations that promote homophobia and bullying are directly responsible for the negative health consequences often associated with being Gay or Lesbian. Many of these anti-Gay organizations actually cite our communities health problems as a method of promoting more homophobia.

Homophobic christian messaging and school bullying are killing Gay and Lesbian Americans and it must be stopped.

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Bear Meat Makes The Best Body Heat

For Warmth There Is Nothing Better Than A Big Hairy Bear

A massive winter storm of biblical proportions is threatening 100 million Americans in the midwest with subzero temperatures, freezing rain and blizzard like conditions.  Personally I blame the Gays!

Blizzard, winter storm and freezing rain warnings were issued for more than 25 states, from North Dakota and Colorado down to New Mexico, then up through Texas, Kansas and Missouri to the Great Lakes region and across Pennsylvania to New England.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) urged residents to prepare in earnest for the fury of the storm as it barrels eastward across the country.

“A storm of this size and scope needs to be taken seriously,” said FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate, who warned that “it’s critical that the public does its part to get ready.”

via Storm threatens 100 million in US with snow, ice, cold | Raw Story.

Hopefully you have already stocked piled some food and water plus prepared a backup heat source that doesn’t involve burning the dining room table in the hibachi.

A wood stove or wood burning fireplace is the ultimate backup heat source. Even if you don’t have a huge wood supply there is always stuff around the house to burn. You should not rely on a natural gas fireplace for backup heat as the gas supply could easily be disrupted in an emergency. A small propane or kerosene heater will do the job as long as you have enough fuel and can crack a window to vent the fumes.

If you lose power and do not have a backup heat source gather everyone together in a small room preferably with a south facing window. The sun streaming in a window will easily warm a room even if it is below zero outside. At night bundle everyone under as many blankets as possible, this is where that body heat comes in handy. The more people the more heat so don’t be shy about inviting your big hairy neighbors over.

Be sure to include the dogs and cats. Your pets produce a lot of body heat, plus get pissy when left in the cold.

Speaking of pissy, more than likely your plumbing will freeze. Rather than running outside when nature calls then needing to warm back up, use a honey bucket placed in the corner of the room. A honey bucket is simply a 5 gallon bucket with a snap lid toilet seat on top. If you don’t have a fancy lid improvise with a couple of short 2 x 4′s placed across the top. If you have some kitty litter available sprinkle some in after each use, this kills the smell.

Those skinny little shaved gym rats have their uses…somebody has to go pick up my bag of double cheese burgers from McDonalds. But if you want to survive Snowpocalypse 2011 you will need as many big meaty men as possible under the covers keeping you warm.

Play Safe and Stay Warm

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President Obama Issues Statement On Ugandan Gay Activist Executed By Christians

Christian Mob In Uganda Hunts Gays And Lesbians

David Kato, a leading Gay rights activist in Uganda, was executed in his Kampala home Wednesday at the urging of American christian ministries.

Prominent christiain ministers based in the United States have worked tirelessly for the past couple of years to get legislation passed in Uganda that would round up and executes Gays and Lesbians. Apparently the Ugandan christians were unwilling to wait for the legally sanctioned genocide and acted without government support.

President Obama today issued a statement condemning the execution of David Kato and recommitted the United States to work towards equality for Gay and Lesbian people in countries around the world.

I am deeply saddened to learn of the murder of David Kato. In Uganda, David showed tremendous LGBT activist David Kato of Uganda courage in speaking out against hate. He was a powerful advocate for fairness and freedom. The United States mourns his murder, and we recommit ourselves to David’s work.

At home and around the world, LGBT persons continue to be subjected to unconscionable bullying, discrimination, and hate.

In the weeks preceding David Kato’s murder in Uganda, five members of the LGBT community in Honduras were also murdered. It is essential that the Governments of Uganda and Honduras investigate these killings and hold the perpetrators accountable.

LGBT rights are not special rights; they are human rights. My Administration will continue to strongly support human rights and assistance work on behalf of LGBT persons abroad. We do this because we recognize the threat faced by leaders like David Kato, and we share their commitment to advancing freedom, fairness and equality for all.

via Obama mourns David Kato, prominent African gay rights advocate beaten to death | Top of the Ticket | Los Angeles Times.

Sadly President Obama stopped short of pulling the billions of dollars in aid given to Uganda every year…aid paid with Gay and Lesbian American tax dollars.

Here are a few of the American christian ministries who have worked to legalize the executions of Gays and Lesbians in Uganda.

Scott Lively Abiding Truth Ministries (Registered Hate Group)

Tony Perkins Family Research Council (Registered Hate Group)

Peter LaBarbera Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (Registered Hate Group)

Rick Warren Saddleback Church (Bigoted Christian Ministry)

Don Schmierer Exodus International (Fraudulent Reparative Therapy Ministry)

These same christian ministries pushing for the execution of Gays and Lesbians in Uganda are working with American lawmakers in the United States.

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Kinder, Gentler Islam Demands Gays Go Straight Or Be Stoned To Death

Gays and Lesbians Are Executed By Stoning In Many Countries

In many islamic countries homosexuality is considered a capital offense punishable by death through stoning or when merciful hanging.  Last week Iran announced the stoning deaths of two young men ages 20 and 21 for the act of sodomy. These two Gay men are the most recent in a long list of homosexuals condemned to a violent and gruesome death by islamic law.

Some muslim moderates are looking to change the way islamic law treats Gays and Lesbians by allowing those convicted of homosexuality to convert to a heterosexual lifestyle.

… Saad envisions an Islamic society that treats homosexuality as a curable illness. “Society has a critical role to play in treatment,” writes Saad’s anonymous protagonist, as “any disease, whether physical or psychological, demands support from society and especially from the patient’s close relatives.” Without “the right kind” of support, “the patient’s frustration grows” until he surrenders himself to the disease.

Convinced that their lifestyles are unhealthy and go against God, Saad said in a recent interview that most homosexuals would seek treatment if provided a supportive atmosphere and the opportunity to do so. As to the minority who refuse treatment because they believe in exercising what the West calls individual liberty, most can be disabused of such ideas, he argued. For the remainder, his words were harsh: “As Sodom and Gomorrah’s homosexuals were executed for failing to heed God’s words, so should homosexuals be ‘stoned to death,’ as decreed by Islam, if they refuse to change.”

“The homosexual does not live alone by himself in society,” asserted Saad, whose small build and reserved demeanor bely the determination with which he conveys his message. “If [a homosexual] is freely left to practice his sexuality openly and without shame, he endangers society in its entirety. He will influence children and infect them with his disease.”

via Give them a second chance to be straight.

Unfortunately for Gays and Lesbians living in islamic countries a persons sexual orientation is fixed and cannot be changed. Every accredited medical, psychological and scientific institution in the United States agrees that homosexuality and heterosexuality are both normal, natural and unchangeable sexual orientations.

Medical professionals warn that attempting to change a persons sexual orientation can lead to devastating psychological damage and drive the unsuccessful convert to suicide.

But honestly what’s a little psychological damage when you are facing death by stoning for your crimes against god and nature. Here is a brief description of the stoning process:

The prisoner is buried either up to his waist (if male) or up to her shoulders (if female) and then pelted with stones by a crowd of volunteers until obviously battered to death. Under the terms of most fundamentalist courts, the stones must be small enough that death cannot reasonably be expected to result from only one or two blows, but large enough to cause physical harm. The average execution by stoning is extremely painful, lasting at least 10 to 20 minutes.

via Death by Stoning – An Overview and History of Death by Stoning.

According to noted christian dominionist and presbyterian church member, Gary North, stoning is a preferred method of execution for islam and christianity because it’s cheap and unites the community.

“Why stoning?” asks North. “There are many reasons. First, the implements of execution are available to everyone at virtually no cost.” Thrift and ubiquity aside, “executions are community projects–not with spectators who watch a professional executioner do his duty, but rather with actual participants.” You might even say that like square dances or quilting bees, they represent the kind of hands-on neighborliness so often missed in this impersonal era. ”

via Invitation to a Stoning – Reason Magazine.

I gotta tell ya faced with the choice of “going straight” or being executed by people throwing rocks at my head I could fake the straight…and I’m pretty damn Gay!  I only hope that NARTH and Exodus International don’t get hold of these “conversion statistics” to claim that reparative therapy actually works.

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Pink Pistols – Protect Yourself

Equality By The Numbers

Currently 18 states protect Gays and Lesbians in housing and public accommodations.

Currently 20 states protect Gays and Lesbians against employment discrimination.

Currently 12 states protect Gay and Lesbian youth from bullying in school

Currently 12 states grant equality for same sex couples in adoption

Shelter – Build Your Own

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Christian Hate Kills

According to a US Health and Human Services report:

"gay adolescents were two to three times more likely than peers to attempt suicide, accounting for as many as 30% of completed youth suicides each year....26% percent of gay youth are forced to leave home because of conflicts with their families over their sexual identities. Up to half engage in prostitution to support themselves, greatly increasing their risk for HIV infection."

About 5% of youths are gay. If the 30% figure is accurate then their suicide rate is up to six times greater than the general youth population. Using this data, it appears that homophobia, largely maintained by conservative and mainline Christian churches, is responsible for deaths of young gays and lesbians in the United States at a rate greater than the church exterminated "witches" during the late Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Christian Hate Groups

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Report Christian Terror Activity

Report christian terror activity in your area directly to the FBI Terrorism Tips Line or call the FBI at 1-800-225-5324.

Do not contact your local law enforcement agencies. As was demonstrated with the christian klan many times local law enforcement officers are members of the terror group.

Cheap Solar Power

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