1 thought on “2019 Tropache Temper Reconstruction Plan and shantytown renovation compensation standard”

  1. On February 26, Baoshan City held the promotion meeting of the shantytown renovation work, summarized the achievements achieved by the city's shantytowns, analyzed the current problems and the difficulties faced, and arranged for the next work. Zhao Diguang, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and acting mayor, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He emphasized that it is necessary to fully understand the significance of the renovation of shantytowns, and effectively take effective measures and methods to ensure that the target tasks of the shantytown renovation are completed as scheduled and quality.

    This member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor chaired the meeting. Yang Zhengxiao, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Tengchong Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting.
    The shantytowns in the central urban area of ​​Baoshan involved 5 areas: Qinghua Lake, Qingyang, Xiacun, Hongmiao and Railway Station. The total planned area is 22417 acres, and the transformation area is 8196.65 acres. There were 11,997 households, 11,735 newly resettled houses, 1,0609 households, and a total investment of 16.726 billion yuan. The total land reconstruction of the shantytowns in the three counties in the city is 1982.54 acres of land, involving 4064 households, 2,175 newly resettleed houses, 1,889 currency resettlement, with a total investment of 4.873 billion yuan. So far, the city has completed an investment of 5.415 billion yuan, of which 5.29 billion yuan is completed in the central urban area, with 32%; 125 million yuan in one city and three counties, 2.5%.
    The Zhao Deguang pointed out that the renovation of shantytowns is the key livelihood project of the country and the province, especially the largest people's livelihood improvement project in Baoshan. The city's shantytown reconstruction involves 150,000 people, including the reconstruction of shantytowns in the urban area and the relocation of rural areas. How to solve the problems and life of these 150,000 people in an orderly and effectively, it is far -reaching and responsible. The renovation of shantytowns is the largest urban infrastructure improvement project in Baoshan City, and it is also the largest urban fixed asset investment project.
    The Zhao Deguang pointed out that from the perspective of the current reconstruction of shantytowns in the city, although a lot of measures have been taken, they have done a lot of strength, but they have not yet formed a workload in accordance with the requirements of the progress; It can form an effective synergy; have good policy opportunities, but failed to study well, let alone use it well.
    The Zhao Deguang emphasized that the task of completing the shantytown renovation must be completed as scheduled. First, in terms of understanding, it is necessary to attach great importance to ideas, accurately grasp the various favorable policy opportunities in the country and the province, and study the policy of shantytown transformation well. Second, in terms of strengthening measures, the leaders of the party and government of all counties (cities, districts) must take the initiative to work with the investors and the construction party to solve the specific problems in the transformation. The third is to solve the focus and difficulties in work in a targeted manner.
    He Wei requested that he must calm down to study the solution to the problem, cooperate with the forces, and form a joint force. Be sure to do the follow -up work of farmers after entering the city, so that farmers are near, local employment and development.
    The participants visited the site of the shantytown renovation project of Baoshan Central City. The counties (cities, districts) and Baoshan Industry and Trade Park were reported to report the renovation of shantytowns.
    M counties (cities, districts) committees, government leaders and leaders in charge, heads of relevant municipal departments, heads of Baoshan Industry and Trade Park, Yongchang Investment Development Co., Ltd., county (city, district) Housing and Urban Construction Bureau People are waiting for the meeting.

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