los angeles costume jewelry wholesale What is the use of QQ G coins?

los angeles costume jewelry wholesale

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  1. wholesale discount jewelry store As far as I know, G coins and Q coins are all virtual currencies of Tengxun. The two have nothing to do. G coins are used in 3GQQ home. Pets work to earn G coins. Can add intelligence and G coins at the same time. Each round of answers consumes 3 points of physical strength. You need to answer 3 questions. Answer the correct question plus 4G currency and 1 intelligence. The role of G coins is to give gifts when giving gifts in home. (Of course, there are free gifts and q coins), and mobile pet pets for one day, play, bath, and use G coins, buy in the garden, buy in the garden Flower species also use G coins. Get G coins 1, work in your home business, 2, Treasure 3, Pet answering questions 4, Huasinzi buying 3G things, you may give you some G coins

  2. vice entertainment wholesale jewelry G coin is a virtual currency issued by Tencent and can only consume on mobile phone Tencent. It is stored in the personal account of Tencent on the mobile phone, which can be used to pay for shopping and interactive consumption in the community. The number of G coins determines the seniority of users in the community. Some specific user experiences can participate in a certain degree of Gedue, such as operating goods in the community to open stores.

  3. roost jewelry wholesale That G coin is used for mobile QQ home games to buy props. For example, garden, farm, QQ pet, martial arts, etc.,

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  4. wholesale jewelry gold chain It ’s the mobile phone online. It is easy to get 3GQQ on the mobile phone. The coin is actually able to play some application games, such as pets, flowers, planting, and living in the market.

  5. wholesales jewelry supplies For the achievements of buying clothes, you can buy clothes with GB, you can also buy furniture and furniture achievements. GB area, or the last page of all clothes, you can buy it if you want GB, which area you? ...

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