1 thought on “Shennong Chen Yu: Why do we have to make a band in China?”

  1. Wandering bands are rogue. Everyone wants to buy stocks. The stock speculation is expected. You think that it will buy it in the future, but the stock price will still be affected by the dominance of large funds and the news surface that appears at any time. The opinions are not uniform. Some people think that the price is too high, and some people think that there is still room for growth to buy, otherwise there will be no trading volume. Doing the band is to be a bit high at this time or you guess it will still fall (risk). You can choose to show (holding currency), and then buy it when you fall to the price that you think is more appropriate. Avoiding risks can also reduce your holding costs. Some people buy the stock cost to 0 costs or negative costs through constant high sales and low buying.

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