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  1. Sanchuan Consulting's ISP license conditions are as follows:
    (1) The operator is an independent legal person company established in accordance with the law; The minimum subscription limit for registered capital operating internally is 1 million yuan;
    (3) There are professionals who are compatible with business activities;
    (4) Company and their main investors and major business management management The personnel have not violated the telecommunications supervision and management system for three years.
    The ISP license cycle is 45 working days, no down payment

  2. If you need to apply for an ISP business license for 20 ~ 60 working days, if you apply for the ISP license filing materials and the legal form, the Provincial, Autonomous Region, and Municipal Communications Administration will accept it and issue a notice of acceptance. The applicant issued a notice of not accepting the application and explained the reason; if the application materials are incomplete or not in line with the legal form, all the contents of the applicant need to be corrected within 5 working days in writing within 5 working days.
    isp Qualification application conditions:
    1. The operator is a company set up in accordance with the law;
    2. The credibility or ability of the service;
    4, the business development plan and related technical solutions;
    5, the sound network and information security security measures, including website security guarantee measures, information security and confidentiality management system, user information security management management system System;
    6. Those who involve the information service content that requires the need for pre -approval in the ISP management method, and the documents that have obtained the consent of the competent authority have been obtained.
    If there is a need for specific documents, you can consult the corresponding agency. Like the Alibaba Cloud Platform, you can consult your official website.
    ISP qualification application materials:
    1, a copy of the company's corporate legal person business license, legal representative ID card;
    2, the charter of industrial and commercial archives; ID card, corporate legal person shareholders' business license copy and industrial and commercial archives query charter);
    4, company contacts, network and information security leaders, customer service leaders, ID cards and social security certificates.

  3. Enterprises to apply for ISP licenses must also meet the following conditions:

    1. Corporate operators must be the company
    2 that enterprises must be established in accordance with the law. If it operates within the scope of municipalities directly under the Central Government, its registered capital minimum limit is 1 million yuan; if it operates across the country or across provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities, its minimum registered capital limit is 10 million yuan);
    3. Provide the reputation or ability of long -term service;
    4, the enterprise has professionals who are compatible with business activities;
    5, the necessary venues, facilities and technical solutions for enterprises; Investors and major operating management personnel have not violated the records of the telecommunications supervision and management system within three years;
    7. Other conditions stipulated by the state.
    At the same time, the ISP license needs to prepare the following materials:
    1. A copy of the business license.
    2, corporate legal person and shareholder ID card.
    3, company constitution.
    4, the company's main managers and technical personnel ID cards.
    5, employee club guarantee.
    6, access protocol and custody business qualification.
    7, corporate capital verification report.
    The ISP license to apply for 40-60 working days.

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