wholesale cheap trendy jewelry How to find out the document of the largest space C drive

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  1. costume designer jewelry wholesale The method steps are as follows:
    1, first turn on the computer, enter the computer C drive inside the computer, and then find the "Folder Options" option in the interface and use the mouse to click.
    2, then find the "Show All Folders" options in the interface and click to check.
    3, then right -click in the blank interface of the C drive, then find the "Sorting Method" option in the pop -up option bar, and then click to check the "size" and "decreasing" option.

  2. black obsidian jewelry wholesale The specific operation steps of the files of C drives occupy the largest space are as follows:
    We materials we need to prepare are: computer.
    1. First of all, we turn on the computer C drive and click "Folder Options" in the "Tools" option.
    2, and then we checked the "Display All Folders" options on this page
    3. After that, we right -click the "sorting method" in the blank mouse of the C drive on this page. And the "decreasing" option, and then the folder in the C drive is in the order of decreasing, showing that the final folder is the largest.

  3. jewelry wholesale las vegas Because the daily operation of the computer and various files are stored in the system disk. After the disk (especially C drive) is full, it will cause the system to slow down, and certain operations cannot be performed normally.

    Tencent computer housekeeper has a C drive function. The software movement function can solve such problems. Software movement can not only visually display the use of the disk of the computer, but also scan the files occupying a large disk space and the installed software. Users can move the files and software in the selected to other disks as needed. After moving, the software can still be used normally without being affected.
    1) Entering the software moving, you can choose the disk format that needs to be moved according to the disk usage on the right side of the interface:
    2) After selecting the disk format that needs to be moved, on the left side of the interface, the computer housekeeper Will scan the software contained in your computer and large files (files greater than 50m) that the disk (more than 50m):
    3) Select the installation file or large file that needs to be moved (installation software currently supports one move, large files once, large files You can perform batch moving):
    4) Choose the directory that moves to, the computer housekeeper chooses a disk with the smallest disk occupancy as the default movement to the disk:
    5) Click to move
    After completion, you can click on the history of moving to see the files that have been moved. At the same time, you can also restore the previously moved files

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