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  1. Regarding Yuhua Shao Shuai: Storm and Rainbow Life
    The entrepreneurial entrepreneurship refers to the laborers who mainly rely on their own capital, resources, information, technology, experience, and other factors to set up industries to solve employment problems. Next, I will sort out the handsomeness of Yuhua: The rainbow, rainbow, and life, for reference only, I hope to help everyone!

    At the end of May 2003, Yuhuobu Industry Group held a exhibition and ordering meeting with the theme of "Innovation, Taste, Personality, and Fashion" at the Pengnian Hotel, Shenzhen. Mu Ming came to order, and President Chen Yu, the famous Yuhua Buye Group, who was famous in the Chinese texture industry and the clothing industry, visited the scene, and did not want to be the object of everyone's sought after. However, during the busy working day, Mr. Chen Yu made a special trip to the reporter's exclusive interview.
    The first seeing Mr. Chen Yu, he was shocked by his youth and fashion. Although he was wearing a casual clothes, he was stained with millet hair with a fashion from his bones, filled with vibrant youthful faces, making him more like a popular star in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The only thing is that the mild vision flashes the wisdom and keen light of the shopping mall.
    Mr. Chen is very talkative. In the difficulty of entrepreneurship in the years, the dusty years are full of legendary colors and "story". But what shocked me was not just the example of the wisdom and bravery, but the period of the Chinese businessmen who dared to be the first Chinese businessmen to change their destiny and get rich in the years of reform and opening up from it. Duan's exciting history.
    I heroes
    Chen Yu's hometown is a very poor mountain village in Sichuan. In order to realize this belief, he had to end his junior high school in early middle school, and came to his father wholesale business in Luzhou, Sichuan to help.
    The children of poor people are early at home, and this sentence is not appropriate for Chen Yu. In the winter of 1985, only 15 -year -old Chen Yu was alone with huge models, secretly got on the train, and came to Tianjin Towel Factory from Luzhou, Sichuan. That was the first time Chen Yu was so big.
    The hardly tolerated hunger and frozen to Tianjin, inquired about the scarf factory, and found the director of the supply and marketing department of the factory. Looking at this little customer with only one meter and five meters in front of him, his face was childish, and he could not help but shout at the chief of the supply and marketing department of the knowledgeable scarf factory. He said that the goods had been all -inclusive by others. Seeing that your child is good, just sell a bucket for you. Unexpectedly, it was stunned that Chen Yu didn't say anything. He took off the thick sweater on the layer and removed the tight bag from the personal underwear, and took out a huge amount of money with a denomination of 300,000 yuan.
    "Just buy a truck!" Chen Yu's tone was so unquestionable.
    Stocks are bought, but transportation is also a headache. At that time, Tianjin had not yet reached the truck of Luzhou, Sichuan. With the assistance of the supply and marketing chief, Chen Yu first pulled the goods to Zhengzhou through a Tianjin foreign transport company, and then passed the train from Zhengzhou to Luzhou. Tianjin was not too peaceful to Zhengzhou, and often there were cars. For the sake of safety, Chen Yu was holding an iron rod and standing in the back of the truck.
    The start of success laid the confidence of Chen Yu's galloping mall. This typical incident was plated with a legendary aura for Chen Yu, and was often quoted by the family to educate the younger brothers.
    Since then, Chen Yu has picked up his beam and became his father's business left arm and right arm. After many years of running out, the meal wind was dew, and it became his home. On one occasion, he did not sleep in a batch of goods from outside for a few days and night. As soon as he returned in the morning, his father told him that the goods were sold at night, and he had to go into a batch immediately. That day was just Chen Yu's birthday, and he embarked on the journey with tears. Now when I recall, Chen Yu said that he could appreciate his father's mood that year, and he was all scared.
    The three step -type relocation laid the trend of taking off
    The early spring of 1991, it was cold, like winter, it has not been similar. The Chen Yu family moved out of Sichuan with severe cold and settled in Xiqiao in the suburbs of Guangzhou. Later facts proved that this relocation plan was indeed strategic and courageous. In less than a year of Xiqiao, they actually earned the sum of the funds that they made hard work in Sichuan for 10 years.
    At the end of 1991, the Chen Yu family came from Xiqiao to the Chaoshan Plain, which was known as Zou Luya, who was known as Zou Luya, and settled in the Puning Liu Liu Liufu market at home and abroad.
    Coufeng Chen Yu's family opened a stall in the Puning Sand fabric market gathered in the local businessman, becoming the only businessman who speaks Mandarin. To this end, their identity has once become a hot spot for local speculation and discussions. Everyone thinks that the family may be quite big.
    Due to the mainland, Chen Yu is more familiar with the needs of mainland consumers than locals, coupled with diligence and hard work, the business is booming. The chivalrous Chen Yu also made many old -fashioned friends in the local area.
    In fact, it is not easy to really stand on the foothold with a sparse and land. Chen Yu intuitively told him that the environment of Liusha is destined to be a place where it will not develop for a long time. Therefore, in 1992, he came to Guangzhou single, opened a new journey of Yuhua Fabe, and began his career.
    One year, Guangzhou Yubu Industry has risen in the "China University" fabric market of strong players, becoming a bright pearl, which has attracted much attention. Chen Yu'an arranged a proper business in Guangzhou, and continued to "break into" Hong Kong, which is in contact with the most contact with overseas markets. He opened a line of cloth to represent Korean fabrics. In Hong Kong, Chen Yu first contacted the well -known foreign -fabric brand in foreign countries and learned a lot of knowledge of modern business management. He was deeply inspired by Chen Yu to promote this business philosophy to domestic business. The popularity and reputation are increasing, and the market coverage has continued to increase.
    In 1995, the China Textile City had just emerged. Chen Yu captured new business opportunities, and Shaoxing Keqiao left Chen Yuzuo's footprint. One year later, Shaoxing Yubu Industry Co., Ltd. was born. The Yuhua people began to develop, design, produce, and sell the comprehensive operation and development of the development, design, production, and sales.
    has just finished the Spring Festival in 1997. The Liuyasha, who has been carnked, suddenly Monkeo, like a meteor, lost its former glory. The Chen Yu family has achieved a strategic transfer for the third time, and started the third entrepreneurial in Shaoxing until the climax.
    If you say that from Sichuan to Xiqiao, Guangdong, and then move from Xiqiao to Pinglsha, these two strategic transfer allows Yuhua Buye Group to quickly complete the accumulation of original funds, from Puning Liu Sand to Shaoxing Keqiao The third strategic transfer opened a new pattern of modern and high -speed development of the Kingdom of Yuhuabu.
    In aspiring to build Yuhua's century -old brand
    In 2000, Chen Yu officially took over the burden of his father's shoulders and took charge of Yuhua Group.
    Chen Yu, who is handsome in Yu Hua, has no exaggeration and arrogance of young people. It is even more commendable that the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation -poverty and wealth are unswerving. Photo.
    The interview with Chen Yu, what touched me was his "love" and "unswerving" of the fabric. He said —
    "I like the line of fabrics. The happiest thing in my life is to deal with my beloved fabric and friends in the industry. If you don’t do it one day, you will be empty. What. No exaggeration to say, every drop of blood flows with fabrics, except fabrics, or fabrics. "
    " The industry is the most proud and satisfying emotions. Once you have such emotions, you have such emotions The crisis is here. So, I never dare to have half a little bit of a little bit. Obviously still doing summer goods, but it is already on the winter version of the winter. The autumn and winter version has not been made. What fabrics are popular on the agenda, so that the circular back and forth and time race is very challenging. My biggest belief is to make Yuhua into a century -old shop. "
    For Yu Hua's century plan, Yuhua Group, under the leadership of Chen Yu, reform and practice internal skills. Every year, Chen Yu will always visit the first fabric exhibition of France to learn the PV. Under his leadership, Yuhua Group and overseas textile industries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and some famous raw materials vendors alliance set up a set of information networks to ensure that the company can get the world's forefront and most comprehensive world fashion as soon as possible. Popular fabric information. In China, he joined forces with China Textile University to set up the "Yuhua Textile Research Institute of China Textile University" and set up the Yuhua Scholarship in the university. As a strong backing of the company's development of new products. The strong funding strength makes Yuhua Group look magnificent in the development and production of new fabrics. There are thousands of new fabrics in the company's annual research and development of new fabrics. Ensuring the supply of popular fabrics and the monopoly of the market, this big style often makes other peers unable to hope.
    The improvement of enterprise quality is inseparable from the construction of high -quality talent teams. Chen Yu did not hesitate to refer to various cutting -edge management talents from home and abroad every year, to build a humanized business development platform for employees, so that employees have a sense of belonging and accomplishment in Yuhua, and work with the company. In terms of hardware construction, Chen Yu even made a lot of money. A few years ago, Yuhua Company has fully realized electrocaled office, and has taken the lead in realizing the international market in the domestic industry.
    In Yuhua Company, every employee knows that there is a three -word principle of doing things in General Chen, that is, "fine, deep, fine". Today, these three words have also become the goal of every employee of Yuhua Company. In order to implement the goal of "sustainable operation", Chen Yu took the quality of product quality and after -sales service as the company's life engineering chief. He often seizes the business training of employees and requires regular evaluation of employees' professional skills and service quality. He is surpassed by the fittest and carefully created a strong and good service team. At the Zhejiang Headquarters and Guangzhou Company, Yuhua Group has set up a strong technical inspection department with a strong technical force to subdivide the quality inspection work to each responsible person. It is determined to be budding and ensure the exquisite and perfect listing fabrics.
    In relevant survey agencies, the sales volume of women's clothing fabrics and skirt fabrics in Yuhuobu industry topped the domestic list. Many domestic heavyweight women's brands are loyal partners in Yuhuabu's business. In recent years, Yuhua Group led by Chen Yutong has maintained a strong growth momentum in terms of domestic sales and export. The company has set up branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Zhejiang and other places. And agency, marketing networks are all over the country. While galloping in China, the Yuhua people also stepped on the door of overseas market step by step, and in 2001 obtained self -employed import and export management rights. Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions selling networks.
    Today, the name "Chen Yu" is well -known in China's light textile and clothing industry, and is regarded as the guarantee of leaders and industry confidence in high -level fabrics in China. And his well -warned modern "flagship", Yuhua Group, has become a benchmark and leading enterprise in the industry.
    Chen Yu, who has a "commercial gene" in the bone marrow, jumps out of confidence from time to time in the conversation. Under this confident conviction, Yu Hua's grand blueprint is also turning into a beautiful reality step by step.
    -Personal belief: make Yuhua into a century -old shop.
    -Miao language Lianzhu: To do one thing successfully, we must persevere, and understand that what should be given up must be willing to give up.
    The pursuit of career in Yuhua people only has three words: fine, deep, and fine. To succeed, you can only ask himself to do the best in everything and do better.
    The business, investment and concentration are the two essential elements.
    It this industry will never tolerate you to have a little pride and satisfaction, otherwise, the crisis will quietly approach you at any time.
    -Background Materials: Yuhuabu Industry Group Co., Ltd. integrates fabric design, development and sales in one. It is the "Chemical Fiber Textile Product R

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