Massage, cupping, scraping have tips


Hot hand from the heart outward

Massages are commonly divided into 30 minutes, 60 minutes or more. The longer you wait, the more areas you massage. Hand massages are only part of it. It is not standard if the hygienist does not warm-up his hands by rubbing them together before the massage. The practitioner should first rub his hands together to match the skin temperature of the subject's hands. If the hands are too cold, lengthen the rubbing time, or put warm water to soak for 2-5 minutes.

No matter what kind of massage should follow the principle of first left and then right. This is because traditional Chinese medicine believes that the Qi machine is left to rise and right to fall, from the left is to regulate Yang qi.This is the gua sha wholesale factory.


One-way scraping great distance

Wrong: back and forth to scraping out the fever
Right: one-way scraping for long distances
​Numerous diseases scraping skin surface will appear red, purple red or dark cyan similar to "sand" like spots, gradually called this therapy "scraping therapy".

Since it is scraping, how to call the scraping, thus most scraping agencies force out the scraping. Everyone's constitution is different. People with colds and colds are easy to get out of the scrapping, and stroke people are not easy to get out of the scrapping. If forced, it is easy to damage the body surface.
​Thus scraping has a time limit, typically each part of the general scraping 15-30 times, 3-5 minutes is appropriate; ​local lesions or local health care is typically between 20-30 minutes, and the whole body scraping should be between 40-50 minutes.

In addition, scraping can not be scraped back and forth, but from top to bottom, from inside to outside, should be single direction scraping, as long as possible scraping distance. This is to scrape along the direction of the blood circulation of the artery, in order to promote blood circulation.

Scraping parts are also in order. The general principle is first head and face after hands and feet, first back waist, after chest and abdomen, first upper limbs after lower limbs.
The order of the whole body health care scraping is head, neck, shoulder, upper limbs, back and waist, chest and abdomen and lower limbs; ​neck health care scraping sequence for the head, neck, shoulder, upper limbs; ​the order of shoulder health care scraping is head, neck, shoulder, front shoulder, back shoulder, upper limb; ​back waist health care scraping is the middle of the back waist, both sides of the spine, lower limbs.

Experts remember: after scraping, drink a cup of warm water and rest for 15 minutes. Do not eat cold and raw food, and do not take a bath within 30 minutes after the fever. Scraping tools are made of rare items to claim better than other scraping tools. In fact, the technique is more valuable than the tool. But do not use metal and plastic sheets as tools.

【 Take the can】

Promote circulation on both sides of the spine

In numerous health care facilities, the staff will recommend cupping, which is a better method than cupping. In fact, it is also a kind of cupping. We normally say cupping is really to leaving the pot, the pot is more painful than leaving the pot. Foot walking is commonly recommended by some health care companies, claiming to relieve fatigue, prevent various diseases and so on.

In fact, walking cupping or cupping is more to walk on both sides of the back, the area of large and abundant muscles. The soles of the feet are not fertile, and the cutin of the soles of the feet is thick, not suitable for walking cans. The purpose of cupping is to dispel wind and dissipate dampness, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and improve the function of internal organs, which is not easy to achieve with thick cutin on the sole of the feet. Canning therapy should choose a large diameter jar. The mouth of the jar should be round, thick, smooth, the best use of glass jars. Walking on the bottom of the can not use the larger diameter of the can.

Some people do cupping. The whole back is full of cans. In fact, not extra cans are better. During cupping, blood concentrates under the skin. If the pot is pulled too often, it may cause dizziness and so on. Therefore, the elderly, weak and the first time to receive cupping, cupping quantity should not be large, the time should not be overly lengthy. ​It can't take too long to walk.
Experts remind: skin allergic people should choose warm water for tank lubrication, but not choose lubricants. Patients with edema and uremia should not carry out cupping.

[Foot Massage]

Reflexes the whole body

Wrong: Press which pain which disease
Right: Reflex conditioning the whole body
The feet correspond to the viscera of the body. When you do a foot massage, when you feel pain in a certain area, say that the pain represents the disease. For example, when the heel hurts, it is because of poor sleep. When the heart reflex area hurts, it indicates that the heart is sick. In fact, this statement is not scientific. Push the strength to press a certain part. When you press the point, you will definitely feel pain. This is the reflex of massage, you can play the purpose of conditioning the whole body, not on behalf of a disease.
In addition, the intensity of the massage is critical. For the first time do a foot massage, the practitioner should first check the cardiac reflex area (located between the fourth and fifth metatarsal bones of the left foot), and the left foot, according to the degree of pain in this area to determine the strength of the whole foot reflex area massage.

Foot massage should also follow the principle of first left foot and then right foot. In addition, massage the foot to massage the first six basic reflex areas, that is, adrenal, abdominal plexus, kidney, ureter, bladder, urethra reflex area, and then massage the sole, medial foot, lateral foot, back of the foot reflex area, and finally repeat massage the basic reflex area. The massage time in the reflex area of both feet should be 40-45 minutes.

Experts remind: after massage practitioners commonly remind them to drink a cup of warm water, many people do not care. Advice, always drink a glass of warm water. After a massage, do not wash your feet immediately.

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