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  1. The first question I have also asked
    ./question/44386510 R R N turn system is that you and the enemy are one round, you hit him once, he hit you again.
    Is a semi -instant time is a speed concept. Only when a gas set is full, you can act. In Chu Liuxiang's new biography, it should correspond to the attribute of "fast", that is, it may be possible that you hit him once because you are faster, so the gas collecting tank is full than him, and you can hit him before him. Once, vice versa. When you are full of gas grooves, the opponent's gas groove is not moved at this time.

    It -real -time is that your gas collecting tank is full or the enemy's gas collecting tank is still walking, and his gas collection groove can attack you. If you choose a move, you choose to move What is too slow, it will be beaten
    Generally speaking, the semi -instant system is better, the round system is too boring, the real time is a bit difficult

    Yes, that pearl is used for selling, it seems to be two in 2000, and then you can sell it in that store (as long as it is a shop!)
    , if you This is to see your hands fast, often fight, and use these moves, you should "subconsciously" press it, but it is only a time relationship, so it is okay not to use hot keys.
    . If it is prop, choose the most commonly used by you. When you order items (when you do not fight, right -click), drag the props you want to use in the middle of the box, in the fight in the fight, in the fight, in the fight, in the fight, in the fight, in the fight, in the fight, in the fight, the fight is fighting. At this time, you can directly click the "Jiugongge" at the bottom left, of course, the premise is when it is someone's turn.
    4. If you say opinions ...
    ① Three sisters and Hu Tiehua suggest that you practice frequently, because they want to help you fight, occasionally not.
    ② When Zhang San is in, he should fight more, because he can help you "steal" pearls so that you can make money.
    ③ Chu Liuxiang recommends that you do not deliberately practice. Most of the enemies play people except Chu Liuxiang, so as long as they improve the defense and attack power of others. By the way, do not blindly add points to the attack when you upgrade. Chu Liuxiang should defend more than the attack. Just rely on others when fighting. In fact, everyone should be more defensive than the attack power.
    ④ There is no money without banknotes, so you have to have enough money, and then try to make up for Qi? It is the one that will be wasted when it is issued. It is also important to nourish blood. It's not real money anyway. (Chu Liuxiang will learn a company in the future? It seems yes, the traditional Chinese characters can't understand, and then as long as he beats one person, he can earn 60 two, but he can only earn 1 or 2 or so at first.)
    Anyway, it is to spend money to buy medicine, and then practice the three sisters and Hu Tiehua to protect Chu Liuxiang, and then Chu Liuxiang is responsible for making money.
    It sisters suggested to practice Su Rongrong. She has a good deduction of empty fingers and fights all enemies. And Song Tian'er's tiger boxing is also good. Red sleeves are the secrets of martial arts. I don't seem to have any role, and I have never practiced her.

    Right, I do n’t know if you have any strategies. If you want to play which ending, the strategy is essential, and there are also fifteen treasures to obtain.
    I gave you the appendix
    not enough words. Essence Essence Let me tell you the method and treasure of the ending of the ending

    The treasure and method of obtaining:

    Xu Xia Ke Journey:
    Cooked reading can look at the terrain, and the map can also be rolled in the maze. You can get it in the treasure chest in Zhulin Mountain -Xuejiazhuang -back garden. In addition, you can also get it in the treasure chest on the road of Shanghua Mountain (this treasure chest is more difficult to find compared to Xuejiazhuang's treasure chest).

    Sanbao Xuan Guobi:
    The corner of the bookcase of the Chu Family Express Room in the youth. In the middle of the cabinet in the middle and inside (when looking for gifts for Hu Tiehua, it can't be obtained before this)

    The Donghai Zhenzhu
    : In the Wang Yuxuan Medicine Shop in Wuchang, It can be obtained at the water tank.

    giant ivory:
    The concentration in Guangzhou during the youth. In the large box next to the three orange boxes in the lower left (find the space key)

    Zhancheng Xiangcha:
    when he was looking for Ye Shenglan in the corpse, and in the garden of the rich man in the garden Face face Li Mingsheng dialogue and select the second answer to get Zhancheng incense tea.

    Prosting Magnet:
    Themo to know the truth in Suzhou Ningxin in the incident of borrowing the soul, and then chat with Liang Ma to get it. Because the main line of the game will bring Chu Liuxiang out of the house, and you must go in to talk to Liang Ma to get upside down.

    Mura peach peaches in the pharmacy when Chu Liuxiang level 15-17, do not use it all, must be left. Then after returning to Suzhou Ningxinzhu after returning to Suzhou Ningxin, he will know the news of Shi Yin's pregnancy, and give her Yuyu Tao to her (or go to the Zuo Mingzhu of the Villa first to get the jade peach. Next) Ye Shenglan and Shi Yin will give you a deeper salt.

    The World Map:
    The peach blossom legend can go out of the Central Plains for the first time when the peach blossom legend is adventurous with Zhang Jiejie. In the stele forest of Shaolin Temple, you can get the world map: At the root. Note: It is Shaolin Temple in the middle of the big map, not the southeast of the southeast.

    The Buddhist scriptures:
    The legendary incident of peach blossoms will occur when Mrs. Jin worships the Ai Qing fart when they live. At this time, choose the second answer and then Ai Qing will give your Buddhist scriptures.

    White gold:
    When the peach blossom legend is purchased for Zhang Jiejie, the seven must -w skin fins, the first item with the mother Sang, will go to persuade the citizen girl. Choose the second item, so Xi Xiang will give Chu Liuxiang white gold.

    The sea shell tea set:
    The legend of the peach blossoms will be rescued from building a fragrant house after the legendary incident of peach blossoms, and she will give you Haibei tea set. Reference to the ending with Shi Ruyun: Even if she does not want to have an ending with Shi Ruyun, she must save her, because she has a sea shell tea set in her hand.

    Wanlon of the old ginseng:
    The period of the 4th period in the wine altar in the upper right corner of the gang gang.

    The wind fire ship:
    The period of the fourth period at Guanyin Spring in Guanyin Valley, you can get the wind and fire ship after killing eleven turtles. The last one was very difficult, only 1 blood was destroyed at a time. Chu Liuxiang is best to practice level 50 so that it is not easy to be killed. Players can use gossip fans to improve their fast steps, and then let him attack freely. You can do something else first. After about half an hour, you can win this ninja turtle. Another way is to let the sweeter join the team. The sweetness will "too virtually break the elemental roll" the mind, which can rebound the attack turtle's attack. Although not every time, it can kill the spirit turtle.

    The desert steed:
    This 4 can get the desert steed in a box in the tent on the right side of the oasis entrance.

    The ancient city Buddha statue:
    The period of the 4th period in the treasure chest of the Kunlun main hall, you can get the ancient city Buddha statue (hidden behind the screen, you should find it carefully).

    The volcanic ice jade:
    The volcanic ice jade is also one of the 15 treasures, but as the plot will disappear (after being sold to buy back to Chujiazhuang) You don't need this thing for the first 14 pieces.

    On ending

    The ending of "Chu Liuxiang New Biography" is multiple hidden endings. Only after meeting specific conditions can we trigger the final hidden plot. The conditions required for each ending are as follows:

    Chu Liuxiang and Shi Xiuyun

    First of all, give the Chu family jewelry to Shi Xiuyun in the borrowing corpse to return the soul incident, and then build it in Suzhou Ningxin. After learning that the truth of borrowing the corpse returned, do not rush back to the throwing cup villa. Finally, after the peach blossom legend incident, go to Guangzhou to gather, then I will meet Shi Xiuyun again, and then it will occur in the home of Shi Xiuyun, Suzhou, and will be abducted in the home of Shi Xiuyun in Suzhou. Its dialogue and successfully passed the test of the lunatic home, then the ending can be triggered.

    This Chu Liuxiang and Hua Zhenzhen

    In the bat legend incident, everyone will be detained in the stone prison by the clouds. Chu Liuxiang will need to wake everyone up one by one. Notice! At this time, we must save Huazhen first. Then give her the Chu family jewelry to her in the church of the Bat Player to trigger the ending. Of course, it also needs to be successfully passed the test of the lunatic home.

    Chu Liuxiang and Zhang Jiejie

    The newly wedding night in the legend of peach blossoms to Zhang Jiejie, and once successfully passed the test of the lunatic home to trigger the ending.

    The princess Chu Liuxiang and Crescent Moon

    In the first time I saw Princess Crescent in the new moon legend, she gave her the Chu family's jewelry, and once successfully passed the lunatic home. The test can trigger this ending.

    The three sisters

    . As long as the conditions need to be met in any of the above four endings, then this ending will be triggered.

    This Huahua and Gaoyan (branch finale)

    It on the sea wide sky boat in the bat legend when talking to Jin Lingzhi: You are really a veritable golden pepper. Then when you want to go to the Changbai Pai in the crescent legend, go to Huashan to find Gaoya men to trigger the ending. Like the previous ending, it is also necessary to pass the test of the lunatic home.

    This Huahua and Jin Lingzhi (branch ending)

    It on the Hai Vantan Boat of the Bat Legend when talking to Jin Gingerzhi: It's strange, it's not clear that you gave birth to What kind of anger? Then when you are going to the Changbai Pai in the crescent legend, you can go to Wanfu Wanshou Garden to find Jin Lingzhi and have successfully passed the test of the lunatic home to trigger the ending.

    It if you want to all the strategies, it is available in Baidu Encyclopedia in Chu Liuxiang.
    It if there are questions, please call me by Baidu.
    Thank you!

    This treasures are useless, but it is essential to make an ending.
    before the crazy home, these treasures must be available.
    Only by passing the test of the lunatic home can you make the ending you want.

    Mazting ~ The lunatic home must be in the plot, you can't jump off. Essence After playing the Bat Legend, it is the legend of Peach Blossom. After encountering Zhang Jiejie, it is a series of plots. Unless you have the wrong version? Intersection

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