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  1. Tang San
    Gender: Male level: 100 -level control system god nickname: Qianshou Shura gods: Hai God, Shura God (fusion with Xiao Wu is the god of Shura, then directly inherit the Shura god position) Martial Arts: Blue Silver Emperor (Before the evolution was blue and silver grass), Haotian hammer identity: Slack Seven Monsters, Lan Hao, Hai God, Shuelu God, Killing God, Emperor of the Empire of Heaven, Chief of Tangmen, Chief Elder Hao Tianzong, Qian Qian, Qian Qian, Qian Qian, Qian Qian, Qian Qian Brief Introduction: The previous life was a disciple of Tangmen. He cried in the inner martial arts in the inner martial arts and jumped to the Douro continent. Then he established Tangmen on the Douro Continent to become a prince.双生武魂魂环:1.蓝银皇:红、红、红、红、红、红、红、红、红、蓝金2.昊天锤:红、红、红、红、红、红、红、红、暗赤金(深海魔鲸王的魂环,原为暗红,成为海神后成为百万年魂环,暗赤金)注:因为小舞复活失去蓝银皇第一、二、三、 Fourth, the six soul ring, the soul ring for more than 50,000 years is obtained again, and is the same as the loss of the soul ring to obtain the soul beast. The nine tests of the nine tests of the nine tests of the nine tests of the nine tests have increased by 50,000 years. Therefore, at least 100,000 years of red soul ring blue silver emperor skills: the first soul skills: wound (monomer restrictions, use the blue silver emperor entangled the enemy); Soul beast: Mandala snake second soul skills: parasitic (single single (single single (single single (single single (single single (single single (single single For physical restrictions, the seeds left by the blue and silver emperor in the enemy's body germinated, and the conditions are achieved: blue and silver grass must first contact the enemy's body); Soul Beast: Ghost and Tek Third Soul Scholarship: Restricted Skills (Restricted Skills, Monok, Monok, Monok, Monok, Monok, monomer, You can, the cobweb made by the blue and silver emperor, bundle the opponent); Soul Beast: Human beast: The fourth soul of the human face magic spider: the blue and silver prison cage (group restriction, the blue silver emperor turns into a prison cage to trap the enemy) variation skills: Blue Silver Sudden Corps (group restrictions, forced dizziness for a second); Soul Beast: Condor Magic Spider Fifth Soul Scholarship: Blue Silver Tyrannosaurus Gun, which is later evolved into a Blue Silver Emperor Gang (single attack, condensed a little, blue silver emperor martial arts Soul attacks the strongest soul skills); Lan Yinhuang Emperor's Emperor's End (Lan Silver King's Wind Soul Ring); originally a black soul ring, after evolution, the sixth soul technique of 100,000 years: nothingness (immune physical attack, energy attack reduction reduction 50 % of the damage); eight stages of killing (the soul of the small dance, the little dance is unknown after the resurrection); Fields); God to give the soul ring eighth soul skills: the extermination of the blue and silver demon mirror (condense all the surroundings into a mirror, and then choose to use the mirror to defend or let it break); Second, unable to defend) Soul Beast: Demon Tiger Whale King Ninth Soul Scholarship: The Soul of the Blue Silver Tianqinglong (single attack); the toughness of the blue and silver Qinglong entangled (single attack, the strongest control skills of the blue and silver emperor); heaven Qingniu Python Daming's tenth soul skills: free use of the gold thirteen halberd (inherited the sea god) Haotian hammer soul skills: the first soul skills: Titan's hammer, the power of the earth; Soul skills: Unknown third soul skills: unknown fourth soul skills: unknown; soul beast: Dark magic and evil god tiger fifth soul skills: unknown; soul beast: human face magic spider emperor's sixth soul skills: earth ant emperor cut (broken The road to the bottom of the ground or a single attack); God Beast: The Seventh Soul of the Emperor of the Ant Emperor: Haotian's true body (increase the attribute of Haotian Hammer); God Beast: The Eighth Soul of the Emperor of the Emperor of the Ant Emperor: Skills); God Beast: Amazing Ant Emperor (Note: Six78 Soul Rings are absorbed together, so forcibly evolved into 100,000 years) Ninth Soul Scholarship: Unknown; Soul Beast: Deep Sea Demon Whale King (later through the sea god of the sea god The nine test rewards are promoted to the god -level soul ring) God's costumes: the god of the gods, the Shura god costume (after obtaining it with the small dance), coexisting: blends with the small dance, you can take turns to use the power of the two gods of Hai God and Shura; Later, inherit the throne of Shura, there is no need to integrate the integrated double god Da Mihamo: Fried ring to explode with strong attack power, but the soul ring will not be able to use within 36 hours, and the body is weak. Field: Blue and silver field (inheritance of the blue silver emperor) effect: resonate with the external blue silver grass, change the blue silver grass into the blue silver emperor in a short time, greatly enhance the combat effectiveness, isolation of a certain bad state, control the field of control fields All blue and silver grass use skills in the range can now only use entanglement and field investigation. Take the field as the media and explore the information around in the field. The scope of blue and silver is entangled: the second evolutionary skills in the blue silver field, with the effect of the scope entangled, appeared in the war with the wolf theft. Mori Vientiane: The third evolutionary skill in the blue silver field. With effect, assimilation and suppression. The suppression skills will suppress the martial arts attributes of 10 %, including the release of the soul power, which will also reduce 10 %. The longer the stay in the field, the effect of the suppression will also be enhanced and swallowed the golden silk. Haina Baichuan: The ultimate evolution of the blue and silver field. In the place where the blue and silver grass, the vitality of the blue and silver grass can be converted into any morphological energy needed to the blue and silver emperor to supplement itself. The energy of the Emperor of the Emperor will not be exhausted. This energy transformation can be vitality, soul or mental power. In the end, the effect of the polar field undoubtedly made Lan Yin Emperor in the forest in the forest that he could be in invincible when fighting the same level of opponents. The effect of killing the field (the capital of killing): Increases momentum and weakens the strength of the other party. Killing Assault: The field of killing gods is released in a straight direction. After locking a target, the speed increases 100 % and the attack power increases by 30 %. Field Evolution: For the Xiu Luo Hell: Murder will become a substantialness in Xiu Luo Hell and become a horrible attack. You can launch skills: Shura Rotal Round Killing Correction Shura appeared: ability to play the most murderous and transform the murderousness into an attack power. Shura Judgment: Trial deities. The field of sea gods (inherit the sea god obtaining, and obtain the power of the sea through condensing the sea god field, supplement your own soul power) Bibo, Poseidon, and Endless Azure: transform the power of the sea into the power of the power of the sea god. Tian Gong: Tangmen's authentic internal skills, combined with the soul power of the alien world, breaks through with the breakthrough of the martial arts level. Endless, boundless. The method of lightness -ghost fans: similar to Ling Bo's magical steps, people are inconsistent. The shadow is heavy and good at avoiding it. The method of practicing hands -Xuanyu hand: Tangmen cooperates with poisoning methods, the ultimate realm can make the hands from poisoning and not as strong as rock. The method of practicing eyes -Purple Polar Pupil: It is divided into viewing, micro, mustard, and vastness. Have the ultimate observation. You can use the purple god light to cause mental injury to the enemy. Thousands of miles from a distance, look at the micro. The method of capture — control the crane capture dragon: four or two pounds, and the attack is invisible. The method of the hidden weapon -the hidden weapon is hundreds of solutions: ever -changing, attacking it. There are many types of hidden weapons, there are many types of hidden weapons, the way of use is ever -changing, and the attackers are unprepared. Soul Bone: Haixian Eight Wings: Before, it was an eight spider spear with the outer soul bone. Release the energy of swallowing golden silk, release the toxic of the human facial magic spider, and produce the filtering effect with the blue silver field. (Obtained by the Third Soul Ringnan Magic Spider) Smart Smart Smart Smart Smart: Blending the left arm bone of the Titan giant ape with Hanhai Qiankun (Heart of Haixian): Gravity Control -Environmental Control Skill Titan Sky Breaking — Using the control of gravity, instantly compressing the air into horrible energy, giving the Titan giant ape's strength to attack the deep sea demon whale king's trunk bone: Unknown evil magic killer whale king's left leg bone: killer whale bone: killer whale bone: killer whale邪魔斧——凝全身功力于左腿,经魂骨增幅,化为薄如蝉翼的战斧利刃,直线型单体攻击虎鲸碎牙斩——攻击技能蓝银皇之右腿骨:飞行"Wildfire is endless, the spring breeze blows again" strong recovery skills, the right arm bone of Tianqing Bull Python: the darkness of the sky -monopoly attack skills, the lightness of the light -requires four seconds of storage time, and the sky is Tian Tian In the dullness of the dull god, all the senses will be a ten -fold artifact -the sea god trident (only 108 pounds in the three hands of the Tang Dynasty, weighing 100,000 pounds for the outside world): Restricted the opponent eight seconds) Temple: Thousands of years of empty leisure Three: One go back to the fourth style: Shield of the Sea (Defense of the Sea for Defense) Tenth Type of the Sea The halberd is combined, and there is a thirteenth -style combination of Douzhuang movement: the dusk of the sea god (when the god halberd comes out, destroyed the heavenly and destroy the earth) Tang Sanlie Table: Father: Tang Hao (Haotianzong, Haotian Dou Luo), Yu Xiaogang Gang Mother: Ayin (100,000 years of blue silver queen) Teacher: Yuxiaang (Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus, was expelled from the clan, Wu soul mutated, and he could not break through the thirty level. Breakthrough) Grandpa: Bai He (Haotianzong belongs to the Minister of Min, and later created Mintang of Tangmen in Tang San) cousin: Bai Yanxiang (the granddaughter of Bai He, partner Ma Hongjun's wife) Uncle: Zengzu: Tang Chen (Shura God Exam was interrupted by the Rakshasa god and became the king of killing. He was awakened by the great -grandson Tang and died after he came to Hai Shen Island. 3) Aunt: Tang Yuehua (Lord Haotianzong, Yue Xuanxuan) Friends: Dai Mubai, Oscar, Ma Hongjun, Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing, Dugu, Ning Feng Zhi, Gu Rong, Pausi, Xiaobai, etc. Essence Wife: Xiaowu (100,000 years of soft bone rabbit -shaped) daughter: Tang Qi (suspected Wang Donger) Future son -in -law: Huo Yuhao (guess) apprentice: auspicious (because of congenital soulless power to be sent to the sea god island by his parents, and later Tang Sanjiao used Xuan Tiangong to use Xuan Tian Gong ) The avalanche (the emperor of the new heavenly Dou Empire) Xiao Dance
    Gender: Female Nickname: Soft Bone Charming Rabbit Level: 96 Cleansing Strong Attack Soul Soul Master (Douro Continent) ) (Peerless Tangmen) Identity: Lan Hao's wife, the mature period of the 100,000 -year -old soul beast (post -cultivation adults), the scholar of the Tangmen, the sorbe Dou Luo, the Slack seven monsters of the five martial arts: the soft bone rabbit soul ring : Purple, purple, purple, purple, black, black, red, red, red (top test rewards, all soul ring repair to improve 2,000 years) profile: Student Student Student, 96th -level close -up strong attack system super fighting Luo, the roommate and chief of the Tang Sannuo Junior Soul Teacher College, the 100,000 -year -old soul beast became a long -term. It was Liu Erlong's dry daughter and apprentice. In chapters of the 161st chapters of the Star Forest, they were chased by the Great Forest, and they lost their presence to sacrifice Tang San. They kept their lives with the help of "Acacia Broken Broken Intestinal Red" and turned back to the soft bone rabbit, unconscious. After absorbing a variety of elixir, chapters of 265 were resurrected by Tang San near the eyes of Binghuo. Soul skills: first soul skills: waist bow (Jiu -Jitsu) the second soul skills: charm (the pink light of radiation and temptation of the eyes, dizziness) Third Soul Skills: Instant (Instant Transfer 50 Me) Fourth Soul Skills : Invincible Golden Body (Invincible three seconds, it is a good trick for masters, only three times a day {except God -level}) Fifth Soul Scholarship: Soft Bone Lock (with the flexibility of the body, lock the opponent, not getting higher than himself, not getting herself up to himself The five -level soul power cannot be opened.) The sixth soul skills: nothingness (immune physical attack, 50 % energy attack), eight stages of killing (throwing the enemy eight times, Xiao Wu's natal soul ring ) Seventh soul skills: The softening bone changes seven (because Xiao Wu was originally a 100,000 -year -old soul beast, so it could no longer be turned into the true body of the martial arts. Soul Bone: Three Eyes Demon Fox Eighth Soul Scholarship: Unknown Ninth Soul Skills: Unknown Soul Bone: The Charm of the Spiritual Condensing Slotia (Enhanced Charm effect), the left arm bone of the soft bone charm rabbit (the bone of the bone) Coexistence (fusion with Tang San can make him take turns to use the power of the two gods of Hai God and Shura; Later Tang San directly became the god of Shura) adventure: take the fairy grass "acacia broken bowel red" and "crystal blood dragon ginseng" small dance relationship table : Husband: Tang San Daughter: Tang Xiaoqi (suspected Wang Donger) Future son -in -law: Huo Yuhao (speculation) Brothers: Daming (Tiansan Bull Python), Erming (Titan Giant) Dai Mubai
    Gender: Male nickname: Male nickname: Male nickname: Evil eyes White Tiger Level: Level 95 strong attack is super Douro identity: the three princes of the Star Luo Empire, Prince of Star Luo Empire, Elder Tang Men, Tangmen Xingtang Church (mainly responsible for handling all transactions in Tangmen), Baihu Dou Luo Shi Lake's Seven Monster Boss Wu Soul: White Tiger Soul Ring: Huang, Huang, Purple, Purple, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Red Brief: Student Study College, is the most powerful of the college students Middle Tangsan and Xiao Wu to participate in the study exist. Known as "evil eyes and white tiger". Ninety -five -level strong attack is Super Dou Luo, the Prince of the Star Luo Empire, and has married Zhu Zhuqing since he was a child. The fusion of the martial arts fusion with Zhu Zhuqing is extremely powerful, comparable to the power of the magic move. Soul skills: First Soul Skills: White Tiger Protective Barrier (50%of the defense ability) Second soul skills: white tiger luster wave (white light wave to attack) third soul skills: white tiger King Kong change (becoming more like white tiger and enhancement enhancement 50%) Fourth Soul Skills: White Tiger Star Shower (Send Meteor Shower to attack) Fifth Soul Scholarship: White Tiger Devil (Similar to White Tiger King Kong, enhances 150%) Sixth Soul Scholarship: White Tiger Drag the Seventh Soul Scholarship: White Tiger Zhen Body (becoming a white tiger enhanced 300%) Eighth Soul skills: Unknown (God given soul ring) Ninth Soul skills: Unknown (God to Soul Ring) Soul Bone: Hurricane Right legs of bloodthirsty The right arm bone (killed the Queen of the white -eyed demon tiger obtained) fusion soul skills: the strong martial arts fusion skills with Zhu Zhuqing -Ghost White Tiger Encounter: Take the "Kwar Oscar" Oscar
    Gender: Zhu Zhuqing: Zhu Zhuqing Male nickname: Sausage monopoly identity: Jiubao Liulizong's husband, deputy prince of Tangmen, Tangmen Logistics Minister, Food God Dou Luo, Shrek Seven Monster No. 2: 92 Food Series Twita Dou Luo Prepare Gods Soul ring: yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, black, black, red brief introduction: Student Strak College, orphans from Dean Frand. The only one among the seven monsters of Shrek, except Tang San, the innate martial arts beyond the little dance awakened the soul. It is the first food department on the mainland, Douro, a rare food department genius soul. It is called "Sausage Monopoly (Uncle Sausage)", and the ninety -two -level food department title Douro. In the end, the god of the gods was inherited. Soul skills: first soul skills: restore the large sausage (restore soul power, injury); Soul Mantra: Lao Tzu has the second soul of the Essential Sausage: detoxifying small sausage (detoxifying, removing the body's abnormal state); Soul Mantra: Lao Tzu has roots The third soul skills of the small sausage: fast flying mushroom sausage (which can fly quickly for 1 minute); Soul Mantra: Lao Tzu has mushroom sausages; soul beast: phoenix chicken crown snake fourth soul skills: excitement pink intestine (let yourself be all all itself The attribute enhanced 10%, without any side effects); Soul Mantra: Lao Tzu has a pink intestine; Soul Beast: Pink Mother Fifth Soul Skills: Beyond the Extreme Magic Green Sausage (Enhanced 50%of the fully attribute, but it will be weak for 3 days); Soul Soul; Soul Mantra: Lao Tzu has the sixth soul techniques of the roots of the green intestine: copy the mirror intestine (80%of the ability to copy others, but there must be a drop of ability of the master); Soul Mantra: Lao Tzu has a root mirror intestine; soul beast: mirror beast seventh Soul skills: strong gold flies (increase the speed of manufacturing and the effect of manufacturing by 30%, and use the skill power to enhance the skill of 50% after eating for others); Soul Mantra: Strong! Strong! Golden Fly!; Crystal caterpillar sausage (Treatment of 50 % injury and physical strength, if you want to have a role in others, you must have three drops of blood from others, but only 1 can be made in 7 days, without the shelf life); Soul Mantra: Lao Tzu has root hairs Cycloils; the ninth soul skills of God's soul ring: half of the diamond sausage (restore half of the soul, physical strength, and mental power, and the production of strong gold flies will double the diamond sausage, which can restore all physical, soul, spiritual strength, and spiritual spirit. Force); Soul Mantra: Lao Tzu has roots diamond intestinal soul bone: Mirror beast skull martial arts fusion skills: fusion with Ning Rongrong's martial arts — Resurrectional light conditions: The body was not broken during the hour after death. After the resurrection, the strength recovered 50 %. Ning Rongrong and Oscar lost their soul for a month at the same time. (Resurrection of the Tang Dynasty recruited a real resurrection, lost the soul for one year) Against: take the "eight petals fairy orchids", the wife of the god of food: Ning Rongrong Ma Hongjun
    Gender: Male nickname : Evil Fire Phoenix Identity: Bai Yanxiang's husband, deputy prince of Tangmen, and Tangmen Wutangtang (mainly responsible for Tangmen's future combat actions), Phoenix Douro, Slack Seven Monster Fourth Level: 94 strong attack system Dou Luo Wu Soul: Fire Phoenix (Wuhun mutant evil fire phoenix, later purified) Soul ring: yellow, yellow, purple, purple, purple, black, black, black, black, red, red brief: Student Strak College, "Evil Fire Phoenix" It is known as the beast martial arts fire Phoenix, which is a mutant martial arts. On the influence of itself, it needs to be resolved by a woman, and then uses the immortal medicine of the chicken crown of the chicken crown in the eyes of Tang Sanjiebing and the eyes. Later, he became the nine phoenix evolved in the seven phoenixes of Douro. Soul skills: First Soul Skills: Phoenix Fire (Radio a Flame) Second Soul Skills: Phoenix (30%of the Phoenix Flame at the time of opening) Third Soul Skills: Phoenix Tianxiang (temporarily having a flight ability, at the same time ignite the second to ignite the second Soul skills have raised the Phoenix Flame instantly 100 %, and the attack range increased by 50 %) Fourth Soul Scholarship: Phoenix Xiaotian Strike (backhand restriction skills, unable to lock the opponent, the opponent will dizzy and be rushed to the sky within 5 meters. The magma burning); Soul Beast: The Fifth Soul of the King of the Earth: Phoenix Meteor Shower (using Meteor Shower attack) Sixth Soul Scholarship: Phoenix Through Cloud Strike (Fourth Soul Technology Enhancement Edition, Single Attack Skills); God Seventh soul skills of the soul ring: Wu soul true body (becoming seven fire phoenixes, promoting the title Douro as the nine fire phoenix) Eighth Soul skills: unknown ninth soul skills: unknown field: Phoenix field Soul bone: Blasting the flames of the flames of the right arm bone adventure: Take the "chicken crown phoenix sunflower" to resolve the evil fire and purify the martial arts. Ten Shiyang Snake Nei Dan and obtained the seventh soul ring -Phoenix's true body. Under the action of Neidan, the fat is all gone. Wife: Bai Shenxiang Ning Rongrong
    Gender: Women's nickname: Jiubao Liuli identity: Jiubao Liulito Lord, Tangmen Deputy Lord, Tangmen Finance Minister, Jiucai Dou Luo, Ninecorus Goddess Level: 94 Grade Auxiliary Title Douluo Prepare God: Jiucai God Women's Martial Arts: Jiubao Liuli Tower (formerly Qibao Liuli Tower) Soul Ring: purple, purple, black, black, black, black, red, red, red (top seven tests All soul ring repair is a total of 7,500 years). Introduction: Study of Shrek College is the only daughter of the Qi Bao Liulizong Lord Ning Feng to the only daughter, and the new master of Jiubao Liulizong after the rename. The ninety -four -level auxiliary is the title Douro. The Jiubao Liuli Tower is the most powerful auxiliary instrumental martial arts, and the auxiliary power is extremely powerful during actual combat. Finally, I won the Soul of the Jiucai Goddess: First Soul Skills: Power increase (increase force) Second soul skills: speed increase (increase speed) third soul skills: soul force increase (increase soul power) fourth soul skills: Defense increase (increased defense) Fifth Soul Skills: attack increase (increase attack) Sixth Soul Skills: Properties (increase attributes) Seventh soul skills: Nine Treasure True Body (decreased by 50%) Eighth Soul Skills : Jiuba Shen Optical Body (9 attacks below the ninth soul skills, and absorb it at the same time) Ninth Soul Scholarship: Jiuba Invincible God Light (Invincible 10 seconds, block any attack. It can work. You can also act on others, you can use 10 times a day without consuming any soul power.) Wuhun fusion skills: fusion with Oscar's martial arts -resurrection light conditions: (Tong Oscar) (because Tang San) (because Tang San) (because Tang San) For the sea god, after the resurrection, Ning Rongrong and Oscar lost their soul for one year at the same time): the space of the fantasy (improving the spiritual power of the friendly army, confusing the enemy) soul bone: the fantasy wisdom soul bone adventure: take the fairy grass given by Tang San "Luo Yu" overcomes the defects of Wuhun, and has evolved into the Jiubao Liuli Tower. The reward was obtained through the top seven tests, and the level of the soul ring has been improved for thousands of years. When he was promoted to the title of Douluo, he became the inheritor of the Ninecolus goddess. Husband: Oscar Father: Ning Feng Zhizhi Zhu Zhuqing
    Gender: Female Nickname: Ghost Ling Cat identity: Star Luo Empire Prince, Elder Tang Men, Tangmen Lord (mainly responsible for discussing some important events of Tangmen), ghost Douro, Slak Seven Monster Seven Grade: Level 93 Scholarship is the title Dou Luo Wuhun: Ghost Cat Soul Ring: Yellow, Huang, Purple, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Red, Red Jane: Student Student Student Students , Fast speed, strong attack destructive power. The daughter of the nobles of the Star Empire and married Dai Mubai since she was a child. Ninety -three levels of sensitivity to the title Douro, with Dai Mubai's martial arts fusion technology, the ghost white tiger is very powerful. Soul skills: First Soul Skills: Ghost Sudden Stab (quickly assassinate others) The second soul skills: Ghost Hundred Claws (100 Claws) Third Soul Skills: Ghost Step (use full strength to cut down) Fourth Soul Skill Shadow Body (Division) Soul Beast: Ghost Tiger Fifth Soul Skills: Ghost Film is connected (the strength of the separation of the body) Sixth Soul Scholarship: Ghost Appendix (Enhanced 300%) Seventh Soul Scholarship: Ghost Cat) Eighth Soul Scholarship: Unknown Ninth Soul Skills: Unknown Soul Bone: The left -legged left leg bone (after the death of Ghost Dou Luo) fusion soul skills: with Dai Mubai's powerful martial arts fusion skills- —Chising White Tiger Encounter: Take the "Cao Cao" Square Muscle Bone "husband: Dai Mubai edited other characters Tang Hao (Tang San's father, Haotian Douro) Gender: Male level: 97 -level title: Haotian Qiang Attack Series Title Dou Luo Soul Ring: Huang, Yellow, Purple, Purple, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Red Brief: Later, because of the healing and returning the soul of the Zongmen soul, the two limbs (right arm and left leg) were reduced. Grade seventy -five. After Tang San became the title Dou Luo, the wildfire with the right leg of the blue silver emperor was endless, and the spring breeze was blowing again and again, and returned to the peak Dou Luo. With the help of Tang San, he opened up the meridians to level 97. One of the three major artisans in Douro.妻子:阿银儿子:唐三阿银(唐三的母亲,70级魂圣)性别:女(十万年蓝银皇化形,成熟期)武魂:蓝银皇魂环:黄、黄、 Purple, purple, black, black, black (slightly red in each soul ring) profile: Douro's mother of Tang San, a mature soul beast of the Emperor Blue Silver Emperor of the Emperor Douro, was forced to be forced by the Martial Arts Hall. Protect Tang San's father and commit suicide. Leave a seed and grow in the eyes of Binghuo. Now it has re -turned into human form with the help of Tang San. Husband: Tang Hao's son: Tang Sanyu Xiaogang (teacher of Tang San, Blue Electric King) Gender: Male level: Level 50 Martial Arts: Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus Dragon strongly mutation -Luo San cannon, can be with Frand and Liu Er Dragon's martial arts martial arts fusion "Golden Holy Dragon". Soul ring: yellow, yellow, purple, and purple first soul skills: fart like thunder -the cracking of the earth Luo Sanmu second soul skills: fart like smoke -hypnosis and sleeping Luo three cannon third soul skills: unknown fourth soul Techniques: Unknown Fifth Soul Level: Unknown Brief Introduction: People call it a master. He is the teacher of Tang San, the Empire Empire, and one of the dean of Shrek College. Famous figures in Wuhunjie, master of theoretical flow. Although its strength is not strong, it has a very in -depth research on Wuhun. It has published the theory of "the top ten core competitiveness of Wuhun", which is known as the invincible theory of martial arts. Because of its uprightness, it is not understood, and many theories are shocking and shocking. He was born in the Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus family, and Flander, Dean of Shrek College, and Liu Erlong of the Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus family also called the Golden Iron Triangle. The corner of wisdom in the Golden Iron Triangle. With the help of Tang San's Xianyao Jiupin Zizhi, the master's breakthrough level restrictions made the Golden Iron Triangle greatly changed. Later, he looked at the relationship with Liu Erlong and looked at her. (绝世唐门中说明大师留下了后代,且武魂为黄金圣龙)柳二龙性别:女武魂:火龙(蓝电霸王龙变异)魂环:黄、黄、紫、紫、黑、 Black, black, black (8 ring soul Dou Luo) profile: Yuan Lanba College Dean, the corner of the golden iron triangle killing, the master's wife (famous), and the master of the master. Eighty -one strong attack is soul Douro. One of the people who are extremely sturdy, one of the scared people. Uncle Yu Xiaogang's illegitimate daughter, with her mother's surname. Zeng blood washed a soul beast forest. Frand Gender: Male Martial Arts: Cat Eagle Soul Ring: Yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, black, black, black (8 ring soul Dou Luo) profile: President of Shrek College, the Golden Iron Triangle Flight The horn. The flight speed is extremely fast, the attack power is strong, the 83 -level sensitivity attack is the soul Dou Luo, and the golden iron triangle is flying. Gold and Iron Triangle: The three -in -one martial arts fusion skills jointly issued by the master (Yu Xiaogang), Liu Erlong, and Frander. During the skill exhibition, unless the three souls consume light, they cannot cause harm to it. At the same time, it is also very good for wealth. Skill effect: Make Luo San artillery into pseudo -golden Shenglong Zhao Wuji Gender: Male Wushuma: Dali King Kong Bear Soul Ring: Yellow, yellow, purple, black, black, black, black (8 ring soul Dou Luo) First Soul Scholarship: Do not move King King's Body Second Soul Soul: Divine King Kong's third soul skills: gravity enhanced the fourth soul skills: positioning and tracking the fifth soul skills: gravity squeezing the sixth soul skills: unknown seventh soul skills: The eighth soul skills of Wuhun Zhen's body: Unknown profile: Unknown King of Ming Dynasty, once the bad character that was all the rage. Later, he went to Slak College as a teacher. Although his appearance was fierce, he was very kind and very short -term, and loved the seven monsters of Shrek. Ningfeng to gender: Male martial arts: Qibao Liuli Tower Level: 79 Soul Ring: Yellow, Huang, Purple, Purple, Black, Black, Black (Qibao Liuli Tower can only have seven soul rings) The father of Slack Seven Monster Ning Rongrong was hailed as the first auxiliary soul master of Douro. During a sneak attack in Wuhun Temple, Qibao Liulitong personnel lost heavy losses, but the direct disciples survived under the protection of Tang San's hidden weapon. Gender Gender: Male Wu Soul: Seven Kill Sword Level: 97 Soul Ring: Yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, black, black (9 ring strong attack system Dou Luo) Two One of the two titles of Liulizong, 97th level, is one of the few titles in the world today. Wu Soul Seven Kill Sword. He was killed in the battle with Bibidong. Gourge of Gu Rong: Male Wu Soul: Bone Dragon Level: 95 Soul Ring: Yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, black, black (9 ring titled Dou Luo) Title: Bone Introduction: Seven Bao Liulizong Zongzong One of the two titles Douro, the ninety -five -level title Douro was killed in the battle with Bidong. Baihe Gender: Male Wushuma: Swift Swallow Soul Ring: Yellow, Huang, Purple, Purple, Black, Black, Black, Black (8 Ring Pure Min Soul Dou Luo) profile: The head of the family, Grandpa Tang San's grandfather, Grandma of Tang San Grandpa Bai agarwood. At present, the master of Tangmen Minsang, the master, is responsible for the alertness. The first person on the mainland of Douro. When he took his best to fly, he was said to fly through the Douro continent within three days. The eighty -fifth level of pure sensitivity is soul Dou Luo. Yang invincible gender: Male martial arts: Breaking Soul Gun Soul Ring: Yellow, Huang, Purple, Purple, Black, Black, Black, Black (8 Ring Pure Soul Soul Dou Luo) profile The owner of the door medicine. Eighty -four -level strong attack is the soul Douro, which is comparable to the title Douro. Gender: Male Wu Soul: Banjia giant rhino soul ring: yellow, yellow, purple, purple, purple, black, black, black, black (8 ring pure defense soul Dou Luo) profile: Tangmen Yutang Lord. Eighty -seven -level defense soul Dou Luo. Titan Gender: Male Martial Arts: Hill Orangutan Soul Ring: Yellow, yellow, purple, purple, purple, black, black, black, black (8 ring strong attack soul Dou Luo) profile: one of the tribe of power, vice chairman of the blacksmith association, now now The master of Tangmen Litang, one of the three major artisans in the world. Bibidong (Rakshasa) Gender: Woman Wu Soul: Death Spider Emperor, Soul Eater Emperor's Two Soul Soul Ring: Death Emperor: Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Red, Green, Green Golden Soul Spirit Emperor: Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Red, Red, Red, Gold Grade: Hundred -level Control Department God God Occupation: Rakshasa God Costume: Introduction : The first villain of "Douro Continent" was raped by the pope of the pope. The current pope, the founder of the Wuhun Empire and the first pope. The twin martial arts, the first person to restrain the soul ring. Because of the relationship between Tang San's mother -a 100,000 -year -old soul beast, A Yin has great hatred with Haotianzong and Tang Hao's family. There is a relationship with Yu Xiaogang. In the last chapter, he died to save Qian Xuexue and suffered the last hit of Shura Tang three. Before his death, he told the master why he left the master and why the secret of the Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus family was kind. Qianzhangxue (God of Angel) Gender: Woman Wu Soul: Six -Wing Angel Soul Ring: Black, black, black, black, black, black, black, red, red, red, gold, gold : Angel God Costume: Angel Field Effect: 1. Angel purification; 2. Angel comes to an artifact: Angel Holy Sword (Sun Holy Sword) Introduction: The daughter of the Pope of the Martial Arts Temple in the previous generation. The camouflage was pretended to be the snow Qinghe, and he wanted to poison the snowy night, replaced him, and was broken by Tang Sanzhi. Grandpa is one of the ninety -nine strongers who only have three people. In Chapter 198, he officially broke with Bibidong and accepted the nine tests of angels. In the chapters of Chapter 287, in the last match with Tang San, he attacked Tang San and used his soul to cause martial arts to crush, lose his god, and love Tang San deeply. Posexi Wushun: Hai Shen Soul Ring: Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Red Sex: Female Grade: Ninety -nine (Nine Ring Qiang Attacks Peak Dou Luo) Title: Ship God Introduction: Sea Gods: Hai God The island's sacrifice, one of the three peaks of Dou Luo, is the spokesperson for the former Haixian Bo Sai Dong, and love Tang Chen deeply. The sacrifice for Tang San's Haixian, but with the help of the sea god, he had the ungrate soul and could always be with Tang Chen. Qian Dao Liu Soul: Six -Wing Angel Soul Ring: Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Red Sex: Male Level: Ninety -nine (Nine Ring Qiang Dou Luo Half -God People ) Title: Angel. Introduction: The great dedication of Wuhun Temple, one of the three peaks of Dou Luo, undertake a sacrifice for the Chuan of the Angels of Qian Xuexue. Like Poseis was rejected. It is more timid. Tang Chen Wuhun: Haotian Hammer Soul Ring: Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Red Sex: Male Level: Ninety -nine (Nine Ring Qiang Dou Luo Dou Luo Half -God) Title: Hao Hao God's profile: Tang San's great -grandfather, one of the three peaks of Dou Luo, loves Poseis deeply, made a promise that is not a god, and does not return. However, the eighth test of the Jiuluo Nine Exams was lost, and became the king of killing in the killing capital. Because the killing capital was destroyed by Tang San's kiss of the snowy swan of Xiancao, he came to revenge Tang San and Hu Liena. When he met Tang San, he retrieved the mind in the light of Tang San's sea god. However, because of the huge Shura divine power in the body, he injected all his ability into the Shura Demon Sword before dying, leaving Tang San, and provided Tang San with the possibility of inheriting the Shura god. The soul can always be with Poseis. Bai agarwood gender: female martial arts: sharp -tailed swallow soul ring: yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black (seven rings Minh soul saint) profile: Tangmen's granddaughter's granddaughter, accompanied Tang San, they went to the sea god The island, Ma Hongjun's pursuit of the object, and then accepted Ma Hongjun. Husband: Ma Hongjun

  2. Tang Sanqian Hand Dou Luo No. 1 Wushun: Lan Yinhuang Second Wuhun: Haotian Hammer Level: One Hundred
    Little Dance Soft Bone Dou Luo Martial Arts: Soft Bone Rabbit Level: Ninety -five
    Oscar Food God Dou Luo Wu Soul: Sausage Grade: Ninety -two
    Ning Rongrong Jiucai Dou Luo Wu Soul: Jiubao Liuli Tower Level: 94
    Level: Ninety -three
    Dai Mu White Tiger Dou Luo Wu Soul: White Tiger Level: Ninety -five
    Wuhun: Haotian Hammer Level: Ninety -seven (Restore)
    Dusu poisoning Dou Luo Wu Soul: Pistphus snake emperor level: 92
    Wuhun Temple (now Wuhun Empire) Five Elders
    Hantong Five Elders
    Intersection Intersection
    In ghost ghost Dou Luo martial arts: Ghost charm level: ninety -four to 95
    month Guanju Dou Luo martial arts: Qi Zongtong Tianju Level: 94 to 95
    dust heart heart Sword Dou Luo Wuhun: The Sword of the Ruling -Seven Killing Level: Ninety -seven (Dead)
    Dou Luo Wuhun: Snake Spear Level: Ninety -one or Ninety -two
    Soul: Skeleton Level: Ninety -five (dead)
    Thousands of flow angel Douro level: Ninety -nine martial arts: Six -wing angel
    : Hai Shen
    The Tang Chen Haotian Dou Luo Level: Ninety -nine Martial Arts: Haotian Hammer
    Seven lords on Hai Shen Island
    The blue electric tyrants and other 2 people
    Shenglong Tuoba Greek (Shenglong Zongzong Lord) Wuhun: Dragon Level: Ninety -one
    The two dedicated gold crocodile Dou Luo Wuhun: Golden Crocodile King Level: Ninety -eight
    Jun Dou Luo, Demon Dou Luo Level: Ninety -six Martial Arts: Panlong Stick
    Demon Bear Dou Luo. The level is unknown. Wushun Blood Demon Bear ... One of the eight buckets

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