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  1. The world's largest diamond (Kulinan diamond) is 3106 carats, 621.2 grams.
    The largest gemstone in the world is called "Kulinan" (weighing 3106 carats, 621.2 grams), and its discovery is quite accidental. On January 25, 1905, there was a manager named Wales in Pleomir mine in South Africa (Azania). Occasionally, a shining thing was exposed on the ground of the mine. He dug it out with a knife. At first glance, it was a huge gem diamond. It is equivalent to the fist of an adult man. It is pure and transparent, with a light blue tone, and is the best gem diamond. Until now, it is the largest gemstone found in the world.
    In 1907, the local government of South Africa's Delanza gave the giant drill to King Edward VII. The British king handed over the project of the giant drill to the famous Dutch Ashir, which had processed large drills such as "noble". After taking over the project, the company studied the giant diamond for several months. On February 10, 1908, the giant diamond was split into several large pieces and processed 9 large drills and 98 small diamonds. (Weighing 9.5 carats) The rough stone was not processed. The total amount of the processed finished drills is 1063.65 carats, and the largest diamonds processed are named "Curini Ⅰ", also known as Africa Star, weighing 530.02 carats, which are pear -shaped diamonds. "Curin II" is a corner -cutting drill, weighing 317.4 carats. "Curon III" is a pear -shaped drill, weighing 95 carats, "Curinn IV" is a square diamond, weighing 64 carats, and a heart -shaped drill weigh 19 carats, two horse -eyed diamonds, respectively L1, respectively L1, respectively. .5 carats and 8.8 carats, the last two of them were rectangular drills (weighing 6.8 carats), and rugby diamonds (weighing 4 carats). The four diamonds were inlaid on the crown of the UK. In the treasure trove of Wickfield Teta.

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