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    In order to let your paper origami box, you will need two square papers. I prefer to use the clipboard paper in this project, because it is slightly thicker and gives you a stronger box. The result of a 12 -inch × 12 -inch clingling paper is a 4 1/4 -inch × 4 1/4 -inch box. You can choose paper that matches the base and lid, or choose two slightly different patterns to increase the contrast of the project.
    It the origami gift box, please fold the paper level. Expand, then fold vertically. Expand to display cross -crease patterns. Fold each corner to the middle until your paper looks like a photo on the left side of the photo.
    It the top and bottom of the paper to the center of the paper. Expand.
    This folding the left and right sides to the center of the paper.
    In the two corners of the diagonal and fold the other two corners. Rub the corners with your index finger and pull the third edge upwards. Fold the top flip to form the side of the box. Repeat the box on the other side.
    If you plan to use a box to give a heavy gift, use a rubber stick or double -sided tape to fix the wing to increase the intensity.
    The second piece of paper is cut to measure the base of about 11 1/2 inch x 11 1/2 inches, and repeat steps 1-4 folding folding gift box.
    It decorate your origami gift box as needed. The origami heart, the origami lotus frame, and the origami Christmas star jewelry are all the great accents of this simple carton cover. If you are in a hurry, you can use a coordinated color to tie a beautiful bow with Robin Ribbon.

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