I want to take the graduate student of the jewelry major of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), that predecessor pointed out

I want to take the graduate student of the jewelry major of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). .. .. ..

3 thoughts on “I want to take the graduate student of the jewelry major of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), that predecessor pointed out”

  1. For civilians, if you can't engage in jewelry design and production, you can only do jewelry sales or marketing. Some students who have passed the FGA can only be a salesperson if they have no political and economic background in their homes. If there is a theoretical foundation, you can consider the theoretical research of the postgraduate entrance examination and go to be a jewelry theorist. Such as Yang Mingxing, Yuan Xinqiang. However, those who have passed the CGC (National Registered Baoyu Stone Inspector) are generally masters in the jewelry industry and are the highest golden exams in China's jewelry industry. After passing the work of general institutions or customs, it has been treated with a lot of treatment.
    gic and FGA
    , DGA, etc. cannot be compared with CGC. Like the GIC Examination School, he has written and performed himself. Basically, it is a noun explanation and a short answer. Many secondary vocational students have basically passed. CGC has the most difficulty in the country. It is not the migration of mixing, it can be easily.
    It 4,550 yuan to internal candidates. More than 9,000 outside, FGA costs more than 15,000 yuan. If you are engaged in sales or marketing, the cost of this kind of professionalism is too great. Graduates are mainly marketing or sales, and there are few people who can really engage in design and production.
    The low base salary for sales is mainly to earn a commission. The basic salary is not much different from other industries, but how many people buy non -living essential products such as jewelry jewelry? Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Its natural gemstones are often not as selling gemstones faster than artificially synthetic gemstones.

  2. China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) English comprehensive examination 2002-2006 translation and writing 2002-2006 French (outside) 2003-2006 German (outside) 2003-2006 Japanese (outside) 2004-2006 ) 2004-2006 English (Foreign 2) 2004 2004 Integrated Russian 2004 Russian Writing 2004 Education 2004 2005 Management Principles 2002-2006 Ordinary Psychology 2004-2006 Safety Psychology 2005-2006 Higher Mathematics 2000 —— In 2006, there is another 2005 test outline gemstology 2005-2006 Western economics 2002-2006 Data structure 2000-2006 (of which 2000 lack of page) Data structure and program design 2004 operating system 1998, 2000 environment and resource protection law 2006 2006 2006 Comprehensive knowledge (environment and resource protection law) 2004-006 signal and system 2002 circuit, signal and system 2002-006 single -chip microcomputer principle and application 2002-2006 Geophysical foundation (applicable to marine geological, solid earth physics) 2002 2002 ——Cathery Earth Physics Introduction 2005-2006 Introduction to Earth Physics 2002-2005 Drilling Craft Principles 2005 Analysis Chemistry 2002-2006 Polymer Chemistry 2005 Safety System Engineering 2002-2006 Program Design 2005-2006 C language 2002 —— 2006 C language program design 2002-2006 Measurement level 2002-2005 Photography Surveying 2005 Introduction to Materials 2002-006 Geographic Information System 2002-2006 Geographic Information System A 2004 Geographic Information System B 2004 Landform Studies and No. 1 Fourth Geology 2002-12006 Geochemical 2002-2006 Electronic Technology Basics 2002-2006 Geology Basics 2002-2006 Palental Biology History 2002-2006 Deposition Environment and Deposition 2005-2006 Engineering Mechanics 2002-2006 Geological Foundation (History History of Science and Technology) 2003-2004 Geological Foundation (Professional Major) 2003 Engineering Geology 2002-2005 Engineering Geology Basics 2004-006 Environmental Science Introduction 2002 2004-2006 Environmental Science Principles 2004 Water Pollution Control Engineering 2005-2006 Marine Geology 2002-2006 Crystal Stry 2002-2006 Crystal Optics and Optical Mineral 2 002-12006 Analysis of geometric and higher algebra 2002-2006 Mechanical Design 2002-2005 Mechanical Figures 2002-2003 Mineral Survey and Exploration 2002-2004 2006 Mineral Evaluation and Evaluation 2004-2006 % Mineral Forecast and Mining Forecast Forecast 2004 Mining Studies 2002-12006 Marxist Philosophy Principles 2002-2006 Ordinary Geology 2002-2006 Ecology 2005-2006 Social Statistics 2002-2005 Hydrogeology 2002-2006 Mathematics Analysis 2002-2006 Petroleum, Petroleum, Petroleum, Geological 2002 Ideological Political Education Principles 2002-1006 Earth Mechanics 2002-2006 Physics Chemistry 2002-006 Organic Chemistry 2002-2004 Inorganic Chemistry 2004-2006 Oil Layer Physics 2002-2003 Application Deposition 2002-2006 Nature Nature Geography 2003-2006 Land Economy 2002-2006 Petroleum and Natural Gas Geology 2003-2006 Modern Science and Technology Basic Knowledge 2003 —— 2006 Mapology 2003-2004 2006 Environment 2006 Economic Geography 2004 2005 University Chemistry 2004 Computer Basics 2004 Application Mineral Science 2004 Sociology Theory and Methods 2004-2006 Public Policy 2004-2006 Art History Theory 2004-2006 Land Resource Science 2004-2006 Resource and Environmental Law 2004 Psychology 2004-2006 Education Management 2004 —— 2006 Education Psychology 2004 — 2006 Health Psychology 2004 Psychology Health 2004 Structure Sketch 2004 2005 Animation Creation (Bare) 2005 Music and Work Analysis 2005 Environment and Resource Economics 2003 —— 2006 Earth Study Remote Sensing Introduction 2004 2005 Land Use Plan 2004-2006 continuous media mechanics 2004 Rock Science 2004-2006 Environmental Chemistry 2004-2006 Stranging Principles 2004 Constructor 2002-2006 Molecular Biology 2004 Section Construction Studiology 2004 Earth Science Introduction 2004 Petroleum Structure Analysis 2004 Material Science Introduction 2004 Machinery Manufacturing Crafts 2004-2006 Crystal Science 2004 Powder Metallurgy 2004 Rock Physical Mechanics 2004-2006 Foundation 2004 Data Kuogai 2004 2005 Industrial Economics 2004 Ordinary Physics 2004 Oil and Gas Testing Well 2004 Oil and Gas (Floor) 2004-2006 operations 2004 Microeconomics 2005-2006 Accounting Principles 2004 2005 Intermediate Financial Accounting 2004 2005 Financial Management 2004 2004 ——Taida Tourism Introduction 2004-2006 Tourism Area Planning and Management 2004 —— 2006 Administrative Management 2004 —— 2006 Land Management Science 2004 Environmental Art Design Quick (Bare Hand) 2004 2005 Coal Field Geology 2005 Ocean Science Introduction 2005 2006 2006 2006 Introduction to Earth Physics 2005 2006 Ocean Earth Chemistry 2004 2005 Environmental Resources Law 2005

  3. Some information about the postgraduate entrance examination
    The extraction code: IMEF If there is a problem with the information, please ask for additional inquiry

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