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  1. the world's most luxurious famous brand jewelry:

    1. Van Cleef Arpels

    the Paris jeweler van Cleef Arpels is famous for its impeccable gem and innovative history, which makes its works absolutely eternal. Its iconic patterns include Alhambra, which was first created by maison in 1968. The clover shaped design is considered to bring good luck; Flower design; And butterflies. As you can see, many of its design themes are nature centered

    2. Cartier

    few brands are more classic than Cartier, a Paris jewelry brand famous for its elegant design. The love bracelet, which debuted around the 1970s, is one of Cartier's most iconic designs. The ultimate symbol of love, the bracelet is screwed on, which means it can be worn forever. Another classic is juste UN clou series, which is a reimagining of daily necessities - nails, although Cartier's interpretation is made of gold and diamonds. Then there is the Panth รจ re pattern - by far, it is one of the most well-known design elements that first appeared in the series in 1914

    3. Tiffany company

    Tiffany's breakfast may have increased the reputation of this jewelry store, but its story actually began in 1837. Tiffany is famous for its engagement rings, silver jewelry and high-end jewelry works, which are the most luxurious. When adding to your own collection, look at the heart-shaped jewelry designed by ELSA Peretti, the iconic "Tiffany T" collection, the rope design or the cuffs designed by Paloma Picasso. Or more rarely, the brand is known for its collaborations with some of the most talented artists of the 20th and 21st centuries

    4. Graf

    not all famous jewelry stores have a history of 100 years; Graff was founded in the 1960s and quickly became one of the most famous diamond suppliers. Graf purchases rare and perfect diamonds, focusing on quality above all else. The brand produces timeless jewelry, such as pear shaped diamond pendant earrings or graded diamond necklaces, designed to capture the light of every movement. Graf features other gems, such as sapphire, but is mainly concentrated in its high-end jewelry series

    5. Hairy Winston

    hairy Winston, an American jeweler, is known as the "king of diamonds" for purchasing the best diamonds and colored gemstones. Herry Winston eschews trends and prefers classic designs. He is famous for his engagement rings and colorful high-end jewelry. The brand's diamonds have only the top color and clarity grade, and are usually inlaid in platinum. Among these series, cluster, forget me not and decorative art series are perennial favorites. However, the brand does have daily high-end jewelry, such as the Winston gates series

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