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  1. Deformation, overlapping, segmentation, expansion
    vintage materials are not valuable, often gold -plated silver, synthetic metals, artificial crystals, and artificial pearls. During the war, precious metals and precious gems were restricted to use in jewelry. Although the material is not expensive, the designers and the production workshop are all the top, and in terms of craftsmanship, it is also complicated and exquisite. Of course, these fashion jewelry was also valuable in that year.

  2. Vintage's popular saying is OLD, but it is not just synonymous. Vintage actually represents a kind of light that never die. It is created by the past fashion pioneers and has become popular, but it can still be passed down to this day and is still where everyone is everyone Love, collect.

    and Vintage's jewelry is Costume Jewelry, that is, fashion jewelry or artificial jewelry, usually appeared in the 20th century. The only one has a collection value. They are not only jewelry, but also the temperature of the historical heritage

    Vintage jewelry craftsmanship, such as enamel color craftsmanship, inlaid process, gold -plated, old glazed crafts
    n filaments Inlaid, although it seems simple, the crafts are very complicated. It has a series of points of technical styling through the pumping, push, silk, and compilation, and then use the welding process to make the chassis of the jewelry, plus the gemstone’s gemstone’s The embellishment, the sense of layering is clear, and the three -dimensional sense is very strong.

    enamel color craftsmanship is a very ancient process that has been circulating so far. Enamel is mainly divided into: enamel, inner enamel, silk enamel jewelry is very gorgeous, with gem -like luster and texture, resistant to resistance, resistant Corrosion, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, waterproof moisture and moisture, hard and solid, non -aging without deterioration, after thousands of years without fading, without losing light. This is also an important reason why Vintage jewelry has been collected so far.

    This inlaid process. In the 20th century, most designers will choose artificial pearls, artificial crystals, etc. to inlaid them on the base jewelry. Most of the designers are top flowing, they will use superb craftsmanship and choose top workshops for production.

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