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  1. Towel brands are recommended: Christy, Hammacher, Yun Tao, Sanli Towel, Jieliya, Leron, Inland.
    1, Christy
    The invention of towels came from this brand born in 1850. It has a history of 168 years. The second year of Christy became the royal towel of Queen Victoria at that time. Since its establishment, the award has continued. In 1988, it also became the official towel supplier of the Wimbledon Championship. The Christy used by players in the center of the stadium also became the iconic element of the championship.
    2, Sanli towels
    Sanli Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1986. It is a large private enterprise mainly made in wool spinning and clothing in the top ten brands of towels. It has been rated as "consumer trustworthiness product". Since its establishment, the company has continuously innovated the products and focused on the quality of product production. Its towels use the best quality raw materials.

    3, in -field
    Speaking of towels that can be used for small baby, many fashionable hot moms' first impression is Uchino. The Japanese pay attention to details, 1947 Since its establishment, it has become Japan's largest towel product manufacturer, and this attitude towards the ultimate requirements for the product is indispensable. The field has obtained the international security standard OEKO-Tex® Class 1 (infant) certification. This is the strictest quality standard for the towel industry, so you can rest assured to use it for babies.

  2. The world's top towel brands are: Hammacher Schlemmer, D.Porthault. Domestic brands include: Gold, Jieliya, Furi, Yongliang.
    1, Hammacher Schlemmer
    hammacher Schlemmer was founded in 1848. It is a new institution in New York. Hammacher has high requirements for the quality of the goods sold. Each piece of goods sold.
    2, D.Porthault
    d.Porthault is a French luxury luxury brand. It was founded in 1920. Its reputation is prominent. Drey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Duke of Windsor, and many governments, fashion, film and social celebrities are loyal users of D. Porthault.
    3, Gold
    Suga Gold Weaving Industry Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1968. It is a combination of textiles, printing and dyeing, and composing deep processing. Various series of home textile decoration products such as decoration, bathroom supplies.
    4, Yongliang
    Oy Liang Liang towel was established in 1992. In 2002, Shanghai Yongliang Sales Company was established to focus on the quality of the towel for 20 years. Quality and high -quality services have quickly ranked among the first -tier brands of the China National Textile Industry.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer China's top ten towel brands rankings 1. Jieliya 2. Furi Jieyu 3. Gold 4. Bamboo Jinco 5. Yugura 6. Xilin Gate 7. Figure strong towels 8. 3. Three. Three. Three. Three. Link 10. Twin -light towels are a kind of textile fabric that needs to be directly exposed to the skin, so many people have high requirements for towels. A soft and comfortable towel can protect our skin from being stimulated and avoid damage to the skin barrier.nHello, can the answer help you? If there are other questions, please consult me ​​at 24 hours. There are no other questions. You can click on the dialogue in advance and give you a hand -raising work. It is the motivation for my progress. If I think my answer is still satisfactory, please click my avatar one -on -one consultation next time. Thank you, I wish you good health and a happy mood!

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  5. Under normal circumstances, what we call a towel refers to wiping the body, including facial towels, bath towels, scarfs, and so on. The nine towels (Christy, Mirajan Towel Airkaol, Da Pu, MUJI, IKEA, STOSTO, and Jieliya) are all major brands of facial towel products.

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