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  1. In Christian society, on the day of Ping An, every Christmas tree must be placed according to tradition. That night, the whole family reunited in the living room, singing Christmas songs next to the Christmas tree, exchanging gifts from each other, sharing the joy and sorrow in life, expressing the inner blessings and love, and praying for the happiness of the coming year.
    In Iceland, Christmas will start at 6 pm on Christmas Eve. The church bell will be knocked. People will enjoy holiday dinner with their families, and then dismantle gifts and spend the evening together. In North America, most families will dismantle gifts on Christmas morning. For divorced families, children may be celebrated with one of their father or mother for two days.
    It gifts in Spain will not be opened in the morning until January 6th. Many traditional Christmas stories happen on Christmas Eve. Because Australia and New Zealand are located in the southern hemisphere, it is midsummer during Christmas Eve and Christmas, so many people will celebrate the holiday outdoors, such as surfing the sea or barbecue.
    In Japan, most people rarely pay attention to the religious significance of Christmas or Christmas Eve. Most of the young people are affected by commercial hype. They equate Christmas with gift exchange, carnival, or Valentine's Day. Young people will party. Couples often date and eat big meals on Christmas nights. The phenomenon of the church. Japanese Christmas usually eat fried chicken and strawberry cream cake.
    Although the mainland region has not been in Ping An Night for a long time, similar to other countries and regions in East Asia, urban residents go to the streets to shop and entertain. At the same time on Ping An Night in 2015, there is a new folk customs for Ping An Night in mainland China. These packaged apples are called "safe fruit", and most of them are higher than unpacking ordinary apples. "Homesty takes the meaning of" peace and peace ".
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    Thenian night
    The night when Jesus was born, shepherds who guarded the sheep in the wilderness suddenly heard the sound of the heavens and told them the news that Jesus was born. According to the Bible, Jesus came to the world to be the king of the world, so the angels passed the news to more people through these shepherds.
    Later, people imitated the angels. On the night of Christmas Eve, the news of Jesus was born everywhere. Until today, it has evolved into the activity of Baojiayin.
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  2. 1. Exchange 24 coins, represent 24 good blessings.
    The best friends for your best friends, one of which must be given by the beloved, and then you can pack the apple and give you the most beloved person. She will fall in love with you. For boys should return to girls a orange, this meaning is sincere and sincere in love.
    2. Gift to each other, that is, fruits, candy, etc. with wrapping paper, ribbons, etc.
    3, promised the moon to make a wish, very spiritual.
    4, pray for peace for family or most memorable people.
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    Nowly, due to the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, Ping An Night has become a worldwide festival, and there are many customs on this day to display, such as: exchange gifts, reward good sounds, mutual mutual mutual, mutual mutual mutual, mutual mutual mutual, mutual mutual mutual, mutual mutual mutual, mutual mutual mutual, mutual mutual mutual, mutual mutual, mutual mutual mutual, mutual mutual mutual, mutual mutual, mutual mutual, mutual mutual, mutual mutual, mutual mutual, mutual mutual, mutual mutual, mutual mutual, and mutual mutual mutual Apple and Christians will participate in the night mass or party.
    The safety night meeting of most Western families chose all members to gather at home, enter a rich dinner, and then sit next to the burning stoves, play the piano singing, or host a unique makeup ball, play overnight, play overnight and play around Looking forward to the arrival of Christmas.
    In many peaceful night customs, what everyone is most looking forward to is that relatives and relatives exchange gifts, and children will hang stockings on the bed. I look forward to Santa Claus can hear their hearts and give themselves to themselves. Send the dream Christmas gift.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer (You can watch movies (watching movies is more romantic, I recommend watching some horror movies or cartoon love movies) ⒉ You can eat Western food. (Because Christmas is a foreign festival, the most suitable way to use Western style is the most suitable but the simplest and romantic way is to eat Western, meals. Recommended: Bulls and Sales) ⒊ Ping An Night at night. Recommended, because the big malls will not be closed at the night of Ping An Night, they are all open overnight, girls can love this) ⒋ You can buy some beautiful and meaningful small gifts (girls like to buy small gadgets, Christmas is another one is another one Good opportunities for crazy shopping `` `` `small jewelry is good -looking and not expensive. Economic conditions or geographical advantages can be fully utilized! Thank you `` The above belongs to my Christmas arrangement. I deliberately found something that I think is more classic. You can refer to it: Christmas itinerary arrangement and plan to buy a very beautiful girl socks The one on the side), and then stuffed different colors of crystal love (jelly) and Dove's heart -shaped chocolate (5 boxes of 7 yuan), make a very beautiful packaging. Target target. : Create a romantic visual effect, because each lid of Crystal has a very warm love story, and every time the Dove Chocolate is opened, there is a very affectionate confession. 2 Set a restaurant for dinner. Consider the economy. You can choose a place like Uen Island coffee, or self -service seafood dinner. The consumption is about 200 yuan, not much to eat but more exquisite. 3 Buy a lip gloss and refer to the economic ability. Because the autumn and east season is here, girls' lips are here It's easy to dry, choose a better lipstick, so that the more intimate move can move her. If you have a bright and moisturizing effect, you can choose (red Earth /Cocoul /mall. It belongs to the girl's youth series, and the color is very positive) 4 After dinner, send her socks and lip gloss, saying that this is the socks sent by Santa Claus, haha. Generally, the restaurants are arranged for activities, and then she is sent to her at 11 o'clock. Go home, a 17 -year -old girl should still be studying. Generally, there are access controls. Do not send roses. If the tutor is strict, the goal is too large and it is not easy to take home. Large gifts, such as roses or plush dolls. If you want to send it for a long time, it is recommended to send a ring. It is small and exquisite. Generally, girls like it. The price is 100--200 yuan. It is very fashionable. .. The above opinions are for reference only, and it is purely the advice of the people. As for the actual operation, I also need to consider it. I hope my suggestion can bring you inspirationnPraise

  4. 1. If you want the festive atmosphere to be stronger, and interesting friends can also make some Christmas decorations at home.
    Christmas' main feeling is white and red. The white snowflakes are romantic, and the red Christmas red gives a very festive feeling, so the indoor decoration must not only have red but also white.
    2. Going to the church to feel the traditional custom of Christmas Eve is "Bao Jiayin".
    Therefore, even the domestic church usually organizes some holy poetry classes (or consisting of believers spontaneously) and sings Christmas in the door or window. The shepherd on the suburbs of Byliean reported the good news of Jesus born. The form of festivals
    christmas greeting cards as CHRISTMAS gifts are very popular in the United States and Europe. Many families bring their previous family photos or family news with greeting cards. The news generally includes the advantages and specialties of family members in the past year. The Christmas Festival sends a Christmas greeting card on the day, in addition to celebrating the joy of CHRISTMAS, it is to bless relatives and friends to express their thoughts. Especially for relatives and friends in loneliness, it is more caring and comfort.
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  5. 1. Exchange 24 coins, represent 24 good blessings;
    2. Gift to peaceful fruit, that is, fruits, candy, etc.;
    3. Spirit!
    4. Pray for peace for family or most memorable people

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