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  1. The price of the normal 925 silver is: about 2.5 yuan per gram, and after processing is the finished product, it is more reasonable per gram of about 4 yuan. Oxidation, about 85 ~ 95 yuan per gram), the price will be more expensive, about 4.5 yuan per gram.

  2. AG990 original silver is 1.3 ~ 1.9 yuan per gram, AG925 (that is, S925) The original silver is 0.9 ~ 1.5 yuan per gram. At least 6 ~ 8 yuan per gram of silver jewelry.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe price of 925 silver is 2.65 yuan, but the more complicated the silver jewelry style purchased, the more expensive the manual fee will be. Every place is different, the consumption level is different, and the price will not be too worse.n925 represents the purity of the silver, which is the minimum purity required by the silverware. Because foot silver is too soft and easy to oxidize. The price of 925 silver is actually not high. Generally, the stores are not sold according to gram, but they are sold directly and directly. The factors that affect the 925 sterling silver bracelets are brands, styles, workmanship, etc. 925 silver. Add 7.5%copper. This silver containing 92.5%and 7.5%copper -containing alloy is internationally called standard silver. The price of 925 sterling silver is still very cheap than other precious metals such as gold and platinum.nSilver is an indispensable combination metal in K gold jewelry, but as a silver -based jewelry, it is mainly a "standard silver" of high purity. The sterling silver is metal silver with a content close to 100%. Silver chemistry is not lively, but because silver and sulfur have special affinity, it can slowly generate silver sulfide in the air to make it darkened and make silver impure. And in nature, silver and platinum are mixed with platinum. Therefore, the "sterling silver" in life generally refers to 925 sterling silver with 99.99%of silver or 92.5%of the content.nI hope to help you, I wish you a happy life, everything ...nMore 2nBleak

  4. The price of the market
    925 is not as good as 990 sterling silver, 2-3 yuan/gram of
    925, 5-6 yuan/gram of
    ! 925 silver Processing, random processing of 990 is easier to maintain!
    3rd in 2009 with 20 days
    The silver 24 -hour silver spot purchase price RMB 3.012 yuan.

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