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  1. The price of breeding bracelets is generally at least 800 to 1500. The specific price depends on their models and supporting prices, and see how much they are pricing.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to serve you. I am consulting the relevant information for you and reply to you immediately!nXuping is a store name Xuping jewelry. 57 is the number of alloys, gold plating, and plated content.nEveryone knows that the color of gold jewelry is golden yellow in golden light. If the bracelet is worn for a long time, it is dull and thought to be fake. Tips.nIn fact, many people do not understand what the terms such as 18K, 24K, Footjin and Qianzujin mean. Let me answer it below. The so -called 18K, 24K, foot gold, and thousands of gold all represent the purity of gold, which is what we often call "color".nAccording to the provisions of the "Regulations and Name Methods of Jewelry Precious Metals and Name" released by my country in 2009, there are six purity of gold and gold alloys, including:n9K means that the purity of gold is not less than 375 ‰ (it is a thousandths), 14K is not less than 585 ‰, 18K is not less than 750 ‰, 22K must not be less than 916 ‰, the foot gold is not less than 990 ‰, and the thousands of gold is not low. In 999 ‰. The 24K gold purity is 1000 ‰, which only exists in theory. The 24K gold is usually referred to as the purity of not less than 999.9 ‰, which is the "10,000 -foot gold" of many people.nThe higher the purity of the gold, the more expensive the price. The lower the price of K gold such as 9K and 14K. However, because the gap between foot gold and thousands of gold is relatively small, the general price is similar. The gold jewelry in life is mostly 18K or thousands of gold.nBecause the ductility of gold is very good, the higher the gold, the relatively softer the gold. In order to increase its strength and tensile properties when making jewelry, a small amount of low -to -color alloys are allowed to be used to make ring buckles, but even if they are In this way, the goldenness cannot be less than 900%.n6 morenBleak

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