fashion jewelry charms wholesale Suzhou man stealing his girlfriend jewelry to sell and transfer to his father. Why did he have such a move?

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5 thoughts on “fashion jewelry charms wholesale Suzhou man stealing his girlfriend jewelry to sell and transfer to his father. Why did he have such a move?”

  1. wholesale african jewelry There are many people in life who shouted to catch thieves, and things were stolen by themselves, but they were stolen by others, and many times such things happened beside us. This is not a man in Suzhou often stealing his girlfriend's jewelry for sale. When his girlfriend wants to call the police, he has been secretive. Such a man is not necessary at all. If you can't make money, you can sell his girlfriend's jewelry. This is a soft rice. In the end, the police confirmed that the man stole it based on the fingerprint.
    : Transfer to my father to help the family go through the difficulty. If you think the man wants money to squander himself, then you think wrong, because he wants money to not spend money, but to transfer the money to his father. Thinking of such a method, from the original intention of the man, he was still a very filial person. At least he knew to help parents solve the problem in the family, but it was just a wrong way.
    : You should communicate well with your girlfriend. Maybe the girlfriend he had made is good, but he is embarrassed to speak, and he can only choose such a wrong way, but when the two are together, the other party's family must understand that when the family encounters difficulties, he should be in difficulties. Communicate with a girlfriend, if you say that your girlfriend is more understandable, it will definitely extend a helping hand. Even if people do not help, they should help their parents through their own efforts.
    : Planting his own relatives at will. When his girlfriend said he wanted to call the police, the man had been covering up and said that his uncle had brought his daughter to him, and they stole it. This was really very good. I know what kind of feeling, and I will never go to my own home in the future.
    The people to have filial piety is a good thing. It proves that they are still more sensible. They know that they should share pressure on their parents, but filial piety must also be used on the right path. Do not do anything illegal.

  2. wholesale jewelry yelp advertiser Regardless of self -consumption, it is for the thief, this is the definition of the thief. In daily life, neither people who are close to themselves or strangers can take other people's things casually, otherwise it is stealing. When a Ms. Zhu in Suzhou was in love with her boyfriend, she repeatedly found that her gold jewelry was stolen and wanted to call the police, but she was blocked by her boyfriend. Later, after the investigation, I found that this was stolen by a boyfriend, and these stolen jewelry were sold by the boyfriend, and the money sold to his father was transferred to his father.
    The Ms. Zhu found that her own jewelry was stolen many times, so she reported the police. When the police came to investigate, her boyfriend Li Mou said that his uncle and uncle's daughter had come to the house as a guest, so very much It may be stolen by these two people, so it is required to test the fingerprints on the jewelry box. As a result, the police found that the fingerprint above was matched with Li. After investigation, it was difficult to find that Li's home improvement was difficult. Money, and all transfer money to yourself.
    So everyone knew this quickly. The person who stole the jewelry was Ms. Zhu's own boyfriend, and this man would have this behavior, not to splurge with money, but to give it to give it, but want to give it to give it. Father, in this way, this boy seems to be quite filial, but this method is definitely not desirable. The man stole his girlfriend, and his girlfriend did not know before, so this behavior was very inappropriate and very stupid. Since my boyfriend knows that my girlfriend has so many gestures, and they are all very valuable, I can borrow money with my girlfriend, and I can tell my family difficulties. The end result is to borrow money for you Either do not borrow money.
    . If your girlfriend is unwilling to borrow money to you, it means that she admires vanity and does not look at you at all, or if you do n’t deserve him, you can see a person and break up peacefully. If your girlfriend is willing to borrow money to give you, it means that two people can suffer from duel. Since the girlfriend can afford jewelry, it is not difficult to help you to help you. At that time, your parents will also Will agree with your marriage. So this man's move is really stupid. After this incident, the relationship between the two has basically finished playing. And this is also a good thing for the woman, what kind of goods can be found as soon as possible.

  3. wholesale jewelry polishing cloths Because the family's family conditions are very poor and the family is very poor. The man feels that his girlfriend has a lot of jewelry. He will not be discovered by his girlfriend, so he will do this.

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