2 thoughts on “Is the collection value of Bao Shannan Red Agate persimmon red?”

  1. The color of the southern red agate is red with red. The red agate of persimmon red is recognized as the high collection value and good texture of South Red Agate. In particular, the red agate persimmon of Paushan South Red Agate is gorgeous, with a gentle texture, and is very pearly. Today, there are very few red agate in Baoshan South. Some of the best Paushan South Red Agate carvings or accessories have a high collection value. Persimmon red is the richest of them. Value color.
    The price of red agate in Baoshan South is also getting higher and higher. The red persimmon red persimmon red in Paushan South Red Agate is strong, giving people a very stable feeling. taste. If you want to collect South Red Agate, Bao Shannan Red Agate persimmon red is also a good choice.

  2. Persimmon Hongnan Red is definitely sky -high. In June last year, there was a persimmon red south red agate bead in diameter of 2.2 cm, 15 grams weighing, and sold 1 million yuan. The gram price is 66,000. You say that the value of collection is high.

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