jewelry box wholesale bangkok Can Bitcoin become mainstream currencies?

jewelry box wholesale bangkok

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  1. jewelry making wire wholesale Economics defines the functions of currency as five categories: circulation means, value scale, payment means, storage means, world currency. Below I will mainly analyze whether Bitcoin has full currency attributes that can only be analyzed.
    Bitcoin Presumably everyone knows, even if she has not been in contact, it has heard of it. The Bitcoin in 2017 became hot again. The last time I remembered it in 2013. In the second half of the 13th, Bitcoin rose from 100 US dollars to a maximum of more than 1100, which increased by more than 10 times. Attracted countless people to start gold rushing into miners.
    In briefly explains Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a "electronic currency". It consists of a string of complicated code generated by a computer. The new Bitcoin is manufactured through the preset program. As the total Bitcoin increases, the total amount of Bitcoin increases. The speed of new coins slows down. Bitcoin has a strict constraint that the total number of total amount is only 21 million. Due to the restrictions of 21 million, Bitcoin has the purpose of fighting against inflation. Since the financial crisis in 2008, the central banks around the world have implemented a very loose monetary policy to stimulate the economy. Essence
    The Bitcoin is indeed compounded from payment methods, circulation methods and world currencies. In recent years, more and more countries, institutions, and individuals have begun to slowly accept this emerging currency. At the end of June 2013, the German Parliament decided to hold Bitcoin for more than one year after duty -free. Come to pay taxes and engage in trade activities. In August 2013, the Judge of the Texas District Court of the United States, Amos Maszut, ruled that Bitcoin was a currency in the case of the Bitcoin virtual hedge fund. Inside. In China, the RMB Management Regulations stipulate that the production and sale of token tickets are prohibited. Since the definition of token tickets does not have a clear judicial interpretation, if Bitcoin is included in the "tokens", Bitcoin's legal prospects in China are facing uncertainty. Walk.
    This convenience and hiddenness of circulation make Bitcoin the best tool for money laundering. Many illegal transactions have also begun to use Bitcoin. This has also become a major obstacle to Bitcoin to become a full -circulating currency road.
    The value scale and storage means are the flaws of Bitcoin.
    first talk about the storage method. The attribute of Bitcoin electronic currency is that it can only exist in the computer hard disk and must rely on the Internet. The problem facing the Internet is the Internet security issue. Essence A few years ago, some people lost a hard disk and lost 7,500 Bitcoin worth 50 million yuan at that time. For various reasons, people have to worry about whether Bitcoin can have a safe storage attribute. Compared with the holding of the legal currency Bitcoin, which is absolutely safe in the bank, it is accompanied by a large unsafe. In many cases, Bitcoin's storage method is far worse than gold. In extreme cases, only gold is the real currency.
    This is the value scale, and Bitcoin basically does not have the attributes of value scale. Bitcoin characteristics are mainly limited supply. This feature determines that it can only be a non -mainstream currency in the end. This characteristic is similar to gold. The gold standard is eventually abandoned by the entire world. Come to shrink, which will seriously hinder economic development, and eventually can only be reduced to non -mainstream varieties. Moreover, the currency value of Bitcoin itself is very unstable, and it is very easy to skyrocket. In the macro economy, if the currency value of a country often increases and the currency value is unstable, it is impossible to be favored. As of today's Bitcoin price of 1800USD, the market value of the entire market is counted as 21 million Bitcoin, which is US $ 37.8 billion. A market of less than $ 40 billion is very easy to be manipulated by large funds. There will be no more water flowers in the foreign exchange market. The foreign exchange market has a transaction volume of about $ 5 trillion a day. The small transaction volume has caused Bitcoin to become a speculative thing. The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) defines Bitcoin as a commodity rather than currency. In recent years, Bitcoin's transaction volume is mostly created by the Chinese. It is recognized by good gambling of Chinese people. In addition, the domestic macroeconomic reasons have been in a high -risk and low -yield market environment. Capital control has led to a large number of liquidity. So one by one is fired by these liquidity. So the current attributes of Bitcoin are a transaction target that can be used to speculate and launder.
    Kissinger once said: Whoever has the right to issue currency controls the world.
    Is can't help but think that the core right of currency issuance rights, will the global central bank be allowed to be challenged? Especially in the US dollar, the core interests of the United States are the US dollar. Everything in the United States' strategy is to keep the US dollar always maintaining global hegemonic currencies. Throughout the history, none of the challenges of the US dollar have a good end. Bitcoin's current peacefulness can only show that the central banks around the world have not taken it in their eyes. Maybe it is known that Bitcoin cannot be currency. If Saudi Arabia announces that crude oil is settled when Bitcoin is settled by Bitcoin, even when the Bitcoin was dried by the United States, it was okay for the miners to fight for the speculation, but if you want to challenge the mainstream currency, it is the death period.
    Bitcoin may be an attempt or experiment in human society, but I don't think it will become currency, let alone it has become a speculative product.
    This Reminder: Bitcoin transactions are highly high -risk and high -yield. Do not rush into this market.

  2. wholesale 925 jewelry china Impossible, do you think the country will let a foreign currency control the country's economy? Think of something that is impossible to think about it. If you use foreign currencies, the country will lose the ability to adjust the economy, so it is impossible

  3. wholesale silver jewelry jaipur Bitcoin is a product of a specific period. Let's think that the essence of banknotes is credit, and the bottom blockchain of Bitcoin is a technology that solves the trust mechanism and decentralized.

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