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  1. high quality fashion jewelry wholesale usa Tools/raw materials
    Sixteen pieces of color paper
    A small gift
    1 Prepare 8 pieces of double -color drawing paper, not the same; 4 Four pieces of color can also be, as you like. (It is better to have a little more color, so it will feel very good.)
    2 A gift box for our gift box needs 16 pieces of color paper. R n3 The color of the color is outside, folding the whole piece of paper for three corners, and the following figure is the same.
    4 Open a corner, the remaining corner is folded, and the parallel edge of the upper corner (everyone can understand what this sentence means)
    5 Fold the entire color paper and fold it. R n6 opens the folding side just like the picture, and the above steps are done on the above steps to the folding paper
    8 The sharp corners are facing the right, folded a corner; turn around and fold one corner
    9 and then fold into a lot of the one above, and then each one is intertwined.
    10 This is the gift box we have completed, is it very beautiful!
    If Note
    We gift boxes can not be enlarged, try to put some small jewelry and the like.
    The ones that are not easy to tear in color paper, otherwise we do n’t wait for our gifts to be delivered, and our gift box will be broken.
    The people should do it a few more times, because the chance of success must be small for the first time, hehe.

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