wholesale fashion rhinestone jewelry Buying a diamond ring must be a big brand, okay?

wholesale fashion rhinestone jewelry

5 thoughts on “wholesale fashion rhinestone jewelry Buying a diamond ring must be a big brand, okay?”

  1. jewelry wholesale los angeles No, there was no brand in diamonds, but it was later given the name of the brand.
    If the landlord recognizes the brand and is willing to pay for the brand culture, you can go to the physical store to buy. However, the cost behind the brand is very high. Independent stores rent high, and nearly 30%of the sales deduction points of mall counter sales. The employee base salary quit is allocated to each product, about 5%, star endorsement fees and advertising promotion fees are all all of them. It is a large amount of cost. Each diamond ring has to double the sales on the basis of cost to make profits. These will eventually consumers to pay.

  2. 24k chinese gold jewelry wholesale It also depends on the actual situation of the individual. Those who have the conditions naturally choose those romantic, first -line big names, such as Tiffany, Levis, Cartier, etc. Who makes girls like it! Of course, you can find a style that suits you

  3. selling wholesale jewelry Pay content for time limit to check for freenTo answer the same price, it is also recommended that you buy a diamond ring with a larger diamond. There is no need to abandon your big diamond ring for big brands. Imagine that we bring the diamond ring out. The focus of others is how big your diamond ring is, not a brand, so the diamond ring customization can better help us solve this problem. When you choose a diamond ring customizer, you should also pay attention to screening. 1. The price list sent out is the price gauge of the diamond, not the overall diamond ring; 2. Because of the hotness of the diamond ring, many small studios and the company join, resulting in the uneven industry. When choosing a merchant, choose a merchant with a physical store; 3. Ask the merchant if you can provide two certificates of GIA and NGTC before buying, especially GIA. Essence The following is our price, you can also refer to it.nThe above is all my answers. I hope that if you can help you conveniently, you can trouble you to like me, thank you, I wish you a happy life! (∗ ั ∀❛ ั ❛ ∗) ✧*.nMore 2nBleak

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