wholesale jewelry opportunities Did the tattoo filming on Chen Weiting hidden?

wholesale jewelry opportunities

1 thought on “wholesale jewelry opportunities Did the tattoo filming on Chen Weiting hidden?”

  1. chakra symbol jewelry wholesale Cover with concealment, but tattoos can still be seen in individual lenses, and the crew is not handled finely.
    Many people are curious about the naked part of the body, or will the tattoos such as the magazine not affect? ​​In fact, you don't need to worry about these problems. Although the tattoo is still difficult to wash away, it is just a star just like a star. It is easy to cover in the short term, and now there is a concealer with a special cover.
    It about this problem, Chen Weiting is a good example. He has six tattoos on his body. Except for the waist, ankle, and armpits, the three fingers, backs, and collarbone often show the mountains. Because the upper body of the filming many times will be covered every time, the stylists and makeup artists are also fighting to cover the tattoo.
    "W" on the left hand is the most obvious one. You can see it a little seriously. As the name suggests, it is Chen Weiting's English name William abbreviation. So every time you filming, in order to cover the tattoo ring, gloves and the like.

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