wholesale jewelry warehouse miami How to consume the flower coins of Huawei mobile phones

wholesale jewelry warehouse miami

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  1. paris fashion wholesale jewelry Take Huawei P30 mobile phone as an example:
    1, first on the mobile phone, click on the "theme" app.
    2, select the topic content you need to buy, click "Buy".
    3, select "Flower Coin" for payment, and click "Confirm Payment".
    4, verify the fingerprint or enter the payment password for payment.
    5, complete the payment so that it is done.

  2. wholesale assorted jewelry boxes Can be used to buy themes.
    The purchase method is as follows:
    Tools/materials: Huawei mobile phone, currency
    1. Open the theme options on Huawei mobile phones, as shown in the figure
    2. Find your favorite topic, click to enter to enter to enter , Purchase below the option theme. Here you see that this theme costs 2 yuan.
    3. At this time, the payment method will pop up.
    4. Enter your fingerprint for payment. If you do not set fingerprint payment, enter the payment password.
    5. In this way, the currency is used for consumption.

  3. mens tungsten jewelry wholesale The value of the flower coins is equivalent to RMB. It can be used for drawing and applying for trials. You can buy some Huawei things together, 1 flower coin = 1 RMB

  4. wholesale boutique jewelry supplies The virtual currency issued and managed by Huawei Payment Platform can be used for the purchase of virtual items such as Huawei Cloud Service, Huawei Video, Huawei Games, Huawei Music, Huawei Reading, and Huawei theme. Can not be used for the purchase of physical items.

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