What is the maximum pull ton of three-wire six-axle low plate semi trailer

The main plane of the frame and cargo platform of the low flat semi-trailer is low, which ensures the stability of transportation, so it is usually used to transport all kinds of heavy vehicles. Low flat-panel semi-trailer species are numerous, two axes, two line four axis, three axis, three lines of six axis, etc., among them the third line of six axis low flat-panel semi-trailer has three girders and six beam bridge, low flat-panel semi-trailer, largest size, carrying capacity is strong, typically according to the difference, its deadweight tonnage is 80-120 tons. Now let's work with Custom semi trailer manufacturers to know the maximum number of tons pulled by three-wire six-axle low flat semi-trailer.

What is the low plate semi truck?​

Low flat-panel semi-trailer is used to transport heavy vehicles (e.g., tractors, buses and special vehicles, etc.), rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machinery, engineering machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, paver, cranes, etc.) and other heavy goods semi-trailer, due to the low center of gravity, thus having excellent stability and safety.

43880b0921100785d1e24a0f66acee09What is the meaning of two or three line six-axle low flat semi-trailer?​

There are numerous types of low plate transportation semi-trailer, mainly two-axis low plate semi-trailer, two-line four-axis low plate semi-trailer, three-axis low plate semi-trailer, three-line six-axis low plate semi-trailer, etc., among which the three-line six-axis low plate semi-trailer is the largest low plate semi-trailer.

The so-called three lines and six axes means that on the low flat semi-trailer, the bridge is composed of three beams and six beams, equivalent to three bridges each cut into six on average, or three horizontal lines, but the number of tires has become more, the minimum 16, additional 20 and 24.

How many tons can the third and third line six-axle low flat semi trailers pull?​

​low plate semi-trailer mainly transports heavy vehicles, its load is naturally relatively steep, and the three-line six-axle low plate semi-trailer is the largest size, the load capacity is also stronger than other low plate semi-trailers, so the three-line six-axle low plate semi-trailer load tonnage is commonly what?

​Broadly speaking, the carrying weight of the three-line six-axle low plate semi-trailer is not fixed, because the number of tires is different, the force area of the cargo is different, and the size of the tonnage is naturally different. The carrying tonnage of the general three-line six-axle low plate semi-trailer is different according to the specific situation of the cargo, which is about 80 tons -120 tons.

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