Will photovoltaic installed on the roof cause fire?

First of all, it must be pointed out that the solar panels themselves installed on the roof will not cause fire hazard is very low, there is a great possibility that the photovoltaic installation will fail, and some of its components may become flammable.

In rare solar panel fire accidents, the causes of photovoltaic panel fire are as follows:

​The solar panel itself exists hidden cracks, fragmentation and other phenomena.
The junction box behind the solar panel is incorrectly connected.
Installation of solar panels or twin core solar cable components are improperly installed.

The PV module installation area is a hot and dry area. Electronic components are exposed to the surface, direct sunlight is easy to cause the plastic shell to melt, so the external plastic must meet the safety requirements, must not be cheap. There are also a lot of combustible materials around, the fire has the danger of rapid spread.
Photovoltaic roof fire cases are less, firefighters can learn from the case is also less, resulting in improper operation.

a43d43e611dd903c0cd9323a9059f917Although the probability of fire is relatively small, the consequences are very serious. With the awareness of preventing the future, we should consider the following points:

Comply with local planning requirements and building construction requirements.
Carry out certain fire assessment, meet the fire requirements.
Provide appropriate fire detection and protection systems to provide early warning and means of dealing with fires.

When installing panels, their wiring practices should be weatherproof and protected from other forms of damage such as animals.
Find a professional for installation, do not assemble yourself, to avoid positive and negative connection errors.​
Install the PV system on a non-flammable roof structure. Remove combustible items from the surrounding area and flame retardant with insulating materials.
To repair the line for a period of time, do not use super power appliances, in the normal range of use.

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