2 thoughts on “How much is the pearl necklace of Chinese jewelry”

  1. Chinese jewelry has not been bought, and the price factors affecting the pearl necklace are very large. The larger the pearls, the more righteousness in the shape, the stronger the gloss, and the less the flaws, the higher the price. I have seen it in my physical store on my side. The quality is good, the pearls are larger, and the price is slightly higher. The 6.5-7.5mm micro flaws I bought online are more than 600, and there are more than 800. It is considered to be high -end quality for your reference.

  2. The "Chinese Jewelry" brand is a brand of China Jewelry Jewelry Import and Export Co., Ltd., which belongs to the central enterprise brand. China Jewelry Company was established in 1985. Its main business is the chain operation of the jewelry brand, import and export business, etc. The headquarters is located in Shanghai and Shenzhen. There are branches.
    The price of pearl necklace depends on the quality of pearls.

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