1 thought on “How to remove the golden bracelet is too tight?”

  1. You can clean your wrist first, apply oily hand cream or soapy water to clean your hands, and then hold your thumb and the small thumb place, and move closer to the palm position. At this time Let your family help slowly take off the bracelet.
    The tips for fresh -keeping bags to take bracelets: This trick uses the smoothness of the fresh -keeping bag to take off the bracelet. The selected fresh -keeping bag cannot be too thick. After wrapping the fresh bag, wipe it with detergent, soap, etc. to ensure slippery. Eventually compressed the palm, and run it slightly.
    The user to buy gold bracelets need to pay attention to
    News pay attention to the size: pay attention to the weight of the jewelry, whether the style is suitable, pay attention to wear it gently, do not pull, if it is a necklace, you can match the gemstone according to personal preferences, Whether the size of the ring bracelet is appropriate when trying to wear it.
    It should pay attention to buying gold jewelry, shopping vouchers, certificates invoice, etc. If the jewelry finds problems, it can be resolved by virtue of invoices. Convenient to after -sales of items.
    It recommended users to distinguish the quality of gold jewelry. You can judge the quality of the jewelry through color and luster, hardness, good yellow yellow, and high -colored golden nails can leave traces. The higher the purity, the darker the color.
    The above content refers to Baidu Encyclopedia-Gold Bracelet

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