Enhanced Trailer Control with Electric Landing Gear


Elevate trailer control and efficiency with Electric Landing Gear. This advanced system replaces manual gear adjustment, offering precise control, safety, and faster operations. Its durable design and customizable features make it ideal for various industries, from logistics to construction.


Electric Landing Gear is designed to simplify and optimize the process of raising and lowering a semi-trailer's landing gear. This innovative system replaces traditional manual methods with an electric-powered mechanism, providing precise control and automation to improve the overall trailer handling experience.


  1. Effortless Operation: Electric Landing Gear eliminates the need for strenuous manual cranking, allowing users to effortlessly raise and lower the trailer with precision.
  2. Enhanced Safety: With its precise control and smooth operation, this system minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries during the landing gear adjustment process.
  3. Time Efficiency: The electric system significantly reduces setup and breakdown times, contributing to faster loading and unloading of cargo.
  4. Durability: Built with high-quality materials, the landing gear is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and adverse weather conditions.
  5. Customizable: Users can adjust the operating speed and other parameters to suit their specific requirements, making it versatile for various applications.


Feature Details
Power Source Electric (12V or 24V options)
Weight Capacity Up to 50,000 lbs
Material High-strength steel and aluminum
Control Interface Wireless remote or control panel
Gearbox Type Planetary
Operating Speed Adjustable (up to 12 inches/minute)
Weather Resistance IP65-rated (water and dustproof)

Enhanced Trailer Control with Electric Landing Gear

Design and Performance Advantages

  • Planetary Gearbox: The electric landing gear features a robust planetary gearbox that ensures smooth and reliable operation even under heavy loads.
  • Wireless Control: The wireless remote control provides flexibility and convenience, allowing operators to adjust the landing gear from a safe distance.
  • Weatherproof Construction: With an IP65 rating, the landing gear is protected against water and dust, making it suitable for outdoor and challenging environments.
  • Maintenance-Friendly: The system requires minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and associated costs.


Electric Landing Gear finds applications across a wide range of industries, including:

  • Logistics and Transportation: Streamlining loading and unloading processes for long-haul trucks and trailers.
  • Distribution Centers: Increasing efficiency in distribution and warehousing operations.
  • Construction and Manufacturing: Supporting the transportation of heavy equipment and materials.
  • Agriculture: Facilitating the movement of agricultural machinery and produce.
  • Emergency Services: Ensuring quick and efficient deployment of mobile units.

In conclusion, Electric Landing Gear by Rotontek offers a superior solution for enhanced trailer control, safety, and efficiency. With its advanced design, customizable features, and durability, this innovative product has the potential to revolutionize various industries by simplifying trailer handling operations. Say goodbye to manual cranking and embrace the future of electric landing gear technology.


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