foxi jewelry wholesale What is money laundering? Example description

foxi jewelry wholesale What is money laundering

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    MST several common money laundering methods

    1. Virtual currency

    Why do the country severely crack down on Bitcoin? It is because of Bitcoin, the money inside it basically covers all the types of dirty money you can think of.

    The corruption, robbery trafficking, smuggling, etc.

    For example, someone has a stolen money in his hands, a number of 100 million.
    This money cannot be spent in a bright light, otherwise it is easy to be seized by the judicial authorities.

    what to do?

    This at this time he found some money laundering institutions, which is lower than the price of market price and cash out into Bitcoin.

    1 billion, exchanged for 80 million Bitcoin.

    Then hold so many bitcoins, and a little bit of cash, then wash the dirty models.

    A even if the price of Bitcoin fell in the end, only 50 million were cash. For a money launder, he was successful.

    . Many ordinary people buy and sell Bitcoin, as long as the money gets in the account, it will be seized by the bank.

    The people are very dissatisfied, and they feel that their money is made cleanly. Why is it frozen his account?

    It you can only guarantee that you buy Bitcoin money clean. But you can't guarantee it, and the money you sell is also clean.

    is very sure, your clean money is taken away by others. The money you get is stolen money.

    The people fried virtual currencies and earned a lot of money. Don't be beautiful, maybe the money you earned, maybe it is covered with the blood and life of innocent people.

    2. High -priced auction

    High -priced auction is also a common money laundering behavior.

    Then more, you have a 100 million, but if you are corrupt, you can't spend it lightly.

    what to do? Find which money laundering institutions have money laundering.

    In the first antique, and then you take your own antiques and go auction at the auction.

    The money laundering institution will help you fry the price of this antique, and finally sell it at a price of 70 million.

    It you will give you 100 million stolen money to those money laundering institutions, and they will pay you to auction 70 million. In this way, the 100 million dirt in your hand will perfectly become 70 million clean money.

    3. High spending to make rotten movies

    Sometimes you will find some movies that are terrible. It is to let the fool go as a director, and you can't shoot even more.

    Why do this incredible thing happen?

    The probability, I mean it is very likely, that is, money laundering.

    Is a group of unsteady actors and shoot them casually. Then it was announced that the cost was cost hundreds of millions.
    Then sell the copyright of the movie to someone at a high price.

    This is also a routine of money laundering.

    What kind of punishment does money laundering crime?
    The people will feel that the major things such as money laundering crimes are far away from themselves.

    This is wrong. Money laundering crimes occur in the lives of ordinary people.

    It like a buying and selling bank card, a whole set of bank cards and electronic token can be sold for tens of thousands of yuan.

    Who is buying? What do you buy?

    The illegal criminal gangs are buying, which is used as a money laundering account.

    It with your own bank card to help others collect transfers on behalf of others.

    So must not be cheap, nor can they buy and sell bank cards, and cannot borrow their own bank card at will. Once you participate in money laundering crimes, whether it is active or unintentional, the consequences are particularly serious.

    1. Legal sanctions

    In Article 191 of the Criminal Law:

    composition If the crime of money laundering is confiscated, the income of the "upstream crime" and the income it generates will be punished by more than five years or less than 50 % of the amount of money laundering for less than five years.

    The plot is severe, sentenced to less than five years and less than ten years, and a fine of more than 20 % of the amount of money laundering.

    2. The sanctions of the bank

    If a bank card under a person's name involving money laundering crimes. Then all the bank cards in this person restricted non -counter transactions within five years.

    is all bank cards under your name. Within five years, you can only save money at the bank counter.

    It all other functions, transfer, credit card, bind WeChat Alipay, etc., can not be used.

    The non -cash payment is so popular, you can only use cash if you do anything. Your daily life has been greatly restricted.

    The cooperation with crackdown on money laundering is the obligation of every citizen.

  2. cheap costume jewelry wholesale price For example, you are ten years old. You suddenly picked up 100 yuan on the side of the road. You want to spend yourself, but you will definitely be discovered by your parents and will be required to be submitted. So, you found the grandfather who sells popsicles by the road and said, you are willing to give him 50 yuan, let him take you home, and tell you that you sell the popsicles for a afternoon, your 50 yuan is He rewarded you, and you can earn 50 pieces of old man Lanchang.
    It, the parents saw that you worked hard to earn 50 yuan in symbolicly, and it took you 20, leaving you 30 for you to spend. So although you lost 70 yuan, you can spend the 30 yuan, because these 30 yuan have the reason.
    Finally, we understand our parents as a country, the old man understands it as an intermediary, and picks up money to understand illegal income. 20 yuan is understood as tax. The entire process is called money laundering.

  3. wholesale cotton jewelry pouches Money laundering is to whitewash money through regular means. For example, your money is obtained through gambling, or other illegal means. You rely on other formal means, such as opening a restaurant for sale, and whitewashing this money.

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