golden star jewelry wholesale co What is the harm of holding a photo of the ID card?

golden star jewelry wholesale co Just after the age of 16, I went to do Taobao's operation and signed a contract. The other party must not leak my personal privacy. I will give him a photo of the handheld ID card.

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  1. designer inspired wholesale jewelry The positive and back -faced photos and handheld photos of your ID card can be revealed that others can use this information to use this information to apply for credit cards and maliciously brush arbitrage. If you use your mobile phone to take your ID information, delete it as soon as possible after taking it. The key documents must not be left in the mobile phone or in the network disk. In addition, for some irregular online loan platforms and social networking sites, try not to upload ID card information. Now there are many real -name verification methods on the Internet. They are reviewed by uploading ID cards and handheld ID photos, which is unsafe. Try to avoid using this method for real -name verification. If your information is leaked, it will cause:
    1. The related network payment account may not be safe, and your information may be used to find the password.
    2. All kinds of online loans have been applied for, and many online loans are now very simple. As long as a mobile phone and ID photo can be approved.
    3. Some other real -name network accounts may not be safe.
    4. It can be used to handle other online services that need real -name, such as Taobao to buy mobile phone cards, online stores, live broadcast, and so on.

  2. atlanta ga jewelry wholesalers Hand -holding ID photos should actually belong to the certificate of authorization, and be careful. However, there will be no harm if it is a regular platform. Be careful next time.

  3. wholesale cosmetic jewelry wholesale In fact, the leakage of the ID card is not harmful to yourself. Even if your ID card is leaked, the above ID number has been leaked, and it is not harmful to yourself, because now in our country, if you want to do what you want to do, the ID card is related to the ID card. For business, people must verify the photos on the ID card to match myself in order to continue to handle this business because they have this responsibility.

  4. kuchi tribal jewelry wholesale There must be harm, and the ID card must not be taken casually, depending on the intention of the other party to determine the size of the harm

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