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  1. You can make a bracelet.
    This bracelet compilation method to prepare: red rope, about 1 meter long.
    The first step: fold the red rope and edit a button at one end. This is to facilitate the smooth progress of the next step. A deduction, as shown in the figure.
    Step 2: Take three lines to cross the middle of the vertical axis, with cross -shaped shape.
    The third step: weave a double connection at the end of the vertical axis and fix it. All the next steps start from this end.
    The fourth step: pull down the two axes of the double connection and compile with the rope below.
    Step 6: Pull the edited rope straight.
    Step 7: Cut off after woven to the right length, and burn the sticky head. The remaining two threads are woven a dual connection.
    Eighth: another one or two remaining lines, do not exceed two buttons at most, so that the red rope bracelet is woven.

  2. 1. Prepare two rectangular paper and double -sided glue. Take a piece of paper along the long side of the side and fold it. Open, sew the two long sides with the middle.

    2, the two short sides are folded and folded again, opened, and folded the folded side side and folded the X -shaped two short sides. The two short sides were erected, and the corners were bundled.
    3, fold and reinforce inward, the same side. The other piece of paper is folded a little more by the first sheet, and it is together after the folding.
    Gifts are in social interaction, in order to express blessings and minds, or to show friendship, items given between people. Gifts are a carrier of sending information, emotions, and willingness to the salute. Usually it is a gift from each other. The purpose is to please each other or express goodwill and respect.
    Gifts are also used to celebrate festivals or important days, such as roses or birthday gifts on Valentine's Day. Gifts can also be non -material. In ancient China, there was a saying of "sending goose hair thousands of miles away, and the gift was light and emotional." Gifts do not need to be too expensive, as long as you express your heart.

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